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MCN News Desk  says:

Hub-centre steer R1 from GTS1000 designer

Former Yamaha engineer Jean-Michel Thiers has developed an all-new hub-centre steer superbike using an R1 engine to prove that the system offers a real advantage over conventional telescopic forks. Thiers set up his own company Tier Motorsports to develop and market the single-sided hub-centre concept with planned products ranging from hub-centre-steering conversion kits for motocross bikes to a full-on superbike built...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (09 December 2008 16:48)

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Dec 08

Posts: 6

Renjr22 says:

What about James Parker?

Sorry buddy, but that's some wrong information. The Yamaha GTS1000's hub-centered steering system was actually designed by Mr. James Parker. Mr. Theirs might have been part of the engineering or design team, but the original design credit goes to Mr. Parker. He is even currently working on his own hub-centered sports bike called the GXRADD, and it is a fully working prototype based on a k6 or k7 GSXR-1000. It even got the front cover of a very respectable american motorcycle magazine(Motorcyclist, I belive).  Mr. Thier's protptype is just a badly done photoshoped picture too.

So what gives?!?

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Jun 04

Posts: 110

nigeleaton says:

Hub centre steer R1

Technical issues aside, I think you would need to be very brave or very confident to consider riding this like you mean it...

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Sad Truth

Racers need forks to bottom out

Off-the-shelf buyers need bikes to be cheap and reliable.

HCS supplies neither with a required product. A real shame considering the applications and look.

However im suprised Ducati never made one to beat Bimota, those 2 companies often battled to make the best front-end or frame for years (thanks to Tamburini).

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Nov 07

Posts: 9

badgerbaiter says:

HCS the future?

Toe down sv racing, can you explain why racers need forks to bottom out?  In my opinion HCS would be great for the road but even better for racing. Forks are good but there are limitations as it struggles with having to both steer and suspend. HCS allows you to keep suspension and steering separate which means you can fine tune it even more. It will also give much better feed back. However as you did mention cost and weight issues are limiting factors at the moment but who knows what may happen in the future.

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Aug 06

Posts: 119

seanogorman1 says:

bottoms up!



id like to know why racers need forks to bottom out too ?


last year i had the front end of my blade rebuilt and re sprung in an effort to prevent this precise thing from happening . after all  once you bottom out you have no suspension and your forks may as well be sticks right...

im not a maniacal racer and i may be mistaken but ive never heard nicky hayden or the likes dialing in some "bottom" before

bottoms should stay attached the the lower portion of a lady's back  and no where near my suspension !!

may the forks be with you !

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Aug 02

Posts: 441

snave says:

photoshop... a wonderful thing. Anyone can pretend they've made something when all they've done is drawn it on a computer screen. I can see at least three major flaws in the design as it is drawn, but hey, what do I know..?

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Oct 05

Posts: 323

BrandsR6 says:

Looks flippin scary to ride to me....

I'm no technical expert, but surely you wouldn't want to eliminate feedback from the front end of a bike?!?  Their theory sounds like they're trying to develop something similar to a car with over sensitive power steering.

The direct connection to the road and feedback you get through conventional forks is as good as you are going to get.  I think HCS is just a bit of a gimmick and would result in a bike that is unrideable at speed and result in lots of crashes!!

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Jun 08

Posts: 5

JSYBOY says:

toe_down_sv_racing says

Sad Truth

Racers need forks to bottom out

errrrrrrr yea sure, sure!!!

moving on, I thought the reason why HCS did not take off was due to the lack of feel from the front end?

I'm sure it would work for scooters and big touring bikes but anything else would want to retain the feel from the front end.

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Jun 08

Posts: 5

JSYBOY says:

in fact this is taken from a review MCN did

Although the Bimota Tesi is beautifully made, it’s a very cramped motorcycle and the quirky front end doesn’t have anywhere near the feel of a well set-up pair of forks

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Nov 07

Posts: 541

The biggest...

... concern I have is...


What exactly happens to the damned thing when you're involved in a frontal accident?



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