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Nov 04

Posts: 1208

xxvbloke says:

Brunstrom's at it again... A pair of dangerous riders shown high speed filtering. Q. Does this look like Ghost Rider or your ride to work?

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  • Posted 8 years ago (19 October 2006 15:47)

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May 06

Posts: 24

aw11star says:

Ummmm...... c*^t

> > iewblog.asp?UID=1&CID=72 > > A pair of dangerous riders shown high speed > filtering. > > Q. Does this look like Ghost Rider or your ride to > work? How do these people come to power? I feel we should all bombard this guy with videos, images, stories what ever with our tales of bad car drivers. He is obviously blind to the fact that most deaths and accidents involving motorcyclist are caused by other vehicles. This man needs educating! Also has anyone noticed in his blogs how he constantly slags off individuals and groups of specific road users a couple of quotes.... -It's dangerous idiots like Mrs A -will be aware of the quite dreadful driving exhibited by so many motorcyclists whilst if you read 1 or 2 of the blogs you very quickly relize what an arrogant sod this chap is (thinks he's the savior of man kind) Watch out rumour has it he whats to move on up and if the centralised national police force thing ever gets going you can gaurantee he'll want to be at the top of it (God help us)

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Feb 06

Posts: 43

brentmeister says:

I wish you were right

but unfortunately most motorcyclists kill themselves in collisions. In most cases there are no other vehicles involved at all, a proportion motorcycle fatals do involve other vehicles being at fault but I'm afraid it is not as common as most people think. That said, the fact that all our bikesfe courses are booked to capacity months in advance shows that more bikers than car drivers are willing to take further training.

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Feb 06

Posts: 1

vp004g6433 says:

well said Sir !!

Well said Sir !! ....... Like you I am sick of the "few" ......... Compolsary IAM // ROSPA training for ALL motorists after 3 years and then every subsequent 5 years. no pass no licence !! That does not address the Drugs / drinking and stolen brigade, but it does thin out our over stretched roads / addressing environmental and safety issues at a stroke. will it work?, no half of the tossers who are the mouth pieces would fail , and that wouldn't do now would it ? Speed does not kill, bad inapropriate inattentive driving, arrogance and no edcucation kills, not being a few miles an hour over the "bloody" speed limit" !!.......... whilst over taking do I stick to 60 mph on a single carridgeway, or do I overtake as quickly and as safely as i can, returning to my own side of the road ? .......exactly !!!

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Aug 06

Posts: 3

brookland says:

Sore thumbs

The two bikers would have stuck out like sore thumbs in a helicopter camera. It looks like their judgement of the appropriate speed was well out of sync with the majority of the road users. Surely the appropriate speed for a road should relate to the the road conditions and the speed of surrounding vehicles hence it may be appropriate to do 50mph through a 30 mph village at 5 o'clock in the morning when no one else is about. There is really no justification for expecting cars on the outside lane to pull over just to accommodate two people riding at speeds of 100 mhp and over unless they have blue flashing lights. I'm not saying the riders were not skilled and capable of riding at high speeds, but rather that on this occasion they broke a lot of basics laws and endangered other folk to make progress along the road.

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Oct 06

Posts: 2

darren31 says:

Blind Dumbass.

Is this man blinkered, does he not see other road users using there mobile phones and paying know attention to anyone that get's in there way. What about these Police officers that are braking the law testing new car's and taking Cheif C*!t's to meating's. How can he tar eveyone with the same brush the T*&T!!! All that crap about bikers causing more accidents he should look at lorry drivers dumping diesel everywere and the drivers that don't ever see us. This T"*t need's to get a life and stop trying to be like Hitler, bikers have as much right on the road as anyone else that pay's road tax. Get the T#@T out!!! DAZZA31

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Feb 06

Posts: 3

Rick06 says:


wat a wa**er

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

coke says:


why didnt he comment also on the fact so many cars in the clip were hogging the overtaking lane forcing these poor innocent bikers(tongue in chheek) into illegal moves.

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Sep 06

Posts: 2

JohnCairns says:


This guy is the main reason I will never drive or ride in Wales. This man has no idea of reality. I agree some people just ask for trouble when riding their bikes, But brunstrom just hates bikers.

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Mar 04

Posts: 804

Trumpetman21 says:


> This guy is the main reason I will never drive or > ride in Wales. This man has no idea of reality. I > agree some people just ask for trouble when riding > their bikes, But brunstrom just hates bikers. Then he's done his job hasn't he?

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Apr 04

Posts: 11

bonkey says:

your opinon

shut it idiot u av lost the plot nobody else fool. opinions r like arseholes, everyone has one, n i aint interested in either of yours!


so jog-on fool

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