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Oct 06

Posts: 256

SarahC says:

Thames Valley Police pull at heart strings in attempt to cut accident rates

Riders in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire are being urged to think about their own safety for the sake of their families when they’re out riding. There have been 715 bikers killed  or seriously injured in the last three years across the three counties, and now Thames Valley Police are urging bikers to think not just about their own safety but of...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (08 August 2008 17:50)

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May 07

Posts: 852

WOW.....emotional blackmail - LOL

If they aren't gonna hide in trees and disguised as horses boxes I'm up for a bit of emotional, tear jerking, full-on guilt-ridden pain and anguish!!!!! I still say they should show pictures of mobile phone using car/truck/van drivers with a line of text that says "to be this ignorant your c*ck must be teensy". :)

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Jun 07

Posts: 48

jonmgoo says:

Targeting the wrong people

I still maintain that more bikers are killed or injured due to other road users, Cars,Vans,Buses etc. Mabe Mr Plod should be aiming the posters at them??

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Nov 07

Posts: 40

keithrob says:

heart strings,

NO,MORE LIKE A LEG PULL,my message to these officers is GET STUFFED, what about a message to car drivers who cause most of these accidents,oh no that wont do will it,as a biker ,DO I EAT WHILE RIDING,DO I SMOKE WHILE RIDING,DO I USE THE MOBILE WHILE RIDING,DO I READ A MAP/NEWSPAPER WHILE RIDING,DO I MESS ABOUT WITH THE RADIO WHILE RIDING,no,no,no,no,so get your bloody prioritys right,i am fed up of riding safely,only for some moron to nearly take me out

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Mar 06

Posts: 73

colinS2R says:

heart strings

toddlers and helmets don't mix

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Aug 08

Posts: 1

turbetto says:


As in Italy, i see that we die because we want it!! Not for the other cars, or the road manteined in poor state. Sad to see this.

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May 06

Posts: 28

Nostrils says:

That poster could have said "Mummy, why did daddy run over the motorbike....because he was on the phone dear!"

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Nov 05

Posts: 41

cascadeair says:

Dishonest cops!

I would demand that the police produce evidence that all these deaths were caused by the motorcyclist, but they would lie and say they didn't have those statistics available for the public. Either they are stupid, and assume we riders are, or they are evil using statistics to their own purpose of getting rid of motorcyclists, or they are ignorant. Safety programs and campaigns are meant to improve conditions. Lets see the evidence you used to justify this lurid campaign, copper! I will bet my pay for a month that it isn't the biker, but rather the inattentive car driver. I still spend my time looking for drivers on the mobile who are trying to kill me. And what is their punishment if they do? Perhaps a £50 fine and a slap on the wrist. Lets have an enforcement campaign against the violator on the mobile, eh?

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Oct 06

Posts: 51

bobphillips says:

mcn should answer

has mcn asked the police how many of these "accidents" were actually the cause of the motorist..or are you just reporting what they are told..and accepting these bikers were all at fault?

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Feb 04

Posts: 5

jaffatanski says:

Not surprised

After what Brunstrom has done the police are allowed to put unjustified facts up without them being proven, How many of the 715 were actually the riders fault ? i actually think about my own safety as falling off does hurt, i just hope other road users think of my safety too, Also i wouldn't like to try and concentrate riding my bike without the feelings of guilt as i'm doing something i actually enjoy, oops sense another stealth tax coming hear,

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Aug 06

Posts: 322

davidh36 says:


..let us put you in the picture, we do not need more campiagns and schemes to make biking safe, what we need is you lot to do your jobs, ie vehicle patrols, foot patrols and community policing. Most bike accidents happen because the car or other vehicle or as i found out lately animals in the road are where they should'nt be or drivers are on phones when they should'nt be. How many Police officers out there can honestly say that they have attended an RTA involving a motorcycle and other vehicle and the excuse has been "sorry officer i just did'nt see him/her" well thats not good enough, if bikers ran over little children and used that excuse we would be behind bars. The Police need to stop waiting for crimes/traffic accidents to happen, instead how about being pro-active and actually trying to stop them happening by being out there on the streets and Policing like its meant to be done. Running short campaings achieves nothing "it commonly called lip service" I recently ahd an accident doing 40mph in a 60mph zone, the conditions were such that it would not have been safe to go any faster, unfortunatley as i came over the top of a blind hill and slowed to around 30mph a cow was standing in the middle of the road, i missed the cow but still fell off. Now my question is what the fuck was a cow doing in the middle of a busy road, if i knwe who the farmer was i would kick him in the balls.

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