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Nov 07

Posts: 94

matto3227 says:

Pedrosa's manager slams Hayden

Dani Pedrosa's manager Alberto Puig has launched a scathing attack on the Spaniard's Repsol Honda teammate Nicky Hayden. The relationship between the pair has been strained since Pedrosa collided with Hayden at Estoril in 2006 in an incident that looked set to destroy the American's title hopes until Valentino Rossi's crash in the Valencia finale allowed Hayden to claim the...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (09 October 2008 10:18)

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Jul 08

Posts: 413

stoner27 says:

the puig

alberto should take a look in the mirror and think shit im as miserable as my little pedrobot ..come on these guys carnt be called teammates never really have been now nickys bet dani a few times lately puig he,s got the piss on dani threw it away last time out tough tit thats racing..

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Oct 08

Posts: 21

Stradacaster says:

Alberto Puig rant

Yea, D-D-D-Dani has sure looked good the last three races, and it is a good thing that that dumb old Nicky doesn't know how to set up his bike or he might forget his place is always behind D-D-D-Dani Puigosa.

Puig (a loser himself) is backing a stone loser in D. Pedrosa.  No matter what Pedrosa may ever do on the track, he is still fails miserably as a man AND as a representative of Spanish manhood.  Both of these clowns should keep their mouths off of Nicky and Dovizioso and start worrying about how they are going to explain seldom if ever making the podium next year!

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Aug 07

Posts: 161

bluehazeboy says:

miserable dani

oh dear, dani claims that nicky,s been stealing his set up,no wonder the mighty  honda is a pile of crap, when rossi was haydens team mate he was nearly  as quick on occasions,well done nicky for getting out of there.dani and alberto shood give up trying to win moto gp cos it  aint  gonna happenin your lifetime

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Jul 08

Posts: 45

Karlasaki says:


How could Nicky Hayden have won the 2006 world title without finding his own setup? He couldn't copy Pedrosa's then could he, because Pedrosa was stil finding his own setup! And I don' believe that Pedrosa's setup would work with Hayden's style anyway, so how come Hayden has bettered Pedrosa in the last two races - on Michelins?! Lets just hope Nicky puts Pedrosa and Puig in their place on the Duke in '09!

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:


i dont think Pedrosa'a info would be any use to Nicky anyway as the midget would require a different set-up form a normal person. I hope there is a long drought of wins ahead for the Pedrosa and Piug and looks  like the massive weight advantage Dani has is not enough in moto-gp, unlike in 250 and 125 where it was too much for his rivals to make up for

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May 08

Posts: 466

chris313nt says:


Thats what Puig is talking... he's as stupid as that little boy he looks down to... how the hell can a bike set up from someone who weighs the same as a 5 year old kid be of any use to someone of the size & riding ability of Nicky... while we're on the subject, if the little runt is such a good set up artist & Nicky isn't, then how the hell have Honda put the DEVELOPMENT of their works bikes in the hands of Nicky for the last two years.. I get the feeling kn*bhead Puig has got the arse ache with Nicky cos he's beaten his little boy over the last few races, when he thought he would scorch off into the distance on Bridgestone... Don't you just love, KARMA... This is obviously the reason Dovi was holding out for a Suzuki ride rather than Honda...

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May 06

Posts: 9


What is Alberto his daddy now?  I thought for one that the chassis between the two are different, and overall the bikes are so different that even if Hayden ran Dani-boys setup how could it even work?  What a bunch of crap, Alberto stop making excuses and showing poor sportsmanship.  Hayden won a Moto GP Championship, hmmm as for Dani, nope nothing there.  I give Dani credit for being a decent rider, yet I think he can speak for himself, and does need his "daddy" Alberto to make things worse for him, or degrade other riders.  I think Alberto should be happy he has a job, and work at getting things right in his camp (show some results before opening your mouth and pointing fingers).  If Hayden suposedly stole setup info, how is it that it worked for him and not Pedrosa?  I don't think so.  Stop bringing animosity to the sport and instead support it.  You don't see Jeremy B. talking crap about others or even Herv P.

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Apr 07

Posts: 51

gonzocbr says:


don't even get me started on this article. I was reading it at work and nearly blew a gasket. As u can see I'm a major Nicky Hayden fan, so maybe a little on the biased side, but that aside, who the f*** does this guy think he's talking about.....oh yeah a world class rider who's actually won the top flight class on his own on a development bike that's who.....and also a guy who's a perfect gentleman and even when that little squirt did his best to ruin Nicky's title, never once made a public complaint about him. I'm also a big Honda fan, and even though Nicky's never once gone public about how he feels about them either and the way they've treated their world champion (mind Vale could've told him that), they still let him out to pasture over a little shit who hasn't got a cat in hell's chance of ever winning the championship and doesn't deserve it anyway. He hasn't got the class of charactor to be a champion.

Then there's squirts new little team mate slagging down Toseland for his moves at Motegi....I think they've found a perfect team mate for him don't u......they're both whinging whining little shit's...........

Well done to Nicky for wiping the floor with Dani for the last three races..even if I wasn't such a big fan, I'd be so pleased for him to shove it up Pedrosa's and Honda's arse.

Love G XX

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Nov 05

Posts: 279

Pick on some one your own size

I remember the first race Pedrosa  had in Moto GP seeing Nicky dive under him in Doohan style, in the most glorious darky leaving  tail slide. It was a welcome to the big boys swipe. So thier history probably starts way back. Not good idea to put one over little people They ahve big chips some of them. The fact is Nicky has not ever been the man to beat excatly. And being an HRC rider that is not good enough. He won the champion ship with out a string of wins to make it a great one. I really really like Hayden and we have not seen the best of him yet. But he clearly cannot be expected to set up a bike that will any good for Ped, as they are poles apart in size and style. How can they slag him off so much for that. It's down to Honda to have a simila rider to Pedrosa on board. .   As for Whinging Dovi,  how dare Toseland get in the way of "MY" 4th place. Good grief Dovi, go get a life. Valy called that situation right. He had to make a pass stick and get clear , or Toslenad was coming back through.Puig is bound to be sticking up for his man. Pedrosa has the speed the bike, but has not produced the goods. So he is his back foot and on the defence. Can't be bothered to talk about him any more. you all are summing his outfit  pretty nicely


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Apr 06

Posts: 383

SPIKER40 says:

Go Nicky

Lets not forget that Nicky has been moto gp world champion, and a great ambassetor for the sport......Pedrobot however, does little for the sport, except man a lot (seems like he's trying to copy Max Biaggi...and look where that got him!)

Pedrobot, is a miserable little sh**, lighten up.....riding a MOTO gp bike for a living is a pretty good job....enjoy it while u can

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