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Which Exhaust and battery?

I've own my Repsol blade from new which is 3 years now and in that time sadly because it lives outside the stander exhaust has rusted quite badly so I've decided to treat the bike to a new exhaust, I liked the look of the carbon akrapovic slip on exhaust with link pipe that at the time I bought my bike some dealer were actually fitting for free but having looked into it this can is no longer available and to be honest the only akrapovic one that is comes in well over %XA31000 which is much more that I was thinking ...

  • Created 14 April 2014 19:08 by TOFFEE72
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by bryfor59

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iPhone app for motorcycling

HiI got my motorcycle driving license last year and needed an app to record my adventures on the bike. I could not find one that was simple enough to use for that purpose so I wrote one.Maybe some of you guys could also be interested in it?Take a look here.

  • Created 14 April 2014 09:21 by matsekberg

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Yamaha WR125X Headlights

Hi, please could someone link me to somewhere where I can buy xenon headlights for my Yamaha WR125X. Finding it impossible to find 

  • Created 08 April 2014 15:57 by allybrown
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by preunit

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CBR 600 fw headers/downpipes

Hi all, do any of you know where I can get hold of used headers/downpipes, ideally anything under %XA370 Unfortunately due to limited funds, ie bleeding CSA payments!.Cheers chaps and chapesses


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kawasaki gpz 305 problem need help

hi everyone i have a kawaski gpz 305 i have a problem with it and don't know how to fix it. the problem is it won't run unless it is on the choke and it keeps cutting out when reved if anyone can help please let me know

  • Created 30 March 2014 17:22 by loughy94
  • Last comment 18 days ago ago by jaffa90

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100k on 2010 R1

well folks i have the chance to buy a 2010 r1 cheap with full yamaha dealership history,she has 100k on the clock whats the pros and cons for it,are the motors good for big miles, all motorway miles done by a old biker who was shy of the throttle

  • Created 28 March 2014 12:00 by headkent
  • Last comment 20 days ago ago by jaffa90

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2003 B1H ZX6RR

Not been on here in ages guys, hope some of u remember me. Last weekend i bought a zx6, i went to start it earlier and it turned on as normal then died altogether wen i pressed the button... As tho the main fuse had gone but it hasnt i have checked and swapped them all.  The battery reads 12.6 but drops completely wen i turn the key to on???? Also if i flick the key round to park light and back to off i get a slight flash of the neutral and oil light but only for a Split ...

  • Created 28 March 2014 18:53 by robsot
  • Last comment 20 days ago ago by robsot

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Part name

Hey there,I hope I'm not annoying anybody but i need new decal for this part on my 600f and can't seem to figure out how it's called... I added a picture to show which part I mean :)Thanks in advance!If you can't see the picture ->

  • Created 26 March 2014 14:12 by julevien
  • Last comment 22 days ago ago by julevien

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Mod 1 Fail - Nerves killing me

HiEpic Fail on Mod 1 test for the third time today. 1st test put foot down on U Turn, 2nd and 3rd I missed cones on the slalom cos I didn't keep my head up.In the training yard I can do slaloms and U Turns time after time with no errors. On the test nerves kill me and that's it! I've booked test 4 but crisis of confidence looming.Any ideas out there how I can deal with this?Cheers.

  • Created 24 March 2014 20:33 by Camberlin
  • Last comment 23 days ago ago by Beelady

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Insane question

Alright, i know this might sound slightly (maybe more) retarded, but i live in colorado and it is snowy for a little under half the year. Is it possible to line up the exhaust on my bike somewhere near the air intake to help the bike run in snow/very cold weather? maybe if i had some way to direct the flow away from the intake once the engine is warmed up? what possible problems might this create?

  • Created 23 March 2014 14:38 by nemarco
  • Last comment 25 days ago ago by jaffa90


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