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Jan 08

Posts: 33

MAD~DOG says:

DVLA are at it again

A nice ride in to work this morning was spoiled by an advert on the back of the bus...

a large picure of a motorcycle(BMW) & rider, with the words "1% of traffic...31% casualties....riders need more training"

The DVLA advert forgot to mention that 50% of bike accidents are caused by car drivers! what about more training for them...

This crap just makes me MAD:mad:...........not only do we as tax payers foot the bill for this shite but it gives car drivers even more of an excuse 'not to see you' and feel justified about it.

How do these autocratic automatons at the DVLA get away with it, does nobody have the power to stop this! after all this is not the first time they have got their facts wrong:shock: remember the untaxed motorcycle fiasco.


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  • Posted 7 years ago (05 September 2008 08:23)

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Jun 08

Posts: 2173

staffsknot says:

Would this be

the same DVLA that said I never passed my bike  or HGV / LGV / tracked vehicle test because I changed address - a requirement by law to inform them - and as such made me redo bike test in full before asking me why I had taken my test again? They had a record of my 125 pass just no associated date.

If it is the same one they could screw up a wet dream mate so I put nothing past them!

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ghengis khan


Aug 03

Posts: 28

ghengis khan says:

sod em

sod the lot of em DVLA, all of em...... whats the point of it all? whole damn country is going to hell in a hand basket :upset: ride your bike whatever. you got a licence or not got one because them eejits in Swansea cant get their shit together so what?

damn this weather, it carries on raining I'm gonna ride my bike off Beachy head. :ph43r:

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Apr 08

Posts: 1068

geoffart says:

who can take action?

Maybe if all bikers joined a group/union so they were represented by a body, or an organisation.  Somehow it could make it more difficult to say things like that without supporting evidence, for fear of legal action.

  Of course, if it were true that bikers killed were so, due to insufficient training, then I say the ads fine, but if it’s not, who can take action?

I believe a learner should start out shaky, taking things easy and slowly, over the months and years, they get more confident and feel at one with the bike! You can’t condense that down into a few days training, and if you tried, it would be very expensive!

BMF and the like could call for an official probe into why bike accidents occur, followed by a discussion into whether the solution really is off-road training for motorcyclists or not.


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Apr 08

Posts: 1047


would the advert been more acceptable if it wasn't a BMW....:winkie:

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Jan 05

Posts: 3428

MADMARK99 says:

90% of statistics are wrong

unfortunately, when they plaster them all over the back of a bus or on bill boards, 99% of people bloody believe them. :mad:

There should be a fukin law against statistics!

And i thought it was 60% of accidents were caused by other vehicles against bikes, so it goes to show how bad so called STATISTICS are. :mad:

use this meter when ever bloody STATS are mentioned!

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peter rabbit


Nov 02

Posts: 2466

peter rabbit says:


Well imho - many motorists couldn't see the damned bus so maybe DVLA recon'd no one would see the ad..

Sorry to be cynical but:

 Think once ..think twice.. oh fuck it I'm off.....

Treat em all like twats I say.

However, round this part of Wales some 4 or 5 of  us have ceased to exist for various reasons this year. Some due to  "didnt see ya" syndrome, some due to "Yeeehaah, go for it!" syndrome and some because shit happens. Whichever way its 4 or 5 brothers too many.

No amount of training - for bikers or car drivers - will bring them back.



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Nov 07

Posts: 2432

smidget says:

Normally I would

agree that DVLA were wrong in placing this advert but after having to stop a young learner on his scooter the other day.

My reason for doing this was he was all over the road riding one handed, and when I stopped him in his other hand was an ipod.

Need I say more.

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Nov 05

Posts: 2455

dougie399 says:

Yes Smidget

you do - had he not heard of the i phone??? :biggrin:

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Nov 05

Posts: 1464

evlcatnw says:

sod 'em all lol

i get sick of seeing ads like that - im on placement on a stroke ward... 90% have never smoked or drank and they cringe when i tell them i love bikes coz they're dangerous... I got told a long time ago that you have to hope that you're still going to be here in a year but live each day like its your last...

I've had 3 mates die in 4 months - cancer, long term illness and one with a blood clot who was 11wks preg... ages 30 (just), 36 and 36... like i say to my patients - u never know when your time is up so you got to cram it all in and do what you love... dvla are arses lol

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Jun 07

Posts: 78

adam.jo2 says:

with you all the way

Turned my life around 4 years ago.  Life was going by and I was treading water.  Now I am onto my second wife and second bike too.  Spend every penny I earn and do something every day that makes me smile.  Don't let these idiots get you down and don't waste time dwelling on their bollox, get on with life, live it, be good if not then be very bad, :lol:

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