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Ryan Fegan  says:

A question of height

My girlfriend has enjoyed 3 wonderful years of motorcycling on her Suzuki 400 bandit which she got after she passed her test. Now she has decided that its time to step up onto something a bit bigger and thought a Yamaha Fazer would ideal. So off we went to are local Yamaha dealer here in Belfast were we looked at...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (31 October 2007 10:22)

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Oct 06

Posts: 2

howied says:

motorcycle height

I am fairly short in the leg and have had similar problems. I recently bought an SV650 and had it professionally lowered by DRShull at Well worth every penny and I can place feet firmly on the ground when required. It's about time motorcycles dealers and manufaturers woke up to the number of short riders and designed the bikes to be adjusted according to the height. Good luck Howard

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Aug 07

Posts: 4

phildean says:

Yeah good idea.

Great idea howied. Then all the 6ft + riders would have their knees wrapped around their ears.

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Jul 07

Posts: 3

miles71 says:

motorcycle height

Very sorry to read about the way you were treated. As a short (male) rider I have similar problems. I would love to have the option of test riding more bikes before committing to buying. I recently bought an f800 without a test ride (as the dealer didn't have a low seat in stock) and regretted it big time! After putting down a deposit (and ordering a low seat)I picked the bike up and realised I didn't like it. I will never buy another bike without a test ride, however difficult it is to arrange!!

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Janet the jet


Aug 02

Posts: 63

That stinks!

I'm probably not as vertically challenged as your girlfriend - I'm 5'6" - but I've been able to test ride many great bikes down the years, quite a few of which I haven't quite been able to flat foot. I've had test rides from at least four dealers in my area and, as you'd hope, they've always trusted me to know when a bike's too big for me to be confident on. Hence last year I tried the Daytona 675, but decided that the current R6 was a bit too tall for me, if I had to stop in a hurry, on an unfamiliar bike, on an adverse camber. But I've had test rides on at least seven different 1000 cc bikes. I've never been declined a test ride that I've wanted, even though I've always been honest with the dealer and made it clear if I'm merely interested to try a particular bike, not on the verge of buying it. It might not be easy, given the (quite understandable) way your girlfriend has responded, but you need to try to get her angry rather than embarrassed - that way she might try again at another dealer - most aren't dinosaurs these days - and get herself a new bike. She needs to see what happened as the dealer's problem, not hers, and not let it dent her confidence in any way. I know that's easier said than done sometimes for us ladies though!

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Nov 06

Posts: 1

lmathews says:

Don't give up your dream!

I am selling my bike (mcn ad 7060751) and will give the lowering kit to your girlfriend for free. I'm 5'4" so please tell her not too let anyone put her off. Being taller does not mean a person is a better or safer rider.

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Jul 06

Posts: 9

oldgreyray says:


I've got the same problem - little legs! Try your local Honda dealer. I ride a CBF600 which has an adjustable seat and if you want something a bit quicker, how about a Hornet? The Power of Dreams! Ray

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Oct 07

Posts: 94

manxhornet says:

I've got a hornet

600 with a shorter rear shock on which I got from a company called 'She Loves Bikes' as I have exactly the same problem being a bit of a short arse. I hate the way women are treaded in some bike shops! Even if it is you that are looking to buy. I experienced some thing simular. I went in to look at a bike at a dealer but was totally ignored they spoke to my husband instead so we just walked out again. After all it's their loss. Please don't let it put you off there are some great dealers out there who will treat you as a human being.

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Nov 07

Posts: 1

Clarkee says:

Motorcycle Height

I'm 5'4''. Just returned to Biking 2 years ago after a long absence. Like oldgreyray I own a CBF600. You can adjust the bars and seat. I have the seat on the lowest setting and to be honest I can get one foot flat, the other not quite!. Do I care ?, Does it cause me any problems?, would I take any notice if someone said my bike was too big for me?. Err NO!. Ryan, tell your girlfriend that unfortunately there are quite a few idiots in the Bike industry. Any Dealer who has an attitude like that does'nt deserve her custom. I am now 51 and ever since I was in my teens I have had people saying "That Bikes too big for you". Who wrote and where are, the rules that state the height requirements, for people who want to ride Bikes ?. Answer, there are'nt any. Don't be put off by one Moron. I was really nervous 2 years ago when I got my CBF. I had'nt ridden for about 15 years. I felt like a novice. The size, the weight and even the power was a surprise, (and I've seen the CBF600 described as "dull"). Two years on and over 7,000 miles later it feels like it was made for me. Just for the record I have a good mate who is an inch taller than me at 5'5''. He rides a 1200 Bandit no probs. I can't put what he says to anyone if they suggest he's a bit small for a bike like that and he CAN ride it. I really hope you can persuade your girlfriend to go and look at Bikes at other dealers, don't let that morons remarks put you off. The very fact that you can buy bikes that are adjustable and lowering kits etc, shows he is ignorant of how some of the Bike world recognise there is a market for us smaller riders. I'm proud of anyone Male or Female who is a shortie like me and does'nt let it stop them from living thier dreams. Pedrosa and Capirossi spring to mind too. PS. I'm after a CB1300 or a CBF1000 next

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May 07

Posts: 60

dennison267 says:

i am 5.1 female

i am sorry to hear about the comment given to your girlfriend as a female biker standing at 5.1 isnt easy i have a \GSXR 600 and had it lowered for me. i bought it from a guy in si ives cambs and he is very helpful non of this your a female crap he was vey helpful and he even chucked in a scooped out seat for me too i love my bike and can ride it with confidence keep going girl and find a decent bike shop who will want to help you rather then give stipid comments

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Jan 06

Posts: 7

andyadny says:

Hight of a person

Go back to the shop. Tell em to Fu*^ off they can stick thier bike. Tell em you've bought two new bikes elswhere . Get a bike from another shop. They don't deserve your custom and you do not deserve thier rude stupid comments.

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