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Oct 05

Posts: 248

robhull says:

Nick Sanders continues on Dakar route

Despite the cancellation of the 2008 Dakar Rally for fears of terrorist attacks en route, Nick Sanders and 35 paying bikers have continued their tour to Timbuktu. The original plan was to follow some of the route of the Dakar, however with the rally raid being called off Sanders has decided to continue the guided tour alone. Sanders told MCN: “The security...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (15 January 2008 17:45)

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El Jenko


Jan 08

Posts: 15

El Jenko says:

More info for cyke

Ey up Cyke.

I have only just read your first contribution to this subject and this is my response.

Listen mate. You know sod all about me so you are in no position to make the comments you did. You seem to have based your opinion of me on info gained from Nick Sanders, that well known fountain of truth. You haven't made any further nasty comments so maybe you have read on and have decided that all Nick Sanders says isn't 'Gospel'.

 As to whether I'm a real biker: I have never raped a chicken or bitten the head off a Granny but I have had a bike on the road since ' 76. Even when I've been working overseas I've usually managed to cadge a bike to scratch the itch. It might tickle you to know I made myself look a complete idiot when I fell off a CG 125 while crossing a river in Afghanistan. The fact that the clutch and brakes didn't work were a contributing factor but I'm not looking for excuses.

In 32 years I've also ridden a mile or two, like Barcelona to Paris in a day after a late start following an evening of one or two sherbuts. And if you think that I'm an old git that tootles about on a Harley these days then think again. Last summer I went to a rally in Finland simply because I hadn't been there before. I left Finland on Sunday evening and was reading MCN at a friends house in Edinburgh on Wednesday night after tootling through the Baltic States, Poland, Germany etc.

As to me hiding behind my Mothers apron. Well! What do I say to that? As a kid I was out from dawn 'til dusk, only came in for meals and my poor Mother went grey wondering where the hell I was.When I became mobile, ie the proud owner of a tricycle at the age of about 3, my range increased and my Mother and Father would have to drive around trying to find me. I wasn't lost. I just didn't want to go in. When I became ';mechanised' my range increased to as far you can get on a bike in a 3 week holiday and my Mother read the postcards to find out where I was.

By the way. My Mother is still alive but, Bless her cotton socks, but is confined to a wheel chair now because of MS. When she was fighting fit she scared the hell out of two armed border guards who were sadistically taking our caravan to pieces under the pretence of a search. They were rude to her and, armed or not, she flew at them intent on giving them a pasteing. My Father had to drag her off two ashen faced blokes who suddenly realised that they had overstepped the mark.

So Cyke. I never hid behind my Mothers apron, but it would have been a formidable defence if I had. As to whether I'm a real biker or not. I'm not sure what a REAL biker is so I'll just get on with riding my bike if it's all the same to you.

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Aug 05

Posts: 3

zpowerdave says:

nick sanders aka CC

guys!!! i can just see nick reading these posts and laughing his little cotton socks off!!! I have been on more of nicks trip than probably anybody else, all the Uk ones, ireland, europe, morroco, even around the world in 2004, and on this years timbuktu!. Yes nick is nick!!! the world of BMW he is not!! his trips are adventures and  i agree his first timers can be a bit upset/over whelmed/unprepared but they will never forget the experience?. He is many things (a good organiser is not one of them) but i have found him to be an honest down to earth guy who clearly believes in what he is doing. I have witnessed some of the "accidents" and lets face it, surely the rider was in control of the bike at the time, not nick?. It takes a certain type of person who wants to ride with nick, i and quite a few others are among them. If you want to see the world through an hotel window, ring thomas cook!!!!, if you want the time of your life, ring nick!

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Feb 08

Posts: 2

AVicker says:

Well said Dave

Well said Dave. What Nick gave me was the confidence to go it alone. Without people like Nick who is an inspiration to many, the world would be a smaller place! Hence a ride to the Nordkapp in June with several of the guys from one or two of Nick’s tours, don’t you think enough is enough or are you on a personal crusade to tarnish Nick’s name El Jenko! Let him get on with what he does best ride a bike. I would give an arm and a leg to be riding The Parallel World with Nick, I’m sure many will be watching with interest. And before you say it (El Jenko) no it’s not hero worship just another keen biker with an open mind

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Feb 08

Posts: 1

sully22252 says:

Too Right Dave

Like Dave I've done numerous trips with Nick including RTW and Tb2 2008. I don't want or need someone to hold my hand along the way and I don't rely on there being any backup vehicle. Do you rely on one when you take the wife and kids to Morocco in your camper van??? Of course not, so why on earth should you need one just because you are riding a bike. All the people who go on his trips are adults and hopefully capable of thinking for themself.

I like the adventure, I appreciate there may be risks involved but I'm willing to accept them myself and not rely on a safety net, and if I fall off, the only person to blame is myself. In 2004, on one of Nick's trips to Morocco, I threw my bike down the road in a blizzard doing 60 mph plus. It was entirely my fault, not Nicks, so I got back on it and carried on. I don't think even now that Nick is aware that I had the accident. As for the guy who had the serious accident on the Alaska trip, he had been riding with me earlier that day. I got to the destination in daylight, he chose to add in a couple of extra stops and didn't, who's fault was that? Not mine and not Nicks.

I appreciate that Nick is not always totally straight with his answers to people, but he offers a riding experience that nobody else does and for that I am thankful. There have been moments when I felt like strangling him but at the same time I don't regret for one moment any of the trips I have done with him.

El Jenko, you've had a year to get over your upset with Nick, isn't it about time you dropped it and got on with your life? 

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Jan 08

Posts: 5

Tb2Rider says:

nick sanders aka CC

Having read all the comments on this particular forum I now think that Nick should print it and publish it to anyone who might be contemplating taking a trip with him. Everything written here is true of Nicks trips, both the good and the bad, my own personal take on the whole experience, was probably summed up best by  sully22252, if you're going on a trip with your wife and kids, you don't bring backup, if you are going on an adventure it is exactly that, an adventure where you may run into trouble, therefore when people ask me would I advise them to go on a Nick Sanders trip I say, no, go on your own and organise it yourself or go with a bunch of mates, that way you save the organisational costs of a trip that has little or no organisation. As Dave and others have said, if you want the comfort of a World of BMW trip, then go on a World of BMW trip, but if you want kind of trip that Nick does, then do it yourself, you will probably make a much better job of it, but if you're a big wuss like me, that didn't have the self confidence, or are just to damn lazy to do it for yourself, then by all means go with Nick, but don't come back moaning that nothing was organised, particularly if you have read everything that was said on this thread.      

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El Jenko


Jan 08

Posts: 15

El Jenko says:

Tribute to Tb2Rider

I really liked your last addition Tb2. A well balanced view of events.

Sully: I never stopped getting on with my life. I just had to waste time taking bugger-lugs to court to get my money back. If he hadn't lied to the Judge at the first hearing it would have been sorted out in June but it dragged on until Sept which annoyed me and I was still out of pocket to the tune of nigh on £2000.

I stated earlier that I used to admire Nick and actively sought him at the BMF show once to introduce myself and shake his hand. After what he said at Ait Ben Haddu I want nothing to do with him again. He took almost £3000 of people and they have a right to expect certain things. Getting left at the side of the road in Mali and having to find your own way home is certainly not to be expected.

If I went to Morocco with the family in a camper would I expect a backup vehicle? If I'd paid for one then too right I would. I have been touring on bikes for years and have got into and out of all sorts of scrapes without the need of a backup vehicle so don't think I need one in tow before I set off.

I could have put up with Nick's complete lack of organisation, at times it was hilarious, but I don't like being lied to and, as others have confirmed, including yourself Sully, Nick Sanders is a lier.

Tb2 is right when he says that everything we have said is true. Nick has run many trips and I'm prepared to believe that all weren't as bad as the one I was on. The purpose of these forums is for people to air their views and share info. and we have certainly done so here. Tb2 is right when he says that Nick offers an experience that no-one else does and if you want to go on a Moto Challenge then fine. Just don't moan about poor organisation because now you have been warned.

Tb2. It's possible that I will meet you sometime. I look forward to that as you seem to be a top bloke.

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