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NI certificates not valid in England?

Hi can someone help me please, I have recently passed my CBT, passed my theory & hazard perception, passed my off road manoeuvres test and had lessons etc for my on road riding and am at test standard, however i have just moved from Northern Ireland to England a couple of days ago and have been told that my CBT is valid but all my other certificates aren't so I will have to start again. Is this the case? I appreciate that there is a difference between the DVA and the DVSA but ALL my certs are through DVA including ...

  • Created 29 October 2014 23:40 by tj360
  • Last comment 24 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Cat C Marked bike forsale. Just looked at this & would like to know if it would be a reasonable request for the dealer to have the bike taken to a VIC test center before buying the bike?

  • Created 20 October 2014 22:49 by XELA
  • Last comment 33 days ago ago by XELA

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New style licence query

I passed my motorcycle test in June this year, As I'm 21, I could only get the A2 licence. Anyway, I ace the test as I knew I would and sent my licence off, and a few weeks later my new style licence, like the one seen here arrived in the post and I noticed something a little odd about it.On the back, you have all of the vehicle categories, and the dates from which you are qualified. I achieved my A2 on 26.06.14, however, A which is for the full unrestricted licence is also stamped with 19.01.13, this is ...

  • Created 03 September 2014 11:17 by Stokesie
  • Last comment 42 days ago ago by Max900

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A rear-end collision: Is that automatically 'Undue Care & Attention'?

On my daily commute there%X92s a large scale roundabout where the lights are phased to encourage flow and enable entering traffic the time to exit the roundabout with each cycle before new traffic flows on.  Earlier this year, at a very moderate speed (circa 20mph) on a very busy morning, the car in front made a very abrupt stop on the exit of the roundabout.  Of course I hadn%X92t expected it and  I%X92d assumed he would exit the roundabout with the lights just turning amber. His dash-mounted GoPro video corroborated his statement that it was hard to see the ...

  • Created 08 October 2014 14:24 by JrbSail
  • Last comment 45 days ago ago by JrbSail

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6 months to prosecute?

Hi, I got pulled up for some exuberant riding in April this year. Due to the seriousness of offences the policeman said it would have to go to court. I had always thought that the police have 6 months to get the case to court or it gets thrown out, but I've just received a court summons 12 days short of 6 months and the hearing is to take place in January. I've since read elsewhere that the police merely have to provide the court with sufficient evidence to prosecute within 6 months. Is this true? Help!

  • Created 01 October 2014 08:03 by supermario
  • Last comment 48 days ago ago by Grant1979

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FPN Careless driving?

Hi i recently got stopped by a single police officer in a van, he has issued me with a FPN 6 points and %XA3300 fine, he has alleged that i undertook in a cycle lane and this constitutes careless driving, i had my 9 year old daughter on  the back who was frankly scared stiff by the way the officer started screaming and shouting at me pointing at me and talking about people on motorcycles with children dying etc, so at the time of being pulled over i didn't enter ...

  • Created 05 October 2014 17:26 by dhunter75
  • Last comment 49 days ago ago by smidget

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Exact Learner Legal Restrictions

 My question is what exactly is the current legal learning restrictions, I know that you must be restricted to 35kw not exceeding 0.2kw per 1kg and not be derived from a vehicle of more than twice the restrictions product power ie never more than 70kw or 11kw at less than 0.1kw per 1kg for a 125.  Firstly must a 50cc moped have less than 0.1kw per 1kg with a maximum of 4kw?  Secondarily and more important is at what point in the drive train is the power measured, at the crank or at the wheel, how and by who, the government body ...

  • Created 02 October 2014 04:34 by AS04

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Honda Warraty / Servicing

Hi All,I have recently purchased a Honda CBF 125 for commuting to work, now due a 2,500 mile service and is only 1 year old.My thoughts were to get this bike serviced at a local M/C garage, 50% less than Honda. however does this affect the warranty?Mu understanding was, dealers cannot enforce this due to anti competition rules,   my local garage seemed to believe Honda would not play ball with any claim. Thanks in advance 

  • Created 23 September 2014 14:47 by bullets
  • Last comment 59 days ago ago by bryfor59

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written off

Hi, I have just done an hpi check on a bike that I won on eBay and due to collect on Sunday and it has com back as written off. The seller claims to have owned the bike for 10 years and that matches the report. I have told him I was going to do the check and that I need a picture of the van on the frame of the bike and issue date of the v5 to register the guarantee. He seems willing to comply but I have not yet told him about my findings. What could written ...

  • Created 18 September 2014 15:22 by rowmadcon
  • Last comment 65 days ago ago by rowmadcon

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Brand new bike problems

Ok guys so about 6 months ago I financed a brand new Lexmoto XTRS 125 (I am never ever going near a Chinese bike again). Since I bought it I have had never ending problems! So the first thing I noticed was indicators not working when lights were on, sometimes they would, but I'd have to play around with them for a while. I mentioned this stuff in my 1st and 2nd service and they still hadn't diagnosed or sorted the problem. By my third service I was having issues with the bike sometimes cutting out and not wanting to ...

  • Created 25 August 2014 10:16 by Baver96
  • Last comment 90 days ago ago by Baver96


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