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Toe Sliders

I have purchased a pair of boots on E-bay and the description says 'Alpinestars GP Pro'. However the toe sliders are missing. They are fixed by velcro but I am not sure where to obtain replacements. I have been in touch with Demon Tweeks and also the supplier but neither of them have responded .Created 06 April 2014 10:34 by nige0911

  • Last comment 3 days ago ago by Blader2005
  • DLIONS71

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    Can you help ID my jacket???

    I have been searching all over the internet to try and find out information about this coat!!! I can't find anything... Does anybody have any idea what company this coat came from? Please help!!!

    • Created 16 April 2014 03:37 by DLIONS71

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    Sports wear

    From where i can get sports wears?T-Shirt Printing London

    • Created 14 April 2014 14:21 by print123
    • Last comment 9 days ago ago by Beelady

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    Stag T Shirts for Bike

    Print and Promotions Offers T-shirt printing services, Leavers Hoodies, Stag t shirts, uniforms, workwears, corporate clothings in Birmingham, We are specialized in screen printing.

    • Created 14 April 2014 14:10 by print123

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    budget helmets

    They say that if you've got a $100 dollar head buy a $100 dollar hat.  As a backup helmet, last week I bought a %XA329.99 spare Aldi full face that according to the box meets ECE 22.05 standard (I hope I have got thst right) but there's nothing on the actual hat to confirm the standard it met.  Nor is there anything to indicate the manufacturer's name.  It just says on a label on the strap 'made in China for Aldi'.  Now I don't suppose Aldi would be risking a major lawsuit by selling sub-standard gear but shouldn't there be some kind ...


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    Cheap Sunglasses

    I've always worn cheap sunglasses but always ones which had 100% UV protection.But, I've recently read about polarised and photochromic lenses. I've never seen the point in forking out for expensive sunglasses but now I kind of think it might be worth it.Does anyone have any experience of using polarised or photochromic lenses?I've read that you can't see the dash board displays properly with polarised lenses but they are clearly marketed towards drivers and bikers because they reduce glare.With photochromic lenses, do they adjust quickly enough when the sun suddenly hits you or when you come out of a tunnel?Are ...


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    Wolf Titanium Textile Jacket & Trousers with Outlast

    I bought a set of Wolf Textiles earlier this year after a fair bit of research. Although there were some mentions on this forum about it, there wasn't a detailed user review - so I thought I'd share my thoughts.I purchased the Wolf Titanium Jacket 7894 with Outlast and the matching Titanium Jeans 7976 also with Outlast. The two zip together nicely to help keep the wind out (but don't entirely succeed). You can read about Outlast material on Wolf's website / internet, but I'm yet to be fully convinced about their claims for it. The set looks smart and ...


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    Real Waterproof

    I have bought an RST Tourmaster jacket and trousers. I was very pleased with their quality and warmth until trousers started leaking in the goolies.In the last heavy rain the jacket was also leaking on the elbow. This is just after 20 min of rain. This only happened with heavy rain but I am not in a position to compromise. I cannot reach work and have to look for a dryer. I have returned them back for the moment waiting for a response on warranty but I am thinking to replace them ...


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    Newbie needing advice on Leather.

    Hi Guys,I'm picking up my first big bike next weekend and am looking for recommended clothing sites. I think from looking on most reviews it is best to aim for 2pc leather. I have bought a GSXR but am looking for neutral black leathers, nothing to match the bike is fine... Safety and utility wins the day for me.Anyone had a good deal from somewhere recently or regular shop at a trusted shop>? Please reply to help me out. Cheers MCN community  Ady

    • Created 02 March 2014 18:02 by Adymp33
    • Last comment 49 days ago ago by Ride4Fun

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    Old lid

    Hey up I've just passed my das got myself a bike was just wondering how long does a lid last I've had a agv lid for 7 years and never used it till last weekend is it still safe or do I need to get a new one it may be a daft question but I really don't know cheers 

    • Created 17 June 2013 20:22 by Jimmytheblade
    • Last comment 53 days ago ago by bmwgs


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