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Apr 07

Posts: 997

gizzabreak says:

Pissing sports bikes

I hate em.

No cancel that, I like them but I loathe the tossers they seem to attract.

Every pissing year it's the same.

These cnuts who've spent up till now in a tin box, come out, wreak absolute havoc on the roads, then tip-toe back into the family hatchback again as soon as there's a whiff of a chill in the air.

For me, these pricks are the road going equivalent of jet ski'ers.

Only come out when the suns shining and cause a danger to everyone else.

Piss off back to hang gliding, bungee jumping or whatever the hell else you were doing before you discovered bikes as a good way of massaging your pathetic middle aged ego's.


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  • Posted 7 years ago (13 July 2008 00:47)

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Oct 07

Posts: 1909

Tam01 says:


I am a sports bike rider, only ride in the summer, i don't cause havoc though. Its just the way it is, i don't wanna ride in the cold, wet or snow whats the point! Gizza just chill out, what's the point in getting annoyed by something u can't change, just chill and enjoy ur own riding.:biggrin:

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nev & leanne


Jun 07

Posts: 1945

nev & leanne says:

I don't care

Gizzabreak has his opinion, but,

No way I'm changing my extremely mad & loony K5 Gixer Thou for anything else :lol:

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Apr 03

Posts: 4040

bigredsprint says:


<looks around>


same old shite just a new wannabe troll.

sorry Jizzabreak but you only get a 1 on the Grosvenor scale therefore I will let you work on your technique before verbally tearing you limb from limb.

Oh yes BTW you're a cock.


Poodle tit

:sunglasses: BRS

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Jan 09

Posts: 278

tsgv says:


Gizza Each to their own i say, if people can afford a car and keep the bike for the nice weather then fine.

If you chose to ride all year then thats your choice and hats off to you, i admit i only did my DAS back in September but i wouldnt say i was a dangerous rider causing havoc on the sunny days and then going back to my car during the week! I ride off road all year and only recently purchased my first proper road bike a Speed triple (had an 450 enduro road registered before).

Your a chump mate and its prob you that causes havoc on the roads trying to better every other biker you come across flying past at a tone thinking your cool!

Grow up! :lol:

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Aug 07

Posts: 107

glenn2926 says:

pissing sports bikes

What is a sports bike? Is it one used for sport (ie racing) and if you do not race on it is it a sports bike? oh what the fcuk I dont care just ride what you want when you can eh?:wacko:

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Mar 09

Posts: 1

Pissing Sports Bikes?

I ride my ZX12r UK wide all year round - Even in the recent snow

Attached images:

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May 08

Posts: 466

chris313nt says:

sports bikes

:huh:when I was racing I obviously rode a bike with a fairing & laid down on it as far as possible, cos for racing thats what you need...but now I only ride street fighters & this is because its a more comfortable ride, but I still think sports bikes have the best look...its just when I get to where I'm going I don't want to get off looking like a hunchback cos I'm cramped in one position!!:wink:

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Aug 05

Posts: 1694


ever thought of a sports tourer, get the weather protection of a fairing, but with a comfortable riding position. Sprint ST per chance.

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Mar 09

Posts: 16

Armychris810 says:

Wheres the love?!

Why cant we all get along. Hold hands and go skipping together. Long walks in the park etc.....!

I love you guys! All you  fellow bikers. Mad, looney, wankers!

Lets gang up on the car drivers who try to ruin it for us by nearly killing us by forgetting how to drive (A mirror is not there just to check yourself out you vain fucks!)!

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Mar 09

Posts: 122

mikejj says:

Very old pissing sports bike

This thread is amazing, it was started in JULY 2008 and still people respond. dont suppose the author has read any replys in ages but still they keep coming.

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