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May 08

Posts: 1

jakhit44 says:

Leon Haslam should take it like a man

I'm so glad Leon Haslam got done for that outrageous pass at Oulton Park. I have seen him do it loads of times there - even to his own team mate. If you can't win leon take it like a man - sykes outshone you and you just couldn't hack it.

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  • Posted 7 years ago (06 May 2008 17:21)

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Apr 08

Posts: 79

iMarcus says:

Sykes deserves the points Haslam should have had - that was a shocking move LH made. Haslam is showing a lack of maturity, accompanied with high levels of frustration - no wonder he never made it to the worlds

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Aug 04

Posts: 12

Haslam The Numpty

Speaking from a marshals point of view who marshals all the bike meetings at Oulton Park, Haslam had no right to attempt to overtake Tommy into Hizzy's from that far back. I was on the inside of the track about 20 yards away from the braking point and it was a desperate attempt at overtaking. His back wheel was off the ground and sideways, and it basically looked like a hard motocross bloke pass gone wrong, as did his attempt at overtaking Karl Harris at Thruxton to be honest. It's about time people started to sit up and take notice that this guy isn't the world beater everyone was billing him up to be. iMarcus summed it up brilliantly. Yes Bayliss, JT and Nori ride hard, but they definately don't cross the line that Stoner and Vermeulen seem to have drawn. It actually reminded me of Rossi punting off Sete. Yeah it happens but Haslam was involved in three big incidents in two races.

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Jun 06

Posts: 390

9999steve says:


LH gives of some funny body language in interviews. I think this often like Casey stoner does,nt show him in his best light and thus people can be quite reactionary. Im not a fan and thus i think it was a stupid move. If you dive inside there thers absolutly no where for anyone to go and that means someone can get hurt. Maybe theres a case for changing the track or maybe as they have done here deducting points more often. Yep Numpty in this case!!!! I wonder what his reaction would be if someone like bomber had done the same to him???

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Nov 07

Posts: 94

matto3227 says:

HM Plant Target

I think Tommy should consider sporting a new paint job at Brands that just features a large Target with his face in the middle. LOL I couldnt agree more with Karlos_the_great. Iv followed the BSB closely for the past 3 seasons and i have too say that Haslam hasnt done anything at all too merit this amount of expectation on his career. At thruxton he was out of order and riding past the limit, first edging Harris onto the grass in a braking zone which is just crazy, then the move on Sykes. Granted, the move on Sykes wasnt clearly all Haslams fault, but once again he closes the door and edges people out too the point that they really do have nowhere too go. They cant just disappear. And as the old saying goes... it takes 2 to tango and its always Leon who seems to be involved in these incidents. Then, again on monday he makes a dangerous move pushing far too hard and has Tommy off into the weeds again. You can understand that he is under pressure, being at a new team where he is expected too take the title and having a team mate who has showed him the way so far. But its better to end up finishing 4th or 5th and still take the points for it rather than get no points. Its clear that Leon isnt going to win every race so consistancey is the name of the game. If he hadnt got past Tommy there he could hung back and got him elsewhere on the circuit. And with the way the race was going he probably would have wound up 2nd. Leon needs to claim it down it will come. I cant see it being this season as Shakey is looking awesome and Cal is looking handy too so its gonna be tough too win but he certainly aint gonna win it by making banzai moves and getting docked points...

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Mar 06

Posts: 33

cw46 says:

Non fault (Racing incident)

I also agree with Scott22neale, Leon Haslam is a racer, and you dont win races by pussy footing round the track. Dont get me wrong, it was unlucky that sykes came off because of it, and i feel sorry for him but Leon and all of the riders are paid to try and win so if it means daring moves then so be it. Perhaps waiting until the next lap would have worked but you cant think that before overtaking people. Its just like what people are saying about Toseland in gp's, i think a bit of fairing bashing adds to the excitment of the sport. Lets hope brands, brings some exciting racing, along with no accidents. I will be there to watch it.

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Apr 05

Posts: 74

velopete says:

haslam docked

Not before time, Can't say I have ever rated Haslam but the way he has been riding this year smacks of desperation, to try to blame Sykes for making a mistake is just a joke when it was a stupid move that he had no chance of getting away with. Three incidents in two races says it all. He deserved to have the points docked.

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Nov 07

Posts: 78

Oafski says:

Points Docked

Have to say I feel a bit sorry for Leon Haslam, He seems to be constantly overshadowed by his team mates but because of who he is expectations of him are high and while he has proved to be a race winner I fear he will end up another " nearly " man. That said yes its right he is docked the points. You only have to look at Speedway, If you take another rider out you get excluded

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Oct 06

Posts: 33

dickbar says:

just calm down Leon

It's a marathon not a sprint... he's looked like a headless chicken in every race so far; pushing Harris wide at Thruxton with a move that was never on was just the start of it and no matter what anyone says, he chopped Sykes' nose off a few laps later when he should have given him a little more room... bikes don't just disappear when you can't see them anymore. The move on Sykes at Oulton was ridiculous, yes he was quicker than Sykes and being held up but it didn't take a genius to see how strong Sykes was on the brakes and it wasn't going to ever happen unless he was alongside to begin with, not 2 bike lengths back. All this rubbish about 'racing incident' is utter tosh; this has nothing to do with fairing bashing at all, it was a Gaza in the FA cup final moment. Sykes has had a pony start to the season, as has Karl Harris on the back of one thing only, Haslam being a prat; docking him points is as just as it gets. I like the guy and was gutted for him when Shakey binned it in 06 and took his title away in the harshest manner but the way to win it this season is not do or die moves in the first two rounds. If it takes race direction to show him this, so much the better. Learn and move on.

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bandit fighter


Nov 07

Posts: 164


sorry guys but i'm gonna disagree with you,leon is without doubt a talented rider,i think he is under pressure to deliver this year,esp as cal has come and done a fantastic job on the other h.m plant bike but here's a different view of the incident! leon had already got passed sykesey on the previous lap,but ran it to wide to make it stick!-so tom sykes surely knew he was right on his back wheel,and when he failed to cover his line,leon jammed it up the inside and tom tipped it into him,this was i.m.o opinion purely a racing incident and doesn't deem a points deduction this should open up a nice can of worms......

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Oct 05

Posts: 11

XRWoody says:

Leon - Oulton Park

I am with Bandit Fighter and CW46 on this. When I first saw the incident (live on TV) I thought it was an unfortunate racing incident, came out poorly on Tom but there you go, they are racing motorbikes, not ballet dancing. I really feel sorry for Tom in the result, but it has to be said that Tom knew Leon was fighting for the lead, Leon had previously passed, at least once. Tom came in onto Leon, may be Leon could have been a little smarter but we are watching it in slow motion over and over again on the TV, Leon has to make a split second descision at 150 mph. OK, it didnt work out, a bit like Tom's incident at Thruxton in which Karl Harris was the definate innocent party. I want to see these guys trying, Leon was definately trying and that is exciting, both before and at the point of accident. I would agree that Leon may have needed a little chat from the Clerk of the course, but taking points away is unjust in my view. A poor descision which does not encourage racing from other competitors, or Leon, in future. We need to encourage our racers to try and win, this penalty does our sport no favours at all.

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