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Matthew Birt  says:

Honda considering 2009 MotoGP cuts

Honda has refused to confirm it will maintain its current level of involvement in MotoGP next season after the Japanese factory’s shock move to quit Formula One. CEO and chairman Takeo Fukui dropped a bombshell last week when he announced Honda would withdraw from F1 because of the impact of the global economic crisis. And as a result, HRC has confirmed its...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (09 December 2008 10:07)

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Feb 08

Posts: 86

glenndavis06 says:


the big H will have to reduce the input into all raceing f1 is cool but fare to much money . for motogp if they cut down a litel it wont be so bad maybe the other teams will step it up and in return force H to up there game and put out a product that will have the people wanting to buy there bikes and allow H to run right up fornt for the win.

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Dec 08

Posts: 6

Renjr22 says:

By quitting Formula one the company is savign a coll $200 million(!!!) a year. I doubt they would change much in the motogp world as their budget in moto racing is about a quarter of that per season. Let's just say quitting F1 is freeing up a lot of extra cash for Honda, hmmmm........

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Dec 08

Posts: 2

kelsallp says:

Do it Honda!

If Honda's heart is not in it then they should pull out. It will not be the end of the world - the sport is bigger than any single manufacturer.

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Jul 08

Posts: 5

crave1 says:

Saving face.......?

Now that the might of the Honda factory has been silenced for a seriously long period of time with little success in MotoGP, is this using the "credit crunch" as an honourable (in Japanese terms) way to avoid falling on ones own sword because the factory can't deliver?

For me, it is. Think about it, virtually no one in 125, 250 or MotoGP is bringing in the results (i.e wins) and hasn't since the days of Doohan and then Rossi - Oh, there was that Hayden bloke who won on a Honda but since then he's had to race on a Honda from behind a steel curtain with no support from the factory.  hence the big bye bye from Hayden.

Honda's problem, to coin a phrase, is that the monkey's are controlling the organ grinders. (and let's not get into the tyre debacle). Money is no substitute for engineering talent and imagination - the racers demands are stifling this.

This smacks a little of the withdrawal of a factory team from WSB some years back - simply if they can't win using their own rules, they'll take their ball home.

Will the factory be missed?, no. Will there be a ton of factory spec bikes made available for other teams to do the development ? - I believe so.

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Sep 02

Posts: 1

iwatson says:

Manufacturers can no longer afford to plough huge sums of money into what is quickly becoming a 2 wheeled F1 series clone...boring and processional (i was going to say racing but that is an exaggeration).

I think Motogp has lost direction and needs to focus on what the sport is F1 type corporate PR and hype. Take Rossi out of Motogp and you have a terminally ill patient.

The WSBK series is a big threat to the future of Motogp...they have a great product which is attractive to both manufacturers and race fans alike. BMW and Aprilia (and soon hopefully KTM) are looking for the best return from their present they get that from WSBK and not Motogp.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Economics ...

  1. HRC F1 - £122,000,000
  2. HRC MotoGP - £24,000,000

and in F1 they finished where .. 9th? in GP's? 3rd ....

TV economics aside, the management of HRC has a lot to blame for the GP "boring seasons" as they supply half of the competitive riders with bikes.....

Maybe they should just spend on making bikes and teams fast and not care about chaning to rules to suit riders they want to win ...

Or is that just me by myself, alone, a single view ...... I hope not, cos its the fucking truth.

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Aug 07

Posts: 161

bluehazeboy says:

typical honda

 the main repsol team hasnt been too dominant since rossi came to his senses and joined yamaha they have only won 1 championchip with nicky hayden who was lucky to win in 06. too much faith in pedrobot and his manager who managed to cause more trouble than you cood shake a stick at,i reckon that dovisioso will be the end of pedrosa and he,ll be history by the end of 09,and if i was pedrobot id sack pooch as his manager and find one that has the decency to stay in the backround,i think honda is using the credit crunch to bale out of racing, if they pull out of moto gp thats 7 teams without bikes and i cant see suzuki yamaha  and kawasaki filling up the grid with extra bikes and thats not too good for moto gp at all

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Deja Vu?

I can’t imagine that Honda are falling on their swords as one contributor has said - that just doesn’t happen in the Land of the Rising Sun anymore. Those captains of collapse who created the financial fiasco in 1990s Japan are still smiling and running the place. NO, HONDA, AS IN THE LATE 1960S, HAVE OVER-REACHED THEMSELVES BY GETTING HEAVILY INVOLVED IN F1 AND MOTOGP, as well as highly expensive R&D for their road models (the latest of these, costing millions in development will now never see the light of day). Bankrupt Honda bailed out of all 4 and 2 wheel competitions in late 1967, leaving the bike field open to MV and Yamaha. They had become arrogant, and did not realise that even the late, great Mike Hailwood could not wrest the 500 title from ‘dream-racer’ Count Agusta without a logical development program for their bike. Mike demanded, not just power, but better handling. Honda R&D were unable to comply and even prevented Mike from using a British-built frame (by Reynolds if I remember rightly). IT WAS SAID AT THE TIME THAT BIKE R&D WAS TAKING SECOND PLACE TO THE DEPARTMENT’S CAR WORK. Sound familiar? It ought to, for the same thing has been happening recently. There is no separate bike R&D dept at Honda, and logic dictates that MGP parts come last in the queue - no wonder the riders get hot under the collar, and the team managers find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Rossi knew a few things when he left ‘super-duper’ Honda for a ‘no-hope’ Yamaha, leaving Hayden to deal with the excreta. We can laugh at the quaking Honda team managers squatting down behind the paddock motor-homes, chain smoking themselves into an early grave - but remember this - if Honda does go, so might MGP. THERE IS, OF COURSE, A WORSE SCENARIO, AND THAT IS ALL THE TEAMS LEAVING. Never happened before? Don’t believe it - my one regret is that I started attending the TT just after Norton, and most of the Italian teams (barring MV) bailed out of GPs in the mid-1950s (all the other Brit factory teams had already departed). In the premier class there followed many a long, boring year with 90 bhp MVs leading home a host of 45 bhp clubman’s-tuned Manx Nortons. Unfortunately, it seems will all be repeated again, but just before we drown our sorrows with that bottle of Scotch, we should remember that the result of boring racing in the 60s was production racing. The question is, then, will Superbikes be the new MGP? Bring it on!! (if so, bet Rossi abandons his rally car ideas to try for new bike records - - OH NO, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!).

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Jun 05

Posts: 18

Fastarse says:

Hondas loss?

They might as well pull out, it would save face. An excellent MCN column explaining that Pedrosa only has his seat because he is Spanish and that nobody else could achieve such mediocrity and keeep a birth at HRC opened my eyes to the fact that Honda have lost the plot.

They aren't going to win anything in 2009 either.

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

More Honda

If Honda stay in, then expect them to be more competitive next year. They'll have more dosh and more R&D space for bikes. Pedrosa (the Little Git as someone called him recently) isn't helpful in this respect. However, I hope he stays. He looks great when he crashes - like a flea (or bag of sugar) launched into the air. If the Honda gets faster next year expect Pedro to crash even more often - the flea will never be able to stop it at the end of the straight.

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