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May 04

Posts: 16

sniper100 says:

Mobile Phobia

Kevin Ash please stop harping on about mobile phones. I was in the forces between the years 1971-1983 and we were always using our radios and other types of equipment while driving. I understand some people cannot drive and think at the same time, my observation and experience now is most fools who either nearly hit me or do not even see me are too busy looking or operating their Satnav.


Now tell me they are not worse than talking on a mobile phone? The idiots look at the Satnav, taking their eyes off the road to look at the route to confirm what the thing has just said to them. Now tell me that’s not true? I have been with people that use the Satnav and it’s a fact. The worst part is it’s always as they approach a junction or a roundabout, If you do not believe me watch them without their knowledge of why. People using the mobile phone at least do not take their eyes off the road unless the idiot is messaging, and that is stupidity.


So if you feel so strongly about mobile phone use then you must also feel as strongly about the use of Satnav Units, police radios, taxi radios and CB Radios.


It’s all going to the dogs this country – Nanny State. Can’t smoke can’t say blackboard can’t say manhole cover can’t think for yourself anymore you will do as we demand or we will make a law to stop you.


Pity all this attention is not applied to Overpaid BBC Personnel, overpaid swindling Public servants,illegal immigrants and of course the dishonest law enforcement personnel.

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  • Posted 7 years ago (24 January 2008 02:47)

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Nov 04

Posts: 188

robc990 says:


Nice arse.

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nev & leanne


Jun 07

Posts: 1945

nev & leanne says:


Fully agree with you.

What are we going to do about it though.

Perhaps we could shoot down all the satelites and go back to using map books and encyclopedias and stop at a bloody phone box when we need to contact our family.

Take half the budget used for stopping bikes with small plates and divert it to training people to drive and watch their mirrors so they actually know that someone is following etc. etc......

The whole country is fu£ked as you say. Let all us reasonable people who are full of common sense take 2 days holiday and go and sit in the streets in London and make the Government listen to us.

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Apr 07

Posts: 997

gizzabreak says:


I kind of agree with KA on this issue.

Hands free is one thing but using a hand held mobile is dangerous.

I think more and more, that people are starting to view the car as an extension of their living rooms.

It isn't.

A car or a bike, requires 100% concentration all of the time, which you cannot give if you're nattering on the phone.

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Apr 03

Posts: 1140

paulglassup says:


Using a mobile phone while driving isnt dangerous...driving dangerously while using a phone is dangerous...I try and avoid using the phone but fuck it, Im still a safer driver with a phone in 1 hand than half the cunts on the roads I use to and from work everyday.

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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3258

brutale r says:

i totaly agree

with sniper

nev and leane what can you do read some of my other stuff i no pple think im harping on but bikers as a group have got to stick to gether n fight as one group

yep i no im not in the UK any more but i do go home reg for a couple of months  a yr  reasons i left 2 main ones im a sparky ok  use black enamald boxes one day drilling one it spun and hurt me a little i called it a black enamald bastaed n throug it i got kicked of site for a racist remark  then being cought doing 40 in a 30 zone in the car with my 5 yr old  bytch copper yes a woman my daughter asked wot was going on seeing the cop told me i ws doing 40 i told my kid that the police MAN (didnt mean it just said it ) as i said that she said for that remark im doing u for 45  because she was a police person  or contstable  i recon CUNTstable my self

but back to the thread UK BIKERS are look up to all over the world belive me ive been to a lot of places even the states look up to us  and wat the gov gets away with there the rest of them will follow the 100bhp is still on the cards  MAG sold out yrs ago

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Oct 07

Posts: 1270

AlanMcT says:


You are a man after my own heart!  What we have in this country is an inability to stand up to Health & Safety people and tell them to mind their own business. It's like telling disabled people to bugger off because we are fed up having to bankrupt small business by having to put lifts in just in case a disabled person wants to go to the mezzanine or the top floor of the library. Well tough! It's not our fault you fell out of a tree or have a disease. In the same way we need to hold individuals responsible for their actions and not imediately inact laws that affects everyone. If you take this path you will enact laws to cater for the weakest in society and frustrate the intelligent and able. But who is brave enough to stand up and say this stuff in public. Some accidents are going to happen - anyone disagree? You can't have millions of people living together without accidents happening. Damn it they will happen to a person living alone for God's sake. At what time do we say things are acceptable and that we don't want to lose any more freedoms because it may save a life somewhere; or protect some idiot from themselves? If someone crashes because they use a mobile phone then bust them for careless driving - don't ban mobile phones from cars. If someone crashes when useing a satnav the same thing applies. There always seeems to be a move by safety 'experts' to manipulate our behaviour (nanny state) rather than holding individuals responsible for bad decisions. We are adding dozens of laws annually to the statute books that our ancestors could live without - everyone will be criminalised eventually because you will not be able to live. Good news for the goverment accountants already calculating how much fine money they have coming in each year from a docile population.

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Jul 07

Posts: 890

julianzx10 says:


why is that these so called experts insist on telling everybody how dangerous it is to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving.

for some people talking on a phone takes over their entire lives and they become totally oblivious to all that is going on around them,

for others it is no different to holding a conversation with someone sitting in the car with them.

if you use a phone while driving you still have to be aware of what is going on around them

i drive a artic for a living, and if i am talking on the phone or cb radio wherever it be handsfree or not i am still constantly checking my mirrors, and i am still totally aware of what the people in front, behind, alongside, and undertaking me are up to

if there is to be a total ban on the use of mobile phones in any vehicle, this will also have to include the police, ambulance and the highway agency muppets from using their phones or radios.

so called health and safety will be the death of this country,

because most of these people who dream up these regulations do not live in the real world

but they are paid lots of money for telling people what they should and should'nt do

it used to be called common sense,


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