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Sgt Bilko


May 03

Posts: 1911

Sgt Bilko says:

So depressing...

Just spent a glorious week in Paralimni, Cyprus and come back to read this:

What the fuck is wrong with this country and the woefully out of touch with reality (in)justice system?

Me? I'd blind the fucker in one of his eyes...:mad::mad::mad:


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  • Posted 7 years ago (22 October 2007 17:10)

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Jul 05

Posts: 7190

skycat says:

Some how

i don't think this guy will be walking free.. im sure he Supervision order is his ticket in to the nearest Mental Health Unit...!?

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Jun 07

Posts: 5241

R100R says:

What's really

depressing is the age of these sort of scumbags.  You can accept a certain amount of thuggishness from someone in their teens in the hope they will learn better.  I was on a train last year and this white-trash middle-aged man got on rolling drunk.  As the train came to a station he took a swig of a bottle of water and spat it out onto the platform as soon as the doors opened narowly missing a pensioner who needed to take evasive action.  As the pensioner got on he said 'thanks' a little sarcastically.  Drunk shouted 'fuck off' and lurched at him but, fortunately, he was so drunk he couldn't pursue the matter so I didn't need to get involved.  This scumbag was in his late 40s and he is not the only one I have encountered of a similar vintage.  If you're going to be a scumbag into your forties, you're going to be a scumbag forever.

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Aug 02

Posts: 5980

tazzer says:


When I read this the other day.

What do you's Croydon. Place should be nuked ! :mad:

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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

Similar incident

in Exeter Devon last week on local news,  Only this never got to court !  A disabled man was attacked by a guy who set his 2 dogs on him,  It was witnessed by 2 ladies from a hairdressers they fought the guy off & dialled 999 & guess what ?  (Dare I say this ?)  D&C police didn't turn up,  They eventually interviewed the victim 2 days later but never interviewed the witnesses who had good descriptions of the attacker.

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May 04

Posts: 680

jbennison says:

The system

I remember reading a book once, I think it may have been show of evil by William Diehl and the phrase in the front of it went something like this:

If you want the truth go to a hore house, if you want to get screwed go to a court of law.

It was a long time ago but it rings more true as time goes on....

I personnaly think the time is not too far away when people start really taking the law into their own hands like the drug dealer who was tarred and feathered in NI.


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Oct 07

Posts: 91

leepin99 says:


the one time a story hits the news like this ther will be hundred similar ones that dont. Wev had it as a country until it flips over and all out civil war is declared against the bad apples and the pc laws we live under, bet there wasnt exactly a deluge of passengers ready to jump in and help either, if hed dropped a tenner half the carriage wud hav bin hit on the back of the head by it b4 it hit the ground. The average man/woman in the street is, and i dont swear on forums usually, 'fucked' :doubt:

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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

News article today

2 prisons in UK are totally in use for foreign prisoners only.  It beggars the question --- HOW & WHY are so many foreign criminals able to enter our country & commit crimes ?  Our taxes are keeping them warm & safe untill they're deported pending the appeals procedure.

Over to you Gordon Brown ---------------  Gordon --- ? 

OH ! It was Tony Blairs watch was it ? 

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