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andy 70


Mar 08

Posts: 88

andy 70 says:

bikers not wearing protective clothing

what is it with bikers who dont wear protective clothing?  surely it makes sense to have it-i see too many wearing trainers and jeans and a shirt. some bikers really need to get a grip and get some protective gear-what do you all reckon??


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  • Posted 7 years ago (31 July 2008 17:04)

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Jan 05

Posts: 3428

MADMARK99 says:

I say yeah to freedom of choice too

you should have the right to wear feck all on a bike if ya want ...................................................

I also believe that the ambulance crews and doctors and nurses should have the freedom of choice too.
To choose NOT to have to treat and care for people who decide not to wear sensible gear when riding their bikes.
Fairs fair eh?
Why the f*ck should they put themselves out for twats that think they are invicible.

Just my opinion, i would rather have a shower after a hot sweaty ride wearing gear that could save me a load of pain and grief than spend weeks suffering from skin ripped off and infection, but hey, thats just me.:hmmm:

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Nov 07

Posts: 129

protective gear

I live 3 miles away from work and in a 30zone, only wear jeans, trainers and armour fabric jacket and gloves, dont think its fast enough to do that much damage...

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Oct 07

Posts: 1909

Tam01 says:

Protective Gear

I agree i see people wearing t.shirt, shorts, trainers ect......... and think stupid idiot, i personally dont eva go out on my bike without my full kit on, after coming off i appreciate how much it saved my body from what could have been. At the end of the day we all know the risks by getting on a bike and it they choose to wear not much then hey it's there skin and bones not mine, as long as i know i'm reasonablly safe then to be honest i don't give a shit. We all have a choice in life!

I remember seeing my mate fall off his bike, he was only going 30mph, but all he had on was a t.shirt, hit a pot hole and it threw him off, he went sliding down the road on his back, they had to roll the skin back down, well what skin he had left on his back anyway, it was horrible. I like my skin and bones just the way they are. 

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Jun 04

Posts: 2876

KWAK6ftRider says:

not about protection

No one is argueing that wearing kit isn't safer than not, merely that it is up to each person to make the risk assesment and decide for themselves how much protection they require on any given trip. Hell, just riding the bike is dangerous, to all you nay sayers maybe you should be really safe and not ride? no? I didn't think so.

Ok lets use an analogy. How many of you have used a hammer? most of us, right? did you wear safety googles? why not? all modern hammers come with stickers warning of the dangers of not wearing them. Hundreds of accidents a year happen because shards of something struck get into someones eyes? Should we call everyone who doesn't wear them a moron? should we refuse those who don't medical treatment, after all they were stupid right?

The above seams silly, but I could go on all day listing dangerous everyday activities that we all do, and by all rights don't use all the safety equipment available. Some more dangerous than Others. We have made a risk assesment and decided the level of risk we are happy with. Chopping veg, do any of you wear a mail glove? So, why on god's earth do we, as bikers, insist on picking on each other, just because for whatever reason they decide the kit they are wearing is acceptable and you don't? Who makes you right? and I am not talking about when an accident happens they are going to get hurt, just that the risk they are taking is acceptable or not.

How many of you who are insisting that kit is a must have takenany form of advanced training? Have all of you never made a risky manouvre in your history of riding? surely these sorts of things as a preventative messure is far more important than have kit that will save you after you have fucked up. Ok not all accidents are our fault, but lets face it accident statistics show a lot of bike accidents are single vehicle accidents.

Oh and a final point, to those who keep harping on about those who have to clear up the mess afterwards, they chose to do that job, if they hate it that much, they are in the wrong career. No one takes a job and then argues to change it so they only do the bits we like, ok we all try, but come on, get realistic.

Accidents happen simple as, and it is not as if the kit you are insisting we wear will save us in 100% of occasions, or even 50% of high speed occasions.

Just for the record, I choose to ride in kit.

ride safe MJ

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Apr 06

Posts: 2673

parapanfan says:

I'm with 6ftKwak

Most emergency workers seem to revel in the gore - the more blood and guts, the better the war stories afterwards.

I remember this one job .......................

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Aug 06

Posts: 4522

dave_c says:

I think

this thread needs to be directed in this direction. Not that I would condone these antics; I don't do wheelies :lol:

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Jun 03

Posts: 2062


That's all I have to say on the matter!



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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

Skin can grow back ---

muscle & bone can't,  simple as.  you makes yer choice you takes yer chances.

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May 04

Posts: 680

jbennison says:

Another YAWN

I, like quite a few others on here, learnt to ride when armour wasn't even an option in biking gear never mind standard.....You were considered normal to ride in jeans. No carbon inserts in gloves, back protectors etc.

I agree it's nice to feel protected but it's also nice to get out and feel even more free than you would with all the modern gear on.

I ride both with gear on and sometimes not. It's my choice and I make it. No one else. If I have an accident then so be it. In the same way a pedestrian gets hit by a car in normal clothes would be hurt.

Hell I can hit almost 30mph on my bicycle with no more than shorts on and no one would bat an eyelid so by all means wear all your gear all the time and if that means getting hot and sweaty then good for you.

But FFS whilst we all still have a choice in the matter then let us do exactly that instead of trying to get us to "suit up" everytime we swing our leg over because the way the world is going it won't be long before there will be safety guidelines on leaving your house!!!

Rant over now lets get on with life and enjoy it.

Oh and take care :biggrin:


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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

Jeans ---

big boots sea boot socks & an old flying jacket ! them were the days ! :smile

Oh & a helmet sometimes ! :wink:

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