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Anon  says:

Shock - motorcyclist thinks new test is good thing!

As a keen motorcyclist for many years I cannot understand why so many people are up in arms about the new test. Surely a test that is designed to be more challenging and ensure learners have sufficient control of the bike before being let out alone on the roads can only be good for everyone. Perhaps it will weed out...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (05 September 2008 15:34)

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Who are you?

always wary of anon's with no profile...

Are you Brunstrom in disguise?

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 226

Fly by night says:

Shock - motorcyclist thinks new test is good thing

How will this type of test be of any use if the rider has to first drive their bike for two hours to get to the testing point, if they can make it to the testing point in one piece then they must be competent enough to be on the road else they wouldn't make there. Seems a pointless waste of time and yet again more disrimination against new motorcycle riders. We should be encouraging new motorcycle riders to be responsible not not attacking them.

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Sep 06

Posts: 42

aenikata says:

Ill considered

There is a concern that the test will be all but impossible to pass on a 125cc bike, so a learner who's been riding for a while will have the disadvantage of having to ride a less familiar bike and only being able to practice properly in paid lessons. More importantly learners will have to practice these manouvers somewhere, and instructors will have to make arrangements for somewhere large off-road to do that, increasing the cost. The wait for a test will be a lot longer due to both the limited number of centres and that half the test has to be done in a particular place, limiting the number of examiners who can operate in a centre. Most importantly, I know I've had to do a brake and swerve, but I know I've also dropped the bike before braking and swerving together when still a learner - there will be accidents during practicing, as someone brakes when leant over. Will there be insurance to cover those incidents, who will foot that bill, and who will get sued over those injuries?

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Aug 07

Posts: 55

smartroad says:

Not all are true enthusiasts

While I was learning I done a full day of riding (approx 6 hours) and that was a long slog for someone so new to bikes. If I had an hour or longer trip to the test centre I would have been a nervous wreck, not to mention tired. Possibly a dangerous combination? Now I have more experience under my belt (by doing short journeys around town), I am much more willing to go out for an hour or two's blast, but it took me around 6 months to be at that point. You also forget that many people who are taking the test aren't doing it to be "true bikers" but as an alternative form of transportation to get them to and from work, or teenagers looking for a bit of freedom before they can get their car. I work at a college and most of the lads seem to drop the use of a bike as soon as they have a drivers license. Also you have to ask yourself, why is it only bikers who are getting this "extra training"? Why aren't car drivers being made to do a similar test? If they were, there would be more test centres and they certainly wouldn't have fallen behind schedule as the Government make too much money out of car drivers!

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Aug 02

Posts: 125

shazhome says:

Anon or Anus??

The new test will not reduce the amount of motorcycle injuries or deaths. Its experience and common sense that counts. Clowns like ANON just fuel the Idiots in downing Street to do these stupid things, I agree with shuggie1 put your money where your mouth is. Lets see who you are I bet you are a transport minister or MP who drives a Volvo estate and has a Labrador called Enfield..........

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May 04

Posts: 23

madproffesor says:

Bike tests

As an instructor who has gone right throught the training regimes from Part one examiner to a DAS C card holder the new test in itself is not the issue. This does tick all the control and rider skill issues, although if this is what they were interested in they would never have abandoned the off road part of the part one test. It is the fact that there is not enough provision of test centres. In europe land does not have the same value as in the UK, especially in the South East of England. Every other large town in France will have a test centre, here the UK government has no chance of purchasing the land and setting up enough venues. Schools in France do not seek a large area that will acomodate the new test arena but instead use a dead end road, lay out the cones and train riders there. Are we also going to adopt the policy that insructors should accompany the learners in a car for safety. As now in France schools are forced to do apparently. Yes cars need to adopt proffesional only tuition as exists in the bike world. Look at the pass [failure] rates for cars, 66% fail, Bikes 66% pass. This is the headline that we should be pushing to the government.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Mad Prof

Like the stat, never seen that one before.

Maybe it's because most car drivers think they should learn to drive, whereas most bike riders want to, and probably a lot already have a car and thereofre some road logic? Bet average age of car tests is lower than for bikes, but when do the govmt care about truth or facts???

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Sep 08

Posts: 3

westbeach says:

bike test

well hi there i'm new here, but anyway i want to do my bike test i have already done the theory test and passed first time, but i had bikes b4 i got a car so i have alot road sense, but only had RS125, but looking to do the test in february then going to get an R6, well the new test is pain but if it makes me and others who want to do the test better riders then so be it

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Aug 08

Posts: 12

Shakeyjake says:

It Depends on The Biker

I've been riding now for about 6 weeks, with no previous experience at all, and as I'm nearly 40 I've really surprised myself that I can actually do it. I did my CBT and then went out and bought a 125 and have been riding around ever since. I have my test booked for the beginning of October and I'm really looking forward to it. It will take an hour to get there on the A roads and as long as it's not snowing (great summer again this year!) I should be fine. The question for me is that are new riders who find an hours journey difficult actually ready for the test? It would be better if the test centre was 2 miles away like the old one, but in reality it won't stop me at all. I just hope I pass and get rid of the giant red L's.

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Sep 08

Posts: 2

learnercg125 says:

New Motorbike Test

Hello - I got my bike at the end of May this year - I adore it. I went to Squire's Cafe Bar when I first got it, and was as proud as any other owner there!! (Sad I know) My timing is perfect as usual - I'm now going to have to travel to another county in order to take my test, and I'm having to wait until October to do it. (Hope I don't drop it on the off-road bits!) It isn't the content of the test which is bothering me, it is the fact I've got to try to get to South Yorkshire without using a motorway!

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