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Riding my OH's CBR125r

This week...I gotta say tis a whole load of fun...and I notice how much more vulnerable I seem to be.........yesterday a very nice young lady in a Corsa ...was using her ESP whilst not wishing to Stop at the Stop sign.....twer damned close I tell eee. Still she did say "oops soz"....... Reckon my years of being forced to think for certain road users...saved me there TBH. I really love the variable response to throttle input....going up hill is like running through Tar..... going up through all  the gears in about 20 yards..... seriously planning ahead when overtaking...... them Cyclists ...

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  • 03 September 2013

Honda CBR125R or Yamaha YZF-R125 (2009+)

Hello,I don't know if I posted in the right section, but I take the risk.
21 March 2013

CBR125R Servicing

Hi guys,Does anyone have any experience of how much a 2.5k mile service will be on a Honda CBR125R (Southern prices!)?I found this which shows what needs to be done for the 0.6k and 2.5k mile services, and the list for the 2.5k is, as expected, much more than the 0.6k service.The problem is that the 0.6k service cost me %XA3111 (it was done at Farnham Honda).Is that price normal? I'd imagine that means the 2.5k service will be over %XA3200?... Unless replacing the oil happens to be a much bigger job than I realise for whatever reason? (which doesn't ...

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  • 25 September 2012

Who'd have thunk it?

that CBR125R mirrors are the best thing since sliced bread on a SV1000! Hope you 'orrible lot are all ok and getting plenty of miles done ? Maxie x

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  • 08 March 2012

Mr.philehidiot Mr.stonysleet Mr.r6buz Mr.CBRJGWRR Please reply back and if anyone else can help out :D

*Hey guys, i would like to thank you for replying back to my message but for some reason i cant seem to reply back to you and it keeps giving me the same error message. I am going to walk away from it. Im twenty years old and i know i should be riding a geared bike but my 17 January 2012


Hello all, I bought my first bike on Friday night, a honda cbr125r, my first ride being Saturday morning. I did my CBT back in June and havent done a thing since! I thought i'd be pretty stuck when it came to riding it as i did my CBT on a scooter, and to be honest, didnt have the first clue, but i found it quite easy and managed to teach myself. I spent the majority of Saturday on it, going around my local area aimlessly. I came to work today on the bike, which meant passing over about 4 roundabouts on a busy ...

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  • 19 October 2010

cbr 125 mixture screw?

hi there been told theres a mixture adjustment screw on the carb of my cbr125r ive been looking but unable to find it can any one help? does it have one

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  • 09 September 2010

cbr 125

hi there is there any cbr125r owners out there? i need to richen my mixture been told theres a adjust ment screw on carb un able to locate. can any one help? do they have one?

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  • 09 September 2010

cbr or xl v???????

right after looking at lots of cheep 125's over the last  few weeks i've done an about face on my plan and am now selling guitars,amps and everyting else as i need a reliable nice bike to use everyday for the next 9 or so months. ive got my list down to the cbr125r (repsol paint looks awesome) or the xl125v varadero as im 6 foot 2 and it fits me perfectly. would be greatfull for any advise on the pros and cons of each bike or any feedback from people that jave owned them?cheers guys and girls fred

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  • 23 April 2010

New Bike Advice

Hey Everyone Im looking at getting a new bike atm im 19 so i have a 2 year restriction (33 bhp). I was looking at buying a Honda cbr125r but as im over 6ft tall and about 13st ive read on the internet i could look silly. Would a cbr125r be any good? or what else would u recommend?  I really like the look of the cbr125r so i would ideally want something that looks similar. What about a yamaha r125? oh i dont know...please help Cheers

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  • 01 February 2010


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