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Sprint ST double headlamp mod?

I was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram or description covering the double headlamp mod. The standard Sprint ST 2004 onward is blind in one eye; it only has a single headlamp (dip or main). I heard this was to do with recent legislation to stop car drivers trying to drive betwen the headlights? Some drivers are very strange indeed. . . . I am assured by the dealers that the mod has to be carried out by a Triumph dealer and that it is quick and simple. So, it shouldn't be too difficult for an amateur then. They ...


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I have owned my Sprint since November and had to replace the front tyre when I got it, as it was fitted with Mitchellin Pilot Sports, and the rear tyre was fine I had the same fitted to the front again, 2000 miles later I had a new rear tyre fitted, again a Mitchellin Pilot Sports. I have now done another 2500 miles, and both tyres look like they need replacing, especilallly the rear, as it has only done 2500m, I am thinking of changing to something that will last a bit longer. Can anyone suggest anything?

  • Created 08 October 2004 08:46 by KevinM955
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by Bazwaldo

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st trouble

HI need help if possible, my 2003 st idles at 2500 rpm and engine warning light is on, any ideas? cant get it in to local dealers as they fully booked for next two weeks, stuck!


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Winter Washing?

Bikes been neglected the last few weeks so as it my day off and the weather is ok, i thinks its time to wash the bike down. The salt and grime are causing some of the parts to tarnish,so a good rub and polish shoud do the trick. Have been out in all weathers this year from snow & ice to warm wet days. The [b]sprint[/b] has not missed a beat. The only thing I have noticed is some times when I hit a bump/hole in road there is a noise like the back end has fallen off. Really looking ...


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ST problems

I have been thinking of buying a Sprint ST but I have heard that they suffer from electrical problems and do not start in the cold and wet. Has anyone heard of this problem or suffered from it. I am thinking of buying the 2006 model.


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Wheel Paint

Does anyone know if Triumph used a special paint for the wheels? Some of mine has faked off and i would like to repaint them. Cheers

  • Created 24 January 2006 18:36 by Bogw0ppit
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by sammylou

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new sprint st owner 12k service price

hi there just bought an st soon will be the 12k service and noticed various price on this site spoke to a helpfull guy called paul at my local trumph dealer TERAM ROBERTS and he told me %XA3250 inc shim adjust if needed plus he said i could have the st 1050 as courtesy if i want is this a good price your views would be appreciated cheers

  • Created 06 February 2006 22:45 by critch

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Garmin GPS for 2005 Sprint ST

Anyone got one from Triumph? A bit expensive at %XA3900! They sell the Garmin 2610 on Amazon for around %XA3530 and I think they have the right connectors at but I am not sure how compatible or how much hassle it is to fit. Has anyone tried? Any suggestions as to what to get?

  • Created 16 June 2005 12:02 by babisg
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by Jobart
Barry in Shropshire

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05 Sprint rear hugger

As far as I know the only company to make one of these is Skidmarx. I bought one off them recently but I've had a bit of trouble getting the clearance between hugger and wheel. Is there anyone out there who has fitted one of these successfully, and can offer advice. Or did you experience my problem to begin with. Cheers. Barry.


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Before you buy your sprint ST . . . .

Be well aware that a flat rear tyre is a dealer job. I broke down with a nail through the rear tyre. There was no wheel spanner in the toolbox. The 46mm socket cost %XA350 from Triumph. I managed to get one after searching for a few days (larger Halfords sometimes stock them - %XA312). Once I had the right socket, it was a two man job to undo the spindle nut. Heaven knows what Triumph had torqued it up to. This was the first time the wheel was ever taken off. I had a metre long iron extension on ...


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