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Tyre pressure guages, what to believe?

 I had a new tyre fitted and when I got home to check with "pencil type" guage it showed 25psi.  I did a check because  the steering did feel a little unusual. My bike needs 32psi.So I've been back to the dealer who were very helpful they did work on the tyre and upon return I whipped out my pencil tyre pressure guage in front of the manager, I asked "what the tyre was inflated to?" he say 32 psi, I did the test and it was 37psi So he went into ...



Some people have incredible luck..

...just ...amazing........

  • Created 19 August 2014 20:52 by Kamchat
  • Last comment 24 minutes ago ago by stirfry

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Yamaha xt 125 hard to start

Hello,I'm new around here and i have some difficulties with my backup motorcycle. It's a Yamaha XT 125 2006. It's very hard to start when cold no matter if i kickstart it or use the electric starter. The engine has to spin a lot before it starts and after it does it get's warm very hard like in 10 minutes at idle with the choke on or in a few kilometers with choke on and throttle gassed up so iot doesn't stop.The compression is 12, spark plug new and brownis at colour, carburetor clean and level checked up and all ...

  • Created 19 August 2014 08:58 by metalghost
  • Last comment 7 hours ago ago by kcmc


That's it....I'm off.............

Again........ Itinerary this time is as follows........ Drive Van to Kendell .....offload Mt09...... Ride the Hardnot pass then the Honister Pass...... Get back to Van....get Pissed....... Wake up next day, drive to Lairg......... Via a few choice routes........... Abandon Van and go Wild...... With Tarp and A few tins....... Spend the next few days getting drowned, bitten to death and freezing bloody cold......... Find a decent campsite with a shower then drive all the way back to Sunny Somerset and Work.....

  • Created 19 August 2014 20:44 by snev
  • Last comment 7 hours ago ago by Piglet2010


RIP... Old Bag.. :(

We have shared many happy miles together...This is almost as bad as replacing Gloves..  I`ve squashed one too many frozen chickens in it..and the Zip has bust.. Its off to the great green bin in the garden...  Farewell old friend....Gutted..  

  • Created 19 August 2014 20:23 by aehewitt
  • Last comment 23 minutes ago ago by old(ish)git


  • Member since 19 August 2014 23:44
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Faulty new bike

Anyone know where i can go with this problem, purchased a new Triumph STR ABS last june, it had a damaged tank which was replaced under warranty 5 months later so its been on the bike for about 8-9 months now, seat rubbed through tank and it was replaced again at the 6k service, the one they replaced it with is bad quality and so another warranty claim has been approved but they have none in stock and no idea when they will have them, during this time i have also had various other warranty claims, subframe, alarm, seat, head ...

  • Created 19 August 2014 17:41 by bruce4079
  • Last comment 11 hours ago ago by jaffa90


Coolest Bike show in Kent

  • Created 19 August 2014 22:57 by hawk750


My Christmas Day isn't coming back

With the African round not being replaced in World Superbikes this means there's no hope of Brands Hatch not coming back to stage it's brilliant weekend of great racing and fun packed campsite  at realistic prices (unlike rip off  Silverstone )Im really disappointed I've emailed MSVs Jonathan Palmer many times begging for a return of "good times " but with no luck although he had the decency to reply .But there you go as my headline says no return of my Christmas Day !

  • Created 19 August 2014 13:49 by superbol
  • Last comment 12 hours ago ago by Beelady


  • Member since 19 August 2014 22:10
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