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non start

hi all I have a 2008 r1 that has no display,tacho speedo,just neutral light and indicators,cleaned all contacts,and block connectors,even by passed main wire to clocks but still nothing ? any ideas apart from ligher fluid ????thanx


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Honda PCX Centre Stand

Hi I bought my PCX 125 in Dec 2012, so it%X92s not even 18 months old and I have a problem with my centre stand. It%X92s extremely stiff, and no longer springs back as it should when taken off the stand. I've been told while the bikes in for a service that they need to replace a pin in the centre stand or possibly replace the ...

  • Created 23 April 2014 14:24 by dboyglw
  • Last comment 6 hours ago ago by RoadieRoger

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which type of two stroke oil ????

Hi guys just got into two strokes again after 20 odd years of fours.looking for a bit info on which type of two stroke oil to use in my yamaha rd250lcMineral semi sythetic or fully syntheticYour help will be greatly appreciated. ThanxKell

  • Created 23 April 2014 18:30 by kellio
  • Last comment 6 hours ago ago by RoadieRoger

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How can my Kiwi friends insure a bike here ???

Hi, my New Zealand friend is coming over for a 6 week UK/Europe Tour with his Mrs on the back...They've done this a few times, always getting a Press/Courtesy bike because they run a bike business in NZ, but not this year... I had just found a bike to buy on their behalf, so I went looking ...


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Sachs conversion help please

I was offered this Sachs Roadster 125 V2 for pennies. The original XV125 (Yammy Virago) engine, after a strip down and new seals fired up great.So ...

  • Created 23 April 2014 15:43 by justin49
  • Last comment 8 hours ago ago by kcmc

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Trip to Britain

Hello to all, I have just registered so first let me introduce myself : I'm French (nobody's perfect ), 46 years old and I live in the middle of France in a beautiful area called Auvergne. I own 2 Voxans, a cafe racer and a roadster, a Harley 883 and an old PX200. I ride my bikes on the road and on track days (cafe racer). I wasn't able to ride since August 2013 because of a bike accident which left me with a broken ankle so to catch up those missed miles, I plan to cross the ...

  • Created 21 April 2014 07:18 by VoxmanPat
  • Last comment 5 hours ago ago by neilybabe

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Oil measure

Hi, I have just gotten back on a MC, as the last time I was on one was back in 1978!  I have just bought a Kawasaki GPZ500S.  Its a 2002 reg.  I have no idea on the workings of it yet as I only bought it last Friday.  And my first drive on it was to drive it back home and that was a 30 mile journey.  I thought I should have been wearing bicycle clips to hold my waste !  I managed it and eventually enjoyed the ride.  My wife came with me and whilst ...

  • Created 23 April 2014 11:28 by MCTony
  • Last comment 4 hours ago ago by eatcs01

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Fuel issue-misfire and stall

I had to run regular fuel into my 2006 zx10r and about 2 weeks later in every gear my bike bogged down at 7000 rpms, it tried to buck me off. I changed the spark plugs, cleaned tank, cleaned fuel filter and pump, now it starts up and idles strong but then it misfires and stalls out if nowhere 


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Austria transit Vignette

Two off us are off to play in Europe .On the return we are hoping to leave Bolzano Italy,through Austria to Augsburg Germany.I know we need to buy the vignette before we enter Austria.But I cannot figure out where we are supposed to display it..??? believe they are a bit touchy about where its displayed...???I have a Hayabusa,my mate rides a ZZR 1400.Dont want to put a sticker just anywhere..Any suggestions please

  • Created 07 April 2014 19:24 by Whiskeyjack
  • Last comment 15 hours ago ago by Hommedv

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Water contaminated engine

I'm stripping an engine I bought as a spare. It came from a fire damaged bike and some of the water used to put it out has got into the engine.It's a G650X series BMW lump.I've stripped the oil pumps and found emulsified oil in both, just a little so I don't think it was running for long after the water got in.I'm waiting for my flywheel puller to arrive so I can split the cases, but in the meantime I'm after some advice.The mains are plain shell so I'm not worried about corrosion on them. The pressurised oil travels ...

  • Created 22 April 2014 10:49 by ranorthe
  • Last comment 2 days ago ago by jaffa90


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