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Apr 03

Posts: 2

wormarra says:

itv coverage ....absolutely rubbish or what !!!

The announcer of the programme said it all, it's new to ITV ...and didn't we know it. I've never written before complaining about a programme. But as a fan of motorbike racing I've just watched the worst ever coverage of bike racing. So much so I've e mailed ITV sport what I thought, their coverage was absolutely crap! After much hyped talk that ITV had secured the coverage, not live !!! what's that all about !! Then the cameras don't follow the leaders, we didn't see lavilla take haslam for example. Then on race two the coverage was equally poor, the commentators (not jamie! he did alright...just, but get back to wsb and stay there mate, don't be associated with this crap!) I felt weren't watching the same race. I could see moves on riders and there was no commentary. I could see lavilla waving to marshals to wave their flags so that back markers would move over yet commentary thought he was waving a shakey !! Then to top it all kiyonari won the race and we didn't see the rest finish which must have included a close finish between haslam and absolute rubbish has to be laid at the second race attempt. I'd sooner wait in future to see the highlights by British Eurosport or sky who know what they are doing. Paul, Leicester

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  • Posted 9 years ago (26 March 2006 15:53)

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Oct 02

Posts: 1

Mr_Nick says:

Think back a few years...

I've gotta say I was pretty miffed by how poor it all was - especially when you think back a couple of years when there was the ITV Sport channel carrying full BSB and Supersport coverage on On-Digital. That was as good as he Sky coverage so why can't they reproduce the format they once used so succesfully?

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Jan 04

Posts: 810

norbert1 says:

Here's An Idea...

Get off your lazy arses and go to the circuit you bunch of moaning fucks. Then you really will moan; crap loud speakers, you only see a couple of bends, it'll take ages to get out the car park, the food is overpriced and barely edible, the toilets smell of shite... For fucks sake, it was the first time ITV have shown bike racing in years, the second race would have confused most tv companies with the amount of backmarkers, Nuttley and Witham will get better with each race, the pit lane girl was fine (probably her 1st ever live tv). Angus Scott is a bit of a nob but he hardly played a big part in the show. What would you cunts do if you had nothing to whine about?

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Jan 04

Posts: 130

dessp2 says:


Fair play to you mate!! I thought it was fantastic. Went for a blast on my bike in the morning. I then watched MotoGP, then a couple of hours later BSB. It couldn`t have been a better day.

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Aug 02

Posts: 761

toemarse says:


It wasn't great or in any way slick. But between all the bad bits was some British Superbike racing on tv for free. I didn't particularly like all the adverts. On the plus side - Whitham always entertains. Jane Omeg??? - the bird from galdiators - was quite good. She rides a bike and appreciates what is going on. I got the wrong end of the stick with the 'good choice' Rutter line and thought she can't of meant good choice as though she was calling him di.ckhead -just a poor choce of words. But above all that it brings bikes to a wider audience and that can only be a good thing.

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Mar 06

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Dec 05

Posts: 29

Hondasixrr says:

What about the surport races

I agree why was it not all live???? ITV have all these free channels & they just fill them with crap quiz shows or repeats... I wanted to see the R6 cup as well. Virgin must be well pissed off.. I wanted to see the 600 supersports as well. When  it was on sky we seen all these.. Hope BSB is back on sky all races LIVE next year. Either that or ITV need to pull there finger

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

covertmini says:

itv crap / even had to???

saw it ,well part of it then went to sky sports and there it was 9-30 pm what a pain in the bum. so recorded it and watched it this evening being that I start work at 05-30 am and would not have finished watching it till 00-30. Its seems to me some one has got this arse about face??? I would have rather stood in the rain and watched it.

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Sep 04

Posts: 62

cookie21 says:


Lets hope that this is going to get better, lets give ITV the benefit of the doubt for now and hope that Donington offers a better spectacle. To be fair, the start of the show had me on the edge of my seat with excitement, even though we all know the sport the intro to non-bike fans was very slick. However, that did take up some crucial time and thus poor Race 1 coverage but next show they will not need to worry about the Intro at all so hopefully more coverage time. I think the poor camera work lead to the poor showing, the commentators rely on this but had nothing to work with...lets hope some butts are indeed kicked Barry may have called Shakey Sean Byrne but Its a genuine mistake... I am positive he was more likely about to mention Mr Sean Emmett and how many times would this happen to you? I think the usual slot for ITV BSB will be 2.30PM til 4.30PM so that is two hours induration.. I may be wrong BUT the good news is that the 3 Bank Holiday shows will be 3HRS in duration and will consist of Highlights Superbike Race 1, LIVE SUPERSPORT & LIVE SUPERBIKE RACE 2....just what the Supersport guys need with the huge costs to run competitively in that series.... All we really need is for another channel to purchase the rights to Formula One which will allow vasts amount of airtime available so we can watch LIVE Superbikes/Supersport/Superstock In an ideal world F1 would go and we can have... 12.00PM BRITISH SUPERBIKE INTRO 12.15PM BRITISH SUPERSTOCK RACE LIVE 13.00PM BRITISH SUPERBIKE RACE ONE LIVE 13.35PM BRITISH SUPERSPORT RACE LIVE 14.20PM BRITISH 125GP RACE LIVE 14.55PM BRITISH R6 CUP RACE LIVE 15.30PM BRITISH SUPERBIKE RACE TWO LIVE 16.30PM BRITISH SUPERBIKE PROGRAM END. 4.5 HOURS OF COVERAGE LIVE!!

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Nov 03

Posts: 25

Chonky says:

ITV Coverage

I was at Brands with the Lioness and had a 200 Mile Journey + home and the traffic on the M25, which was broken up by my poor pals phoneing me ( Hands free and in the car ) asking me what really happened as the coverage was aweful. I will when i have time check out the video myself, but my partners teenage son turned it off and he is potentially a proffessional petrol head. BSB is a sport that appeals to more alround sports fans than most other sports and needs to expand through good media coverage. Sell the benefits, under 15's are free with an adult, it is exciting all action, you can get close to the stars and there is no violence. Why can't these people at ITV take all these comments of all these people before me and make an afternoon of entertainment, instead of makeing the coverage as boring as F1 makes itself. My final comment is "ITV - GET A GRIP"

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Feb 04

Posts: 6

umpaflumpa says:

2 pence worth

did wit have a gagging order placed on him ? i love him on wsb and thought he`d be the same here, coverage was terrible, not really the commentators fault as the camera/directors work was lousy, the none of the races were live, the results of race 2 were on bsb website before itv footage had finished, what happened to R6 and supersports races ? they`re still british bike races arent they ? grid lass an ex gladiator ? hope she gets better although she did have a less robotic way than the chap interviewing the podium riders i watched the sky coverage and the footage was the same as itv (do they comment on the same camera feed?) but we had the other two races, even the podium riders were more happier in the interviews with sky. you cant compare boring f1 (whens he goin in the pits so i can overtake) to class BSB so why is itv treating it like it, this showed with James W not being able to be himself am hoping the next round is much improved coverage, sack the director and camermen, sort out the commentating, and be LIVE i`ll still watch it tho as i love bike racing, please sort it ITV

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