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Steve Farrell  says:

Vigilante biker reports speeders to police

A vigilante motorcyclist has revealed how he rides dead on the speed limit, films bikers who overtake and hands the footage to police. Riding instructor Jeff Smith uses a helmet-mounted camera to film continuously for up to three hours while riding his ex-police Honda Pan European. The 62-year-old from Southampton said: “I record all the idiots that, while I’m doing...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (29 October 2008 10:18)

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Sep 07

Posts: 1100

iancol says:

Death Wish?

I don't know what the man expected, but what he did get was all too predictable.  In any case, it wasn't him who published the story. 

Come on MCN, why did you just refer to the bikers he filmed and not all law-breakers he must have clocked?  Just so you could get the sort of responses listed here, I bet.  It makes me wonder whether the reporters are on some sort of bonus scheme - the more hot air generated, the more in the pay packet? 

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Aug 02

Posts: 2723

spondonste says:

pompous idiot

I have in the past exceeded a posted speed limit and suprisingly enough the world didn't stop turning on its axis and nobody died. Self righteous pillocks like this have no comprehension of what safe roads really are and use their ill conceived opinions to make themselves feel self important.

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Oct 08

Posts: 13

Beeboy says:

Vigilante Biker

Good point iancol. This paper is getting more tabloid and sensationalist by the week. Some of the pics of wheelies and knees down on public roads are asking for trouble and play right into the likes Mr Vigilante's hands - and then you report in the poor victimised bikers mode. It's time to grow up in publishing land and adopt an attitude that's responsible and fun or biking WILL become a thing of the past, and that will really piss me off...

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Jun 04

Posts: 110

nigeleaton says:

Brave or sTUPID?

If it was the publicity for his bike training job he was looking for I think he just got it blacklisted by every biker in a 6 county area!  Muppet

Nice cardy by the way, what a retard

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Oct 08

Posts: 47

Poor bloke

I'm not surprised he gave up dispatch riding. Probably late for all his drops due to pootling around at 25mph and not looking where he was going. I actually feel a bit sorry for him. He probably only became an instructor just to have someone to talk to, albeit via an intercom: a pleasure he'll continue to enjoy in the secure facility for special people. As for the suggestions of some sort of retaliation, I say leave him alone. The world doesn't need any more misguided vigilante bikers, or more publicity for this doddery old fruit.

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Oct 06

Posts: 51

bobphillips says:


anyone who lets him train them now is just not reading THE PAPER.  is he really paying attention when he is so busy filming..i think the police should nick him for wasting their time, and due care and attention..boom boom

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Abstract rude


Aug 08

Posts: 62


Notice in the picture like he's not wearing any protective gear besides the helmet, I hope he doesn't ride like that...

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Lucky 7


Aug 07

Posts: 67

Lucky 7 says:

What a tosser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He buys an ex police bike then makes it look like a police bike.Wears a police style helmet & goes out filming bikers. What a complete tosser. Maybe the police should look into him inpersinating a police officer , an offence they could get a conviction on unlike the crap he sends them.I only hope all bikers who get the mcn boycot his training school . That reg no. is R 295 KR   P or F.  He is well & truly billy no mates now not that he had any before by the sound of it.  Get a life ya sad old git & get off ya bike cos you aint no biker.

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bandit fighter


Nov 07

Posts: 164

to 55 er

what a scum bag:mad:-it's bad enough having to put up with idiot car drivers,over zealous plod and clarkson-now even other biker want to shop us-what a complete wan:huh:er-get a life fella:doubt:

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Sep 06

Posts: 8572

fuzzrr says:


Quote "Yesterday, at a local bike meet"...........................He wont say which one though will he.  After this, and what he is trying to achieve, which is over zealous policing against motorcyclists, I cannot understand how anyone would even consider being seen anywhere near him at his 'local bike meet'.....................But there again, the local plod wagon was probably there cause it was in his local police depot, where he dreams and fantasises of being 'one of the boys in blue'........Fookin sad t*at !!!!!

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