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Aug 05

Posts: 86

Is europe better?

I cross the pond at least once a year and it's genraly the best week's I have on my bike all year round for a number of reasons, but the main reasons are...

Better quality of road surface, cars have more respect for bikers and are more attentive, which makes me feel safer, the police seem to acknowledge you in more of a friendly way, some of the best routes in the world can be found there and the weather is more reliable...

So my question to you all is. Do you think Europe is better than the UK for riding?

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  • Posted 7 years ago (22 March 2008 16:32)

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Nov 07

Posts: 795

coburncream says:

The pond

Atlantic [America]

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Apr 07

Posts: 8

hardtop says:

traffic per mile

france is roughly the same population as the uk but is three times  the size so must hav less traffic per mile which must make riding less hassle therefore more fun

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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

Have to agree with Ian ---

I have a reputation for being a bit of a misery when in fact I'm not.  Those who think I am are ones who don't know me.  fellas like Ian & myself are of 'an age' when we don't see things via rose tinted specs,  we see things for what they are & say it as we see it & I think the UK is one big pile of shite waiting to go down the pooper !  The trip we've just done to Wales & the north west showed me how UK has degenerated into a scamera riddled dump,  I spent so much driving time looking out for cameras/cops/safety partnership twats in the 1,364 miles I did I was my own worse enemy to a degree.  I feel our country is riddled with chav like attitudes fuelled by selfishness & a lack of moral standards compared to europe we are still in the dark ages,  that goes for their road systems as well,  they put us in the shade, time for the INDIGINOUS peoples of the UK to find a sense of pride in being BRITISH again & pull our heads out of our arses. 

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Feb 04

Posts: 194

european roads

i work on the  theory that i can put up with speed cameras shitty roads in this country as long as i get a couple of good blasts ascross the channel each year

roll on may14th  lol:smile

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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3244

brutale r says:

agree with ian

i went over the ditch 2-3 times a yr for 15 yrs worked and toured  the cops aint so anal about speed as long as ur not stupid . imagen pulling up to 4 star hotel n restarunt in the uk in old jeans very old leather jacket and a tatty old army tote bag after doing 8 hr on the bike in the rain . in the uk the doors would be locked police called but in europe doorman comes n greets u takes ur lid n bag tells u a dry spot to put the bike. car drivers look out for bikes and give them room drivers n riders dont sit in the fast lane doing speed limit and not letting u overtake. if a group pull up in a little village they welcome u yep they mite be thinking of ways to getting u to spend ur money. even the frogs are freindlier to the brit bikers than the non english biker  and they hate the english


but u being well balanced we will come back to that another time :lol::lol::lol:

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Jul 07

Posts: 890

julianzx10 says:


i think that the word you were searching for was FRENCH and not frence!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 07

Posts: 795

coburncream says:

Most roads are quiet

at 6 am you just have to hall your lazy arses out of bed

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Mar 06

Posts: 262

Fazerpod says:

Quiet roads

'ere, no cops or speed cameras (to speak of).

Boring as fcuk though.

If you do manage to get caught over 20kph over the limit you're looking at a means tested fine - at least 200 Euros (£150).  Likely to be a lot more.

Not sure which place I prefer though.  Something to be said for home sweet home. 

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Jul 05

Posts: 7189

skycat says:

Yes yes and yes

to europe being better..!


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Sep 07

Posts: 677

adaytona says:




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