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European Insurance & Breakdown Cover

Hi there,I'm Bruce... and new to this forum, so please bear with me if I'm asking something covered elsewhere.I'm planning a 2 month motorcycle trip through Europe this Summer (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia).Could somebody please tell me the best value UK bike insurance and breakdown insurance that will cover me in Europe for 2 months without breaking my bank?A few things you should know:1) I'm a UK citizen living in the Dominican Republic, with a UK address I can use for insurance purposes.2) I only need this insurance for the duration of my trip i.e. 2 months3) I currently don't ...


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Fully comp or TPFT,

Hi Guys,Just after a bit of advice on what to go for. Bike is 2012 street triple R, fully comp coming in around %XA3330, TPTF %XA3250. Bike is worth IRO %XA36500, excess %XA3650. Should I go with the TPFT

  • Created 24 March 2014 11:58 by PaulFargo
  • Last comment 24 days ago ago by PaulFargo

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got hit by vehicle, then got asked to pay!

Hi everyone, Newbie here. Would really like some advice on how to deal with this guy who wants money out of me. Basically this car overtook me too close, almost knocking me off my bike, and bruising my right leg. He ended up scratching his paintwork on my bike and then tried to drive off. Only with me waving my arm like a mad man to get him to stop made him pull over. From there he was abusive and just a general aggressive dick. He is threatening court action, compensation (for his scratches, forget my leg) and wants me ...

  • Created 17 March 2014 19:50 by yamaha1988
  • Last comment 31 days ago ago by smidget

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Carole Nash nightmare

renewal this year was hell ,hours spent on phone trying to correct almost everything .5 calls later I may be sorted .normally quick and simple I wonder what's going on ,serious when you can pay your money and may not be always make sure you check the paperwork.

  • Created 14 March 2014 13:07 by steviebsa
  • Last comment 35 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Total loss

Hello, my insurance company totalled my motorcycle 10 months ago. I am stationed in Germany and they informed me that they could not pick my motorcycle up due to some law or something in Germany, I'm not sure what exactly they were talking about. They told me that I could take it to a local salvage company and get 1400 bucks for it. They subtracted this amout from the payout they gave me. I decided to keep my motorcycle and fix it which didn't cost much. What will happen to my title? I keep looking up my vin online and ...

  • Created 27 February 2014 18:33 by geraldhen

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insurers who recognise restricted years

I had a nightmare with my insurers last year trying to charge me for giving incorrect information regarding how long I have held my licence for.  They were saying that they don't recognise my first two of eight years because they were done on a 33bhp licence.  It got resolved when after much denial from them they sent out an audio cd of the call with me clearly stating this was the case.  Now it's time for renewal I was wondering if there is a list of insurers who do accept these years


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Provisional licence

Hey all,New to the forum and to biking to be honest, got a quick question regarding insurance and the licence option within.I have yet to sit my CBT...I have had a full UK car licence for 10 years with the motorcycle entitlement (A).When the insurance quote asks for type of licence ---- then time licence held....should I be putting 10 years?or does the provisional only become 'active' once a CBT is completed therefore time entered should be 0 years or less than 1 year?Silly question but it's affecting my insurance quotes!Thanks for your feedback!Madcat 

  • Created 24 January 2014 22:01 by madcat86
  • Last comment 84 days ago ago by jaffa90

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short term europe motorbike insurance

 my partner and I are planning a motorcycle riding trip in Europe in May 2014.  Can anybody guide us in the right direction to get our own bikes across by air and also a short term bike insurance for 2 bikes whilst over there? We are from NSW, Australia.  We would appreciate all the help we an get.  THANKS - great riding!!!!!!!!!!! ALAN  


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Personal Accident Insurance

Does anyone know of any good personal accident insurance providers that cover riding motorcycles.  This is not an add on offered on my current bike insurance policy.  

  • Created 22 January 2014 18:35 by kunki


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