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Steve Farrell  says:

Consider banning motorcycles, police tell MPs

The time has come to consider banning motorcycles from the roads, police chiefs have told MPs. They are ‘motorised toys’ which may not belong on public highways, the Association of Chief Police Officers told the Commons Transport Committee. The association based its call on the false claim that production motorcycles are ‘readily available’ with top speeds of over 200mph. In...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (05 November 2008 15:48)

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Sep 08

Posts: 131

chompy2 says:

motor bike stats and it will never happen

included in the mtoorcycle stats im led to believe are mopeds, you get far more idiots on mopeds falling off wearing trainers and trackies. it could never happen because the amount of motorbikes in britain would create a standstill on the roads. There would be  a massive up roar, there better of focusing on cars that are doing anything in the car when driving apart from actually driving this is what causes most of the accidents. They focused on that rather than motorbikes thereselves then they would notice a huge fall in the statistics.


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Nov 07

Posts: 39

gofres says:

Never gonna happen

Come on everyone, you can't honestly believe a few muppets in power could actually do something like this?! Think about it. The loss of jobs, the increase in CO2 levels, etc this country could not afford.

And let just fantasise for a second that bike are actually banned... is that gonna stop you riding? I for one have no other means of transport and all our jails are too full for otherwise law abiding citizens. I couldn't sell my bike because no one would buy it and can't afford a car. I need my means of transport for work (a car is just too unpractical with getting stuck in traffic), therefore I loose my job and srounge money of the government.

I think everyone is getting a bit heated over nothing. IF... and its a huge IF... IF bikes are ever banned, the goverment would be hung by every bike lover out there. Now where did I put my mate Guy Fawkes number...? :D

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Nov 08

Posts: 1

Spinman says:

In perspective

Hold on. I am reliably informed that chief constable Steven Green who made these comments to the Transport Select Committee has since retired. His was one of more than 100 pieces of evidence/comment given to the select committee. If you wade through the final report from the select committee, I think you'll find that Steven Green has been ignored and there is no mention of him or his opinions. It seems that the select committee might have treated him with the contempt that he deserves. 

Motorcycling is not about to be banned, but this incident does illustrate what we are up against. What motorcycling needs is responsible ambassadors, and we can all play that role - and still have fun. 

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Nov 08

Posts: 1

Teabagger says:

Thank god for Paul Everitt

Not read the whole thing yet, but did come across this little nugget of "evidence" from the transport comittee meeting showing a great understanding of the law.

Wednesday 30 April 2008
Members present
Mr David Clelland
Clive EVord
Mr Lee Scott
Mrs Louise Ellman
Graham Stringer
Mr Philip Hollobone
Mr David Wilshire
Mr Eric Martlew
In the absence of the Chairman, Mr David Clelland was called to the Chair
Mr Rob Salmon, County Surveyors’ Society, Assistant Head of Highways & Transport, West
Sussex County Council,
Mr Chris Lines, Technical Advisers Group, Head of London Road Safety Unit,TfL,
Mr Neal Skelton, Head of Professional Services, Intelligent Transport Society UK, and
Mr Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, gave evidence.


Q140 Graham Stringer: The fact is that you can pass
your motorcycling test on a 150cc and go out the
next day and buy a 1000cc bike and kill yourself the
day after.
Mr Everitt: I do not think you can, sorry.
Q141 Graham Stringer: Can you not?
Mr Everitt: No, you have to have at least a two-year
period or you have to take a specific test on a higher powered
Q142 Graham Stringer: That is helpful.


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Aug 07

Posts: 49

Bri55hornet says:

Banning M/C's

I absolutely refuse to accept this limpwristed approch to road safety. I would say that perhaps when less than one in five people, found not haveing insurance etc. as not being an illegal imigrant as seen on  every police camara action style programe (why are there so many?)  When war has is banned and its illegal for any country to have Weapons as used in War or indeed form an Army. Then and only  then I may see it as a good idea untill then I shall assume that ACPO stands for A Criminal Police Operation and  should be treated as so. Its one thing shooting innocent people its another depriveing thousands of their basic  humanrights. Someone should make it a basic human right in law,  that one should be able to ride a motorcyce weather its capable of 200mph or not.... Hopefully I will be long dead by the time these  police ideas are treated serriously. I rode from 13 - 26 I went back to bikes at 54 am 56yrs old now and as I wasn't in 1st world war I may live to be 90 this time round I hope..... as a boy it was the war messengers that inspired me to ride a bike, then I disscoverd Geof Duke and Phill Reed and Mike Hailwood and a place called the Isle of Mann itll never be law there trust me:biggrin:

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Oct 08

Posts: 22

banning motorcyles

Blankets bans are ludicrous, being a car and bike owner find it daft that such attitudes exist, perhaps we should ban cars as they encourage young hooligans to break into them, have street races, kill their passengers, not insured and cause acccidents, and then create a health hazrd and pollute the environment when they set them alight! No cars nor antisocial behaviour and global warming?

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Mar 08

Posts: 72

sallison30 says:

George Orwell's 1984 doesn't have a patch on this lot. I find it interesting that they are not talking about safety, but that Bikes are toys. Hitler wrote that the easiest way to create a dictatorship was to restrict peoples lifestyle. He claimed that the best way to start was to ban smoking in public places - do you see the parallels here? Gofres, you say it will never happen. That's what people said about banning smoking in public places 20 years ago, and ID cards if it comes to that. All you they need to do is keep spreading fear and lies to the general public and before you know it, they will have all the support they need.

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Jul 04

Posts: 106

keith24 says:

banning !

why don't these stupid wankers get their heads out of their arse's ...

what the fuck has it got to do with them whats on the road ..go out and do your jobs and solve some of the crime thats out there ..

do something useful for a change


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Jan 03

Posts: 21

Rocker66 says:

Consider banning motorcycles, police tell MPs

At times MCN and other mags can be our worst enemy with their lurid headlines and pictures of wheelies etc on the front page. these are seen by the non biking public when the publications are on the shelves and can give a false view of motorcycling.

As to motorised toys my wife and I use our bikes as our only means of personal transport. I do a 75 mile round trip to work and as I'm i the rail industry I have to be at work before public transport starts. My wife commute takes 30 min by bike but 11/2 hours by public transport and would include an expensive taxi ride. We have both been riding since the early '60s and neither holds a car licence. I hardly feel that we use our bikes as "Toys"

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