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Michael J Carroll


Feb 08

Posts: 205

Plans to raise motorcycle road tax prices slammed by Environmental Transport Association

The Environmental Transport Association has hit out at changes to the law that mean cars emitting less than 100g of CO2 per kilometre travelled would be exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax), while motorcycles are still required to pay. Chancellor Alistair Darling outlined the plans in his first budget last week, under the auspices of rewarding motorists for...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (20 March 2008 11:03)

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Nov 07

Posts: 64

puck67 says:

This needs to be looked at, bmf and mag I am sure will take the opportunity for sensible calm debate, Kevin Ash and Steve Farrell will also add their voices, Motorcycles at the very least should be paying less due to the fact that quite a few smaller cars will not be paying any road tax at all , which I consider unfair, especially as seeing as motorcycles are a solution to road congestion and environmental pollution, Would be good to see the motorcycle manufacturers add their weight to the debate as well, We could also help ourselves by writing to MP'S etc...... not that they listen, but if enough of us put the message across , who knows ?

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Jun 06

Posts: 390

9999steve says:

its tosh

Its got nothing to do with reason but all to do with revenue raising as with all these so called green taxes. The goverment no more believes in the causes of global warming than my dog. It it were serious as it talks it would simply ban all vehicles over a certain size from being sold int he uk but it knows it cant do that. All the people i know that can afford to drive performance and big engined cars dont care how much tax they charge really it just makes them more excluisive for the rich!!! Tax on bikes should be held down not put up to encourge use as we all know.

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May 08

Posts: 1

BeezaGeezer says:

Road Tax

I agree with Steve about it being more to do with raising revenue than with green issues but then he goes on to add further tosh. As well as my bikes I own a 5.3litre Jaguar. Steve would have this vehicle taxed out of existence but, like the government isn't he missing the point, which is that whatever the size of the vehicle it does not affect green issues until you start the engine. If the government was serious about green issues it would tax use of a vehicle by increasing the price of fuel and not ownership of the vehicle. Furthermore, my Jag is 20 years old and my contribution to saving the planet is that I haven't changed it every 2 years for a more fuel efficient car like most people do. Consequently, I have saved a massive amount of carbon by not contributing to the cost of mining new iron ore, smelting it to make steel, running a car plant, etc. etc. Put all that lot together and compared to people who think they are green I'm contributing considerably less to climate change with my 5.3litre than they are with their brand new lean machines.

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Aug 09

Posts: 9

Pimpsta says:

road tax

scandalous, but what can you do?! they will get away with it somehow, they always do!!!

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


will get away with it because they'll just bloody do it and anyone who doesn't like it can whine away.

This government will even use emergency powers to put through policies which they can't get through Parliament.

Mr Brown is trying desperately to increase revenue as we have nothing left in reserve. It's like monopoly, you run out of money so you loan from the bank but in this case the bank has run out of money and is writing "10 quid" on scraps of bog roll. If they'd not got so swept up in their arrogance and sold our gold reserves (and buying Euros, because obviously Europe doesn't go into recession with the rest of the world) declaring that "I, one eye, have destroyed the cycle of boom and bust", spending all their money (PLUS money that the government doesn't have through PFI which will come onto the books as debt for my kids to deal with) on a huge spending spree the we wouldn't be in this mess.

Ironically, the countries weathering this best are places like Lebanon, where their financial experts saw how risky western markets were becoming and pulled out a couple of years ago. They're also strict on overseas investments and on top of that 1/3rd of all bank assets must be in cash. The shit holes who regularly have their leaders assassinated are booming whilst we make up imaginary money.... there's a lesson here.

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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:

check the date

on the original story, it was nearly two years ago. Doesnt look like its going to happen before any general election.
Fingers crossed it never well

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:

General elections

We don't have them in this country any more.

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