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Sep 08

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chrisga says:

Warwickshire Speed Limit Reductions

Just a quick note to anyone that may live or be passing through the county of Warwickshire. The local county council have recently imposed an almost blanket reduction of speed limits by an average of approx 10mph, despite the Police actually advising against this. More info here:

and here:

I am so angry that I just needed to make others aware, and also if you think this doesnt affect you bear in mind that our council is one of the first to implement new guidelines from the D of T asking all local authorities to revise its speed limits so it soon may do!!!!

They have claimed they are doing it to improve safety but that is utter tosh, as most of the roads they are doing it on have no adverse safety issues, yet the one road thay have not reduced the limit on is the most dangerous in the county in terms of fatalities, the Fosse.

I would say stear clear of our county but then I guess they have what they wanted so can everyone please come to our county!!!

Sorry for the stupid Saturday night post but I am seriously annoyed......

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  • Posted 6 years ago (20 December 2008 23:24)

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Aug 02

Posts: 3273

eatcs01 says:

50mph limits

We seem to be getting more and more 50 limits here in North Norfolk. All on good qaulity fast A roads.


The trouble is........ There are several accidents at a certain site (usually a junction), so the council are pressured to do something. They could change the layout of the junction, improve the road surface, signeage, cut down some hedges (to improve visibiltly) etc.... BUT NOOOOOOOOO.

Slap a lower speed limit on it, for over a mile each way.

One local bypass now has a 40mph limit on, because the local elderly population are too thick to handle a junction.

Another bypass was built, and had a 50 limit on it FROM NEW. Why?? Because there is a junction on it. Excellent visibility, good surface (it is new). Tossers. They get a bypass then campaign to get a lower limit on it.

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Feb 08

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Thank God I visited the county before this and won't have to return!  I also had the good fortune to ride in Montana when they had no speed limits in the entire state.  That's gone now too.  Sigh!

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Jul 08

Posts: 10

tbmw says:

speed restrictions

We have a message at work warning about some average speed camera's in the swindon area i think that are situated all around the outskirts and will pick up your speed when you enter and again when you leave irrespective of what part you leave from

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Dec 07

Posts: 521

sad500 says:

average speed cams

are all over notts but dont bother me - they are all forward facing :wink:

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

The Cat

and the 34 in the peaks are all now 50mph:upset:.

It's the current 60's generation wanting it all their own way - they had full employment, decent pensions, decent wages, decent cost of living, and now they're starting to slow down they want (no - insist) the rest of the world to slow down with them........ allegedly they can remember when sex was safe and biking was dangerous.......

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Oct 05

Posts: 4571

vulcanrog says:

They're in Cornwall too ---

roads that were previously a 60mph limit are now 50mph limits, spookily as well camera signs have appeared on the same roads. Cynical ? you bet your mortgage it is, these roads have been spotted as an untapped source of revenue.

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Jan 09

Posts: 1

PaulBiggsABD says:

Warwickshire Speed Limit Reductions

There may be something we can do about this - some limits have gone down by 20mph against police advice. The council have ignored the DfT advice that no limit should be set below the measured speed for the road, but that's exactly what they have done. The DfT 'Circular Roads 1/2006' speed limit advice allows for limits to be raised as well as reduced - advice that seems lost on Warwickshire County Council. We need a campaign to get the lowered limits raised.

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Mar 07

Posts: 9

cwesquire says:

speed limits

has any one else noticed the governments proposals plans to lower rural speed limits to 50mph, another money making scheme to catch people out? more motorcycling roads ruined by do gooders.

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