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tyre warm up time

tyre reviews keep saying for instance "quick warm up time"with modern day sport touring rubber how long is that? I know it depends on air and road temp but say average temp for a spring days riding are we talking 5 minutes 15 minutes? two miles or ten? just wondered.


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What Wheels?

Hi I got one for you I have a nice old 94 GPX600R showing 9k miles I want to find wheels/fork/swingarm to make this bike rideable on new rubber as dunlop don't make the tyres for this machine (ones on it cracked on walls) I have very little money and have already after spending %XA3135 on new seals for realize I was sold a wrongun but there ya go if anyone can help me i would be very greatfull. 

  • Created 25 March 2014 22:43 by Brikerbri
  • Last comment 23 days ago ago by fogie

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Metzeler sport tech m5 same as rosso corsa ?

It's been known for a while that Pirelli an Metzeler are made in same factory so would these two similar triple compound tyres are as good as one n other ?

  • Created 25 March 2014 22:01 by superbol

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Bridgestone BT020

I need to replace my rear tyre on my VFR800 VTEC. This is the original BT020 - there is an (almost new) BT020 on the front. The Bridgestone website (European) tyre finder application says that this is not the correct tyre, although it lists the BT020 as OE for this bike at the bottom of the BT020 description page. Why is this? Also, what is the difference between a BT020 ""CC" and BT020 "AA" - will either fit my bike.Thanks

  • Created 22 February 2014 14:52 by andysom2
  • Last comment 30 days ago ago by andysom

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R1200GS road tyre choice

In recognition that I never stray off the tarmac what would be most appropriate road tyre selection for my 2007 R1200GS taking into account the loading/speed rating etc of the bike?

  • Created 18 February 2014 15:10 by ictoan
  • Last comment 31 days ago ago by ianp5uk

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can I swap a 190/55 for a 190/50 on my blade

I need a new rear tyre on my 010 blade I`ve read that a 55 profile will quickn up the steering but not sure , what do you know folks ?

  • Created 12 March 2014 20:26 by superbol
  • Last comment 35 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Tyres for CBR1OOOFJ88

I need a set of tyres for a CBR1OOOFJ88 the original are Metzeler ME99A2 140/80 v17-v270 &ME 110/80v17 skinny for a litre sports/tourer,whats the modern equivalent options? I've looked at manufacture & suppliers sites typing in bike model ,but some options available are for commuters & retros (enfield & guzzi) One manufactures best choice 150/70 & 110/70 I didn't think you could use different sizes? What should I budget for supplied &fitted?    Thank you for any help you can give.  

  • Created 11 March 2014 07:53 by MikeCoop

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good tyres for zx6r g1

I've got a g1 zx6r. Needing new tyres for it but not sure what to get. I won't be doing any track days and try to ride as much as possible in all weathers. Summer the temperature never usually gets over 18C and in winter the weather never gets above 3C. So not sure if I need the most expensive rubber out or if I was to get maxxis tyres whith whom Kawasaki have signed a deal with.cheers in advance


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What black rubber doughnuts

do people like on a Kawasaki Ninja 250R (aka EX250) - the older ones with 16-inch wheels, that is?

  • Created 07 January 2014 02:58 by Piglet2010

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Light bike tyres

Is there a problem using tyres meant for heavier bikes on a light bike? Continental have said it should be fine but just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this?


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