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help please

hi i snapped my throttle cable a few days ago,after replacing it today i took the bike for a short ride and it cut out twice,before the cable broke the bike ran perfect,the bike was still running but not responding to the throttle,after turning the bike of and on it started after a few kicks,the throttle also seems alot more sensitive since i replaced it,does anyone have an idea what could be wrong,thanksthe bike is a wk trail 125cc

  • Created 24 April 2014 17:24 by boylett94
  • Last comment 3 hours ago ago by jaffa90

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Looking to buy first bike

I am looking to purchase a motorcycle for the first time. I am looking for a bike under 1700 dollars and a bike just to ride locally.I found a few options on craiglist.Looking on advice if these bikes are a good purchase.Any help would be appreciated.

  • Created 11 April 2014 17:49 by LukeCage

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where to start?

Hi to you allRight, here goes, I really need some advice on where to start bike wise. I'm heading towards 40  and I have never ridden on the road. I used to have dirt bikes when I was younger but that's it. So, do I just start off with a 50cc, see whether I like riding, then progress to CBT and full licence, or should I miss the 50cc out? I'm a bit concerned that at 6'1 I'll look a bit of a Humpty on a 50! Money is tight so looking at the best ...


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License required

I want to ride a 300cc scooter. I have a CBT, plus my theory test under my belt. I do not want to ride a geared bike in training or for my test, what are my options?

  • Created 28 March 2014 10:26 by CorporalSlow
  • Last comment 28 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Which Bike should i buy?

I am 19 years old and I just got my A2 licencse. I am a women, 180 cm tall and i weight 67 kgs. I would like a cruiser, preferably a Harley. I would like one with a very classical look. I like riding slow, just feeling the breeze looking really stylish. I am looking for the classical tough blonde on a harley look. It's also my first big bike and mind that I am quite tall :) what bike would you advise me to get? :)

  • Created 14 March 2014 11:04 by Missgunr
  • Last comment 33 days ago ago by AdieR

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Best 600 to learn on for lady rider ?

I'm just starting my direct access course, done the CBT on a 125.  Problem is the 600 the training company has is just too heavy... not sure if they can get something lighter or if I'm going to have to choose my own before I can even ride it....What's the easiest  / lightest 600 to learn on and keep for a few years for experience ?many thanks

  • Created 26 September 2013 11:57 by Snobbly
  • Last comment 160 days ago ago by crazy harry

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New Rider! Help please

Hey Everyone. In an attempt to find a active motorcycle forum, I stumbled upon this website. Hopefully I can get some help with my situation.I have a prosthetic leg. I've had it since I was a child as I had my left foot amputated at a very young age. I've developed an interest in motorcycles and would like to learn to ride as well as purchase one. My interest are primarily sport bikes and am looking at a Ninja or CBR around 250cc.I am unable to perform an ankle movements as my prosthetic leg; like the following picture Is ...

  • Created 01 November 2013 03:48 by Raiz3l
  • Last comment 170 days ago ago by Raiz3l

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A Roads for a learner?!

Hi Guys Silly question I know, but as a learner am I cool to be riding down the A12, A14?My fella lives a good 50 miles away from me and I have always previously ridden down the nice scenic (and quieter) back roads to his. However I've literally just got back on my bike on Monday after breaking both my wrists (a very kind lady slammed her breaks on in front of me on a wet greasy road) and I have to admit I'm feeling a bit anxious about riding home late at night, in the dark, along such a quiet ...


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Z 750 CApacity

HiCan some one please tell me where i can find the capacity marked on Kawasaki Z 750 bike ..i tried my best and still i'm unable to find the location it marked on the engine ERanga

  • Created 04 October 2013 03:26 by eranga1980

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Hi guys, I'm 17 and can now finally get a 125. The only problem is I cannot decide between the wr125x or the yzf r125. I am a big fan of yamaha (hence the inability to decide between the two ) and would love either one as a starter bike. Also I have had experience on a motorcyle (off roading) so an above average ability to control a bike . Any suggestions?

  • Created 29 September 2013 00:32 by DjWrIgHtY
  • Last comment 206 days ago ago by PaulFargo


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