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Sep 02

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wild_stuart says:

Rhinotire - puncture-less tyres

Rhinotire (American spelling) - is a gel compound sprayed inside the tyre to aid punctures and flats. Check out their video at: A blade is subjected to a road of nails, and then they even stick a series of screws in with a cordless drill. Awesome!

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  • Posted 6 years ago (27 October 2008 10:03)

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Sep 06

Posts: 42

aenikata says:


So what's supposed to be new about this? Ultraseal has been around for ages in this country and elsewhere, and aims to do a similar thing. What I would like to know, though, is how effective people have found these compounds?

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Sep 02

Posts: 437

wild_stuart says:

I'm guessing there's nothing new here then...

...but I'd never heard of Ultraseal let alone Rhinotire.

Like aenikata, I'd like to see MCN do a few "tests" on tyre performances and see where performance would become an issue etc. Be great to have a track day shoot-out and compare tyres with and without the sealants in,... AND after they've been driven over a few nails.

Also be good to see the differences between normal road tyres, track/road tyres and even track only slicks and have an impression on how they differ in grip and feel.

I'm tempted to do it to my tyres BT014s, since they're new after a recent puncture. I do a few trackdays and road commuting, and would love to know if any kind of compound like this is worth while?

I.e. are the tyres still safe enough for track use after rolling over a nail?

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Starman ZZR600


Apr 07

Posts: 24

Sealant Safety?

Ok yeah nothing new here, as mentioned regarding ultraseal, also opinions vary on the use of this stuff.

My ZZR came with a pair of part worn Diablo's both had ultraseal in them, i'm not sure if tyre dealers or manufacturers reccommend these products, as logically the gel may not coat the inner tyre wall evenly, upon having Storm ST's fitted i was advised against this practice by the two biker mechanics who fitted them.

Personally i just keep an eagle eye on that vital bit of rubber, but on long hauls carry a car type foam as a last resort in case of emergency unless from a pocket size repair kit?, knowing that a new tyre will probably need to be fitted.  A performance shoot out would be interesting, as a means of some kind of comparison.

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Mar 05

Posts: 2

graememedley says:

Ultraseal works, at least I think it does!

I put Ultraseal in my tyres before a holiday in France. I had no problems at all. The rear tyre finally squared off after 8000 miles. I didn't bother putting Ultraseal in the new tyre.

I had just finished scrubbing the tyre in (Michelin Pilot Road 2 - not the cheapest of tyres) when I picked up a Lochgilphead.

I tried three cans of Holts tyreweld and they all failed at the can nozzle - tyreweld everywhere except in the tyre. Is there anywhere in the UK further away from a motorcycle repair shop than Lochgilphead??

Neadless to say I put Ultraseal into my replacement new rear tyre at the first opportunity.

As well as sealing any punctures etc, Ultraseal also acts as a dynamic tyre balancer and by helping to dissapate and distribute heat through the tyre wall prolongs tyre life. Is it any wonder tyre manufacturers tend not to endorse this type of product.

Even if it doesn't actually seal a puncture it will at the very least slow down the pressure loss, meaning you retain control over the bike. As a safety aid alone it has to be worth the money.


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Apr 09

Posts: 2

Ninjai says:

Ultraseal is not good at all

Rhinotire is new and better technology.   Looks like it sits fairly solid in the tyre too which is probably a better idea than the Ultraseal that rolls around loose in your tyre. One problem that some people have complained about with the Ultrseal is that at low speeds you can feel it slushing around inside the front tyre.:ph43r:

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Oct 12

Posts: 1

meganbillard says:

This is awesome! I'm so excited to get some of these and be able to stop having so many issues. I feel like I'm at the <a href="">motorcycle repair</a> shop every other week. Maybe I can finally just enjoy my bike!

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