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Bandit K6 Seat adjust

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the seat on the GSF650 Kandit? my dealer said read the manual, the manual said talk to your dealer :0(


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Help with new back tyre

Can anyone help, I need a new back tyre for a Bandit 600, it has Avon tyres fitted, the front is like new so I don't want to replace the pair. Front has a 120/60ZR17 AV 27 compound. Rear has 150/60ZR 17 Azaro sport AV 40 compound. This is my first bike and I don't know much about tyres, all I know that the tyres should be compatible in the compound ratio. Can anyone suggest what tyre to have fitted to the back. Cheers

  • Created 30 September 2006 13:21 by clintgaskell

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Thinking of buying a Bandit

Hi Folks, I'll hopefully on two wheels sometime in the near future and I'm thinking of buying a Bandit 600S for my first bike. I've heard these are quite user friendly and i think the fairing will gove me some protection seeing as i'll be using it to commute to my work during the warmer months 190 miles each way trip. I'm just looking for some advise as to whether the Bandit 600 would suit me and information about things i'll need to keep an eye out for when it comes to buying a used Bandit 600S, cheers Davie

  • Created 27 September 2006 15:43 by dl_court
  • Last comment 8 years ago ago by dl_court

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Protecting GSF650N

I keep dropping my bike for various reasons (weight, soft ground, skidding, lack of coordination) and despite fitting a cage around the lower part of the engine - every time there is a fall, there is a broken brake lever, dent in the tank. Is there a solution - cage that goes higher up like on a police bike. I guess a tank bra would help. The problem seems to be linked to the huge wide tank on the bandit, maybe I can replace with a narrower version? Graham, Paris

  • Created 27 March 2006 08:50 by lologray
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by grison

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carbs icing

I am having a pig of a problem with very cold mornings riding to work, my Suzuki Bandit GSF 600 (1998), after been riding for 5 to 10 minutes the engine will star to feel like you are on 3 cylinders on low speed and low revs, if I increase the speed the engine will pick up, but as I come to crossroads or traffic lights the engine will die on me. To stop this happening I need to stop and pull the kill switch wait for 1 minute and then the bike will go all day without a problem. ...

  • Created 24 January 2006 09:29 by hc1jlg
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by csm90068

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Tank Range

Hello, What kind of mileage are you guys getting from the Bandit now that it has run in ? My reserve (tank signal ting) is flashing around 150 now. When new it was 170 easy. Is this normal ? I do mainly motorway riding and do go completely banana's on it or anything. Mine is 4 months almost exactly now and done 3900miles so far. Nearly time for second service already ! Cheers

  • Created 04 November 2005 20:44 by mitc
  • Last comment 9 years ago ago by cjh33

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I hate winter!!!! But....

For once last weekend, I had the chance to get out on the 1200s. Went to start - battery flat:( cant find manual to disarm alarm to take battery out:( recharge battery whilst still connected to bike and 2 hours later - Vroom and we are off:) It was great to get out after a 3 week lay off and again the next day. drove for 3 hours each day, nowhere in particular but had a ball. Has anyone else been out? Its too quiet in here - come!

  • Created 21 January 2005 07:38 by stevken
  • Last comment 10 years ago ago by yoshi 1200

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both light on dip. Is it possible?

Hi All Mech/Elect out there...... Still considering a B12 s for next year,,,,,, but here is my question? Is it possible to have both lights coming on Dip? It looks very weird 1 light on only, plus have read the light is not that strong..... Thanks in advance.............

  • Created 18 December 2004 17:15 by Roddas
  • Last comment 10 years ago ago by stevken
yoshi 1200

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Is it summer yet?

What a bummer, I'm just sitting in the office, sun is shining, sky is blue (in Aberdeen??? hard to believe but true), thinking "wish I was on my bike" when I remembered it's colder than a penguins pecker outside, ARSE!

  • Created 01 December 2004 12:44 by yoshi 1200
  • Last comment 10 years ago ago by stevken

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Now there's a thread topic on its own....

How does the odometer reading effect the value of a bike? discuss. In my experience, the mileage of a bike does not effect the value of any bike a dealer is selling, but significantly devalues any bike he may be buying in part exchange. However, when my 99 Bandit was stolen with 39000 miles on the clock, (yours is still low milage FighterBoy) the insurance company paid out %XA32750 after the %XA3250 excess was deducted. I don't think I'd have received much more if it had only had 15000 miles on the clock.

  • Created 18 October 2004 21:43 by steveb
  • Last comment 10 years ago ago by sprag


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