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Sean-Paul Bradley  says:

Beware of scammers

I received this scam email in offer for my bike advertised on MCN... This is Jason, I saw your bike advert placed on net and i will like to make the purchase from you, please if it is still available kindly tell me because i am interested in the purchase for my Son, it will be a gift for is...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (07 October 2008 16:09)

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Sep 07

Posts: 1100

iancol says:


I hope you've copied it to your local Trading Standards Dept.  They should be interested in such stuff.

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Mar 09

Posts: 3

Doodah says:


"Kelvin" has been a very busy boy.... had exactly the same e-mail... I requested a meeting so that he could become acquainted with my size 10 boot planted firmly in his ass

Surprise.... surprise i havn't heard a thing since

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Jul 09

Posts: 1

spikey47 says:

Thank you matee Sean-Paul Bradley

and for the rest of you guys who have riten about this scam thank you , i only just had the email on 04/07/2009 and it was only my gutt instincts that brought me to finding out about this guy in the afternoon , and i was brought to this page straite away :) glad that i have :biggrin:

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Jun 08

Posts: 56

CarsOrBikes says:



The first line .... would like to make the purchase or similar? Crap english, biggest clue! Never do anything like arrange shipping for buyers - and the term 'shipping' is foreign. The realistic changes of selling anything to someone abroad are so bloody slim you can tell them where to get off and not jeopardise any sale.

Anyone that talks about payment without seeing what you're selling? c'mon, it stinks of farce.

You guys are lucky so far, and yes it should be stopped. But it's like the phishing scams nobody can stop. Its down to us as always, as no bank accepts any liability and then some tosser soon enough if not already will sell insurance for it, that never pays out and we get shafted by that too.  

If you haven't seen the buyer, by the time you're negotiating, then it's usually a wind up or fraud.

Only take cash. If you don't trust it, go to the bank with the buyer and get him/her to hand it over the counter for checking. Cheques and drafts can be reported stolen and stopped, credit cards bounced including through paypal!! months later!! Bank transfer is safer from funds already in place. Difficult to trust anyone isn't it. Cash is the only money that can be checked instantly. And when you pay it in the frigging bank asks where you got it, and if you dare take it out they want to know what for!

We're fooked:unsure:

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Aug 09

Posts: 1

PlasticPal says:

Jason is still at it

Well the good news is that "Jason" is still using the same email and address - at least it's easy to spot. Guess they don't have google where he comes from. interested in the purchase for my Son, it will be a gift for is graduation..

Hmmm - I think not

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Aug 07

Posts: 28

deemax says:

fri 13th jason

got email from jason this morning ,nice bloke good to his son buying him all these bikes:doubt:

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Jun 06

Posts: 59

brynhils says:

Received 11 Sept 09

I got this message today, around an hour after my advert went live:


This is James, I saw you advert placed on net and I will like to make the purchase from you, please if it is still available kindly tell me because I am interested in the purchase for my Son, it will be a gift for is graduation so I hope it is presentable. I will like you to get back to me with the current condition, you last selling price, your phone number where I can contact you and lastly I will like you to know that payment will be through a cheque. Best Regards


Sender was

These scams are as common as muck, a bit like the 'confirm your account' phishing scams. Still, when you live in a 3rd world country have nothing else to do ... So I thought I'd enter into the spirit of things and send a suitable reply - just so they'd have to go running off to the Witch-Doctor (edited for brevity :wink: ) :

"Scammer - God has seen your bad ways and will punish you...You are cursed a thousand times.
The Devil waits to take his payment, for the Lord has foresaken you and Hell is now your only destiny."

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Mar 07

Posts: 272

Ginnelli says:


I got emailed by this guy back in April using the name Kelvin when i put my bike up for sale in MCN. And when i checked the forum there must have been at least another 30 people with the same email. Must be on a long vacation, but its about time MCN sorted it out..

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fast fox


Jan 04

Posts: 204

fast fox says:

For Feck sake MCN...

...why is this not all over the front page? Why have you not emailed people selling thier bikes though MCN with a warning?

Why hasn`t a sting been set up?

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Aug 09

Posts: 45

GreenTea says:

If you have the time to con the conmen

Look at this site for ideas.

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