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Nov 04

Posts: 3836

750FLYER says:


Was off to see the family in Hereford on sunday, took the scenic route (of course). Was in Buckinghamshire doing 50-60 on an A-road when a woman pulled out of a turning on my left straight into my path.

My instinct was to try and get round the front of her car if possible and hope she stopped soon.. she stopped at the last minute.. a couple of feet from my left hand side. By then tho, i'd already grabbed a handful of brakes cos as far as i was concerned i was just about to eat some bonnet..and the bike was right up just on the front wheel.. It was beyond saving and i went over the front and down the road, bike summersaulting behind me for quite a distance.

Now, I must be the luckiest f*cker in the world cos i avoided hitting anything solid and stopped a few metres short of an oncoming car which had braked! I'm sore as hell but alive and in one piece!

I'm TPFT insurance and my company don't wanna help me out so i gotta do this whole process myself.. I have 2 independant witnesses to say it's her fault but i missed her car so she has no damage to report.. should i go for a no-win-no-fee lawyer? should i approach her ins. company myself? I got a lot of questions, has anyone been thru this and can offer me some advice? My bike, helmet, leathers, boots and bag are all trashed. I just dont want her ins. company to be able to wriggle out of anything.

Thanx a lot. 750

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  • Posted 7 years ago (14 May 2008 21:35)

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Oct 07

Posts: 2549

antrs250 says:


hope you sort it all out ....


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Jun 04

Posts: 2876

KWAK6ftRider says:

sorry to hear of your off

Glad you are ok though.

TBH, as long as she has insurance, you should have no problem in claiming everything you need off of them. I wouldn't see the need for anything more, unless there is problems claiming.

If you are a member of the BMF there is s free biker legal line that you can call to get help and advice.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3836

750FLYER says:

Thanx all

Kwak, yeah.. i'm all for letting my ins. co sort it all out but they're not keen to get the ball rolling.. Once i get it rolling theyb should jump in but my big BIG concern at the mo is that if she does not get done for careless driving (or something similair).. then does that leave the whole thing open so her ins company can wriggle out??

I got my witnesses i guess so i'll use them in a private case if it ends up that way.. What a load of crap to have to worry about at a time when i'd rather not.

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Aug 02

Posts: 5980

tazzer says:


Glad your in one piece, sounds like you used up one of your 9 lives :smile

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No 1 big T


Apr 08

Posts: 67

No 1 big T says:

Change of heart

Get In Quick and try and get the rozzers to come and see you and take statements It’s amazing what happens once people get back home talk to loved ones and take advice.

He came out of nowhere he must have been flying

He saw me but was going too fast and could not stop

He was indicating left I think he must have left his flasher on

& To beat that the police could put speed was a factor on their report. Don’t sit back, speak to the officer in charge arrange a meeting with him; get all the details and a copy of the accident report. Get all the costs together and inform her insurers straight away. It Will pay in the long run, if nobody is hurt the police may just call it an accident and not prosecute but you need to make sure she at least gets a caution and this is documented on the claim.

A car coming towards my daughter down a bus lane came through the red light and wrote her car off, police not interested, he did not inform his insurers and 12 months down the line I am still fighting for my money.

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Sep 07

Posts: 175

Bikelegal says:


Hi mate i work for a firm of solicitors that deal with bike claims every day. We are a specialist firm set up 20 years ago by a biker for bikers.

Your best bet is to give me a bell and we can go over what happened its a no obligation chat so you know what the score is.


Richard Neve
01704 546919
check us out at 

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Feb 08

Posts: 1539

FERGY.1 says:

Glad your in one piece

You could check out house insurance, sometimes will cover a legal cost as a one off not connected with your house of course. If you appoint a solicitor ask them to make a call to the insurance to check. TPFT may have something in the small print too that may cover the court fees or even the solicitor fees giving you piece of mind to proceed with out fear of ending up skint.


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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

Glad you're in one piece

importantly did the car get moved before the police arrived ?  they should have noted the positions of all vehicle involved,  did she say sorry ? an apology is an admission of guilt,  if she was distraught talking to the cops & she had no damage why was she distraught ?  did she admit anything to the cops ? get to them ASAP & a solicitor if needs be,  time can alter peoples perspective & harden their attitudes.

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Jun 07

Posts: 5241

R100R says:


You will need to pursue your insurance company to pursue hers.  I got my van wiped out by a teenager running a red light years ago in NZ.  I had a witness and he admitted to the police officer it was his fault.  He then went home and told his parents it was my fault.  I left it to my insurance company and they didn't bother pursuing it even though the evidence was damning against him.  They just couldn't be bothered resolving the dispute.  If you only have TPFT, it is imperative you make sure they pursue it.

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Oct 04

Posts: 196

stuartm says:


Sorry to hear you had an off but glad you are ok.

I reiterate what No 1 big T and Vulcrog say time changes everything, trust me I know :upset::upset:.  Document everything (and I mean everything) you can remember about the incident, take pictures of the area.  Most importantly speak to a Solicitor ASAP.

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