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Steve Farrell  says:

Vigilante biker reports speeders to police

A vigilante motorcyclist has revealed how he rides dead on the speed limit, films bikers who overtake and hands the footage to police. Riding instructor Jeff Smith uses a helmet-mounted camera to film continuously for up to three hours while riding his ex-police Honda Pan European. The 62-year-old from Southampton said: “I record all the idiots that, while I’m doing...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (29 October 2008 10:18)

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Aug 05

Posts: 1

prassart says:

Vigilante biker reports speeders to police

Mr Smith, if you really want to catch lawbreakers you should have joined the police,or did you try and cannot handle the fact you were rejected.I think you are an insecure idiot,and hope you get nicked by one of MY mates next time you break the law. G Askham

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Aug 02

Posts: 443

snave says:


he's a well-ignored nut job round here. BTW, impersonating a police officer is a criminal offence, Mr Smith.

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Apr 06

Posts: 2673

parapanfan says:

What a wonderful advert for his 'training school'.

He really is an idiot of the first order.

Is he trying to seriously say he always obeyed traffic laws when he was a courier?

As an overweight, middle aged Pan European rider myself I hope I don't get tarred with the same brush as this knobhead.

And as his 'evidence' is purely subjective not even Brunstrom would pursue a prosecution based on it.

Still, he's kindly given us his contact details...........

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Feb 08

Posts: 55

rgvyan says:

Get a hobby

I'm betting there's a bin full of DVDs down the local Police station. Unless of course his Pan has been properly calibrated the videos prove nothing other than he's wasting Police time, and his own. I bet he's one of those loonies who stands around in hi-viz jackets pointing hairdryers at cars too. Jesus, get a hobby.

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david coupland


Jul 08

Posts: 6

Are you for real?

Anyone having lessons with this bloke wants to cancel them, he might teach you to pass your test and then be the reason you have to re-take it after being reported to the police.

His own worst enemy I think? Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct 08

Posts: 1

treeman01kev says:

idiot vigilante

This chap smith is a BILLY NO MATES ,he always rides by his self .When he goes to the bike cafes he prays on people that don't know what he's up to. What he is doing is checking over their bikes to report them to the police if anything is wrong. He rides alot around the A272 and the A31. So watch out dudes road capitan is out to get you.  

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May 07

Posts: 852

As bad as the Police are at Public Relations...

:lol: I'm sure it would help them come across much better after this ANAL PASSAGE Smith has sent his collection of light entertainment over ot them!!!!

Surely even the Police think there are better ways to tackle speeding and bad driving than this idiot!!!! :mad:

Does anyone know an e-mail address or anything or where he rides? We could bombard him with spam and follow the nut job around everywhere filming him.

I really hate this type of 'Do-Gooder' who thinks they are above everything and don't realise they have serious mental issues that won't be solved by video footage alone. He's a dick and who says he hasn't got his bike running a dodgy speedo just to entrap people further? :shock:

One very positive thing to come from this the fact he's 62 years old and will inevitably die soon leaving behind a legacy of blank DVD's and unseen footage of some riders even doing crazy stunts like eating road side burgers or smoking cigarrettes!!!!!!!

The shame of it all.:biggrin::biggrin:

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Feb 03

Posts: 17

boneyfide says:

vigilante biker reports speeding biker to police

:lol: what a complete balloon this guy is. not withstanding the damage he is doing to his own business by being such a knobhead its great to see he will make himself the target for every motorist who gets done. Would like to see the police actually do anyone with the footage .He probably only started motorcycle training so he could ride around on a white bike pretending to be a copper.All motorcyclists and dealers in the area should reccomend any training school other than this guys.

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Apr 07

Posts: 157

AFKAN says:


So I take it his Ex Police Pan has it's speedo regularly calibrated? No I thought not... Yet again we see another dimwit who's succumbed to a load of government twaddle that speed causes every accident imaginable... Oh and I do hope he rides that bike in something a little more sensible than that clobber...

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Jul 04

Posts: 14

Chromatic says:

An anorak with nothing better to do!

What a misguided, narrow minded kn*bhead. I hope this sad police wannabe gets his course boycotted by local newbe bikers, now that would be real justice in action.

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