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02 T-100 Anniversary Bike "Start problem"

Hi,  I have a mint 2002 Bonnie 100 Anniversary Bike in my collection.  I ride it only a few times a year to keep it in mint condition and simple love this bike.  After storing it with a battery tender this winter, I decided to crank her over today and get the systems all back and lubricated.   I turned the key and all the lights and electrical came up perfectly as normal.  The battery looked fully charged with plenty of cranking power.  I turned off the safety, set the choke and hit the start button.  (Click) All the lights and ...

  • Created 19 April 2014 19:08 by Cre8vtv
  • Last comment 10 hours ago ago by jaffa90

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NSR125RK Won't rev over 5 thou

Hi, I have a 1994 NSR125RK which I've just fitted a replacement engine. It starts and idles easily but when I rev it, it feels a bit flat and will not rev over 5000 rpm. I have stripped and checked the carb, seems ok, and when I turn on the ignition the exhaust valve moves. I hope you have some suggestions. Thanks

  • Created 18 April 2014 16:58 by Stafdog
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Lube system

Just purchased a 2007 Aprilia Pegaso trail for summer touring, I am a mechanic but would like some advice on the lubrication system, I understand the oil is stored in the frame, and is pumped from the frame into the engine, then back to the frame again, can anyone here tell me the oil type and change procedure please, the filler and dipstick is located at the frame head beneath the clocks

  • Created 18 April 2014 22:16 by Barkas
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by jaffa90

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We are looking for an experienced motorcycle technician to join us in our busy Yamaha franchise. The successful candidate must have knowledge and experience of modern Japanese motorcycles and should be confident in using current diagnostic equipment. A polite and friendly manner is essential as talking to customers and giving clear technical information is an important part of the job. Previous experience of working with Yamaha motorcycles is desirable but not essential. A candidate confident in using our Dynamometer would be advantageous. A qualified MOT tester would be beneficial. ...


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82 GPZ tachometer replacement

My tachometer for my gpz is done for and I am looking for a replacement. There are so many different tach ratios out there that I want to make sure I get the correct one (1:2, 1:4, 1:5, 1:7, or 1:9)  Does anyone know what tach ratio I would look for?  I was told that most kawasaki use a 1:5 but I wanted to see if anyone else has ran into the same issue. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Created 17 April 2014 22:53 by AZGPZ
  • Last comment 3 days ago ago by jaffa90

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iPhone/iPad/iPod users can't miss iFonebox

iFonebox for Windows newly released on 16,April. iPhone/iPad/iPod users can use this powerful ios data recover tool to backup and restore deleted/lost data such as contacts,sms message,photos,etc .with iFonebox,no longer worry about iOS data loss. Moreover, iFonebox is compatitable with most of the ios device,also supports the latest iOS 7.1 too.   What can iFonebox do?  You can get to know it from the list below:1. Lets you recover deleted data by directly scanning your iPhone/iPad/iPod and extracting the iTunes backup.2. Allows you to recover deleted Contacts, Messages(SMS, iMessages), Call history, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, Safari bookmark, Camera Roll (Photo & Video), ...

  • Created 17 April 2014 10:38 by cherrylily
  • Last comment 3 days ago ago by kcmc

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KTM Duke not charging battery

Hi guys,I've got a charging problem with my KTM Duke 125. I was at traffic lights and a low battery warning came up on the screen and then the bike cut out. I tried bump starting it to no avail. Ended up trailering it home and charged the battery. I then tried to start it but there was an engine manangement warning light on the dash, it was 2 short flashes followed by 4 long flashes, ktm uk said its a battery voltage signal too low. I charged the battery up to around 13.6v put it on the bike and ...

  • Created 12 April 2014 13:36 by bigman10
  • Last comment 4 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Zephyr 550

Hi guys and girls I've had this problem with my bike for a while now, starting from the beginning when I bought this bike it was sat for a quite a while so had to have the carbs and tank cleaned out and treated, since then my problems have grown, the bad weather kicked in and all of a sudden my bike would start to drop in revs when ticking over, sometimes if I kept the revs up and kept going it would sort itself out, other times it would eventually drop a cylinder or 2 and cutout no matter ...


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Clutch problem - wheel moves without release

Hi everyone, hopefully someone out there with experience can help with this issue.I was riding at the weekend and noticed that my dash display was frequently showing I was in neutral when I was in 1st gear or 2nd gear. I first thought it was my clutch cable so I took it to my garage and had a look. The cable was moving freely and the amount of play hadnt changed. I put it on the center stand and started it up to see what was happening when selecting a gear.I selected 1st gear and without releasing the clutch to ...

  • Created 05 April 2014 17:46 by DippyEgg
  • Last comment 10 days ago ago by jaffa90

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fireblade 1000rr-05 suspension

Hi allI have been riding a 92 cbr 600 for 17 years,just boughtmy life long desire, a blade.can not believe just how tight taught and stiff it is.On run home from buying it could not get it around corners smoothly, more like edges of fifty pence piece.felt it was fighting me at every turn.This model has electronic dampener.Straight line stability is briliant.could this be suspension set up only?i weigh less than ten stone.can anyone help. Thanks

  • Created 07 April 2014 12:56 by zakm748
  • Last comment 10 days ago ago by zakm748


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