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Highway robbery Insurance scam.

Comment invited please. I've had a policy through Devitt insurance with the cover being provided by Chaucer insurance. I sold my bike after having the policy out for four months I rang them to cancel the policy and Devitt wanted %XA350 to cancel it and Chaucer wanted %XA334. So a total of %XA384 when the policy was only for %XA3125 in total. Surely they can't get away with this. How does it cost %XA350 to cancel a policy? Do all Insurance companies charge %XA350 to cancel? Thanks for all your advice, I cancelled the policy but I think it's ...


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I see they're robbers again

so renewal comes thro and its %XA330 dearer than last year, tried the mcn compare but when i mention that the bike kept at a diff location they seem to be like well we wil have to start again and every time i do it jumps up, %XA364 was my quote but as soon as i say diff location for bike they bump it past %XA3100might just have to bit the bullet n pay %XA390 or so this year :(

  • Created 06 June 2014 21:42 by Project90
  • Last comment 17 days ago ago by Project90

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Driving Licence insurance start date?

So I've purchased a new motorbike and the insurance company will want to know when I got my licence as one of the questions. Question is, what date do I actually give them? Created 23 June 2014 10:01 by BlazingSimba

  • Last comment 22 days ago ago by Blader2005
  • Skyfox61

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    How to Obtain Insurance for Non UK Registered BMW

    HiI purchased New 2013 BMW R1200RT, 90 Year model when working in Italy as my dream bike. BMW Club had special deal with Allianz Italy, which expires Oct 2014. Bike is registered Italy plates. I now moved to UK for work and bought my bike with me. Its been a horror story as made 100's calls but not yet able to find broker, but know there is someone somewhere. I have UK Full DL, UK Address, Irish Passport, UK Bank etc etc, but as my bike is NOT UK Registered it seems not possible to insure. I plan to be ...

    • Created 05 July 2014 11:01 by Skyfox61
    • Last comment 24 days ago ago by eatcs01

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    i think my cbt is expired, and my bike has been stolen! Help please

    hi my KTM Duke 125 has been stolen, yesterday.Im fully comp with Carole NashI recieved the claim form and they want the photocopy of my driving licence. I havnt got a up to date driving licence but i have a letter from the DVLA to say i can ride while they sort out the new licence.I thought i was fully legit. Now i realise i got my CBT in 2011 but that will have expired?In the letter with the claim form they wantPhotocopy of my driving licence (both sides)I have my expired photocard licence and the letter from the DVLA ...

    • Created 28 June 2014 18:12 by JAWAPAWA
    • Last comment 30 days ago ago by philehidiot

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    AXA and Hastings....

    Just a heads up for any one who is or is thinking of insuring with these two companies..... from recent bitter experience, I have found out that these two companies DO NOT offer a 'buy back' on any vehicle they insure.. so if you are/going to insure with them, and happen to fall off, you will lose the bike if you claim and it exceeds the book value of the bike.. having recently had a low speed highside, and thought id claim on my full-comp policy, the engineer assessing the damage made me aware of this fact... so in ...

    • Created 08 June 2014 22:15 by Blader2005

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    MCE Insurance - What a mess !!!

    Serious bike accident on 8th March 2014. MCE wrote off bike BMW K1200LT and offered %XA39300 settlement which I accepted early April 2014. Six weeks on not received my settlement. Various calls to MCE nllowed up and today am told MCE CoE Mr Matt Duck will call me BUT does.not ..!! If the CoE does not even follow up then what chance does anyone have to get service from this terrible company.ADVICE 

    • Created 09 May 2014 19:00 by bxdenni

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    Car & Bike insurance question

    Dudes,  Just wondering if anyone has their bike and car insured under the one policy with anyone?  I'm thinking of buying a car (just the bike at the moment) and was wondering if this gave you any significant discount...  Any recommendations/horror stories?Cheers!Adam.

    • Created 11 October 2010 15:32 by BadD0g
    • Last comment 83 days ago ago by Amateurcynic

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    How can my Kiwi friends insure a bike here ???

    Hi, my New Zealand friend is coming over for a 6 week UK/Europe Tour with his Mrs on the back...They've done this a few times, always getting a Press/Courtesy bike because they run a bike business in NZ, but not this year... I had just found a bike to buy on their behalf, so I went looking ...

    • Created 23 April 2014 18:14 by blakesabbath
    • Last comment 86 days ago ago by Max900

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    Back after a 3 year break - i'm a new rider!!!

    So I've not been riding the last 3 and a bit years - kids and what not. I've been riding since 1992. Max possible no claims etc.So I wanted to get back on a bike - had a look around and I could afford a shiny new Honda CB500X ( I thought I'd get something small and commutery as previously I'd had speed triples but its over kill for commuting in london which is 99% of my riding.)I did some comparisions but put in my no claims was coming in around %XA3220-%XA3250. Then on googling seems its not valid after ...


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