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Insurance help

Im going to be 5 months short of my 19th birthday when my current insurance runs out. Do I not have the bike for 5 months and walk (this is an option) or what else can I do? When passing my A2 I would like a new bike, I wouldn't mind financing if I hadn't saved enough. Looking for some like a Yamaha MT-07, Ninja 300/er6f or something like that, I like sport bikes and a few naked bikes too such as the MT which still looks sporty. Will I realistically be able to afford to sell my A2 bike ...

  • Created 18 November 2014 19:41 by Baver96

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MCE Insurance - What a mess !!!

Serious bike accident on 8th March 2014. MCE wrote off bike BMW K1200LT and offered %XA39300 settlement which I accepted early April 2014. Six weeks on not received my settlement. Various calls to MCE nllowed up and today am told MCE CoE Mr Matt Duck will call me BUT does.not ..!! If the CoE does not even follow up then what chance does anyone have to get service from this terrible company.ADVICE 


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how to remove the cat c marker?

Hi all,i recently had a accident and the insurance wrote the bike off as a cat c, they paid out minus salvage costs so i could keep the bike, i have since repaired the bike and had a fresh mot put on now looking to sell it but the dvla say there is no marker on it but the hpi check shows it as a cat c write off on the date of the accident.what is the correct way to get rid of this marker or sell it with the marker?thanks in advance for your time.cheersshaun

  • Created 18 September 2014 14:40 by scorrer11
  • Last comment 32 days ago ago by bmwgs

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Where's my NCB proof???

My motorcycle insurance recently (MCE Insurance) expired on 25/09/14 and I was expecting to receive proof of NCB shortly after this. I paid my premium in full last year and didn't make a claim.I sent an email to the Insurance company on 01/10/14 (6 days later) requesting proof of NCB.I then sent another email on 08/10/14 and still no response!I would like to know why this is such a hassle when I originally managed to find, pay for and receive all insurance documents start to finish in 15 minutes flat??I'm still waiting for a response from said insurance company and ...

  • Created 08 October 2014 17:38 by Adzy1981
  • Last comment 43 days ago ago by Adzy1981

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Appreciate advice on this please

Evening all, I recently changed jobs and, in order to avoid the overpriced and unreliable public transport here in the big smoke, I decided to buy a motorbike to get to work. I've held a bike license for nearly 18 years, but have been out of the loop and haven't had to insure a car or bike for the last 10 years. I headed over to to put in my details and see how much the they were asking. The cheapest policy came in at around %XA3200 mark. I should add at this point that I wanted to keep ...


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Hastings - Total Loss, lowball offer

Hi guys and girls. I can only apologize for my first post being a needy desperate plea rather than an introduction, but since I no longer have a bike anyway...Basically, my mint 8000 mile '53 plate blue SV1000S with Devil Trophy cans (hugger, undertray) was sadly destroyed by my garage catching fire in a spectacular fashion nearly 7 weeks ago. Hastings have made their second and final offer of %XA32,900 which apparently they are not willing to increase. Now the problem is, I cannot even begin to find another in the same condition for that money, at least, not within ...

  • Created 15 August 2014 22:45 by demonufo
  • Last comment 82 days ago ago by Blader2005

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Rip off insurance companies

 Motor Cycle Direct charge %XA350 admin fee if you change bikes mid term, also charge me %XA3210 for five months coverage, then had the nerve to quote me %XA3249 for the whole year.Wont be using them again.Legal Ripp-off merchants, but they are all doing it!!Found cheaper on by %XA360Worth looking around every time your renewal comes around.

  • Created 15 August 2014 16:34 by ipragnell
  • Last comment 99 days ago ago by jaffa90

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Need to insure without a licence

I have been riding of road bikes for years and thought why not get a road bike.Without having a licence I brought one on impulse on eBay %XA3660 for a Honda blackbird I'd be crazy not to  wright ! Now I am in a bit of a jam , as you all know that anything on the road with a tax disc must have insurance or else you get a %XA3100 fine then they chase you up and crush the thing.I need insurance but i dont have a licence Dose anyone know of a company that can insure without one as ...

  • Created 15 August 2014 15:32 by allkarma
  • Last comment 99 days ago ago by demonufo

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Don't buy from Bennetts!!!!

My bike insurance was automatically renewed by Bennetts at a high cost compared to other insurers. Apparently Bennetts can help themselves to you money (because they have your card details from previous policies) by claiming that they sent you a reminder by post. The reminder allows you to stop the automatic reminder, great but the first I knew of this was when my new policy arrived. Phoned Bennetts and was told it would cost %XA330 to cancel a policy that I did not want or ask for! You couldn't make this up!Martin

  • Created 28 July 2014 18:26 by gsxkat11
  • Last comment 107 days ago ago by ranorthe

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Highway robbery Insurance scam.

Comment invited please. I've had a policy through Devitt insurance with the cover being provided by Chaucer insurance. I sold my bike after having the policy out for four months I rang them to cancel the policy and Devitt wanted %XA350 to cancel it and Chaucer wanted %XA334. So a total of %XA384 when the policy was only for %XA3125 in total. Surely they can't get away with this. How does it cost %XA350 to cancel a policy? Do all Insurance companies charge %XA350 to cancel? Thanks for all your advice, I cancelled the policy but I think it's ...


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