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Steve Farrell  says:

Cyclists’ ‘fury’ over bus lane plans

The decision to open bus lanes to motorcycles has sparked ‘fury’ according to the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). But the group fails to come up with anyone angry except its own chief executive. LCC boasted of handing Boris Johnson a petition with 3,500 names asking him to reconsider, but faced humiliation when 3,900 MCN readers signed our petition urging the...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (28 December 2008 11:58)

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Dec 08

Posts: 5

No Sympathy

Can’t say that I have any sympathy for cyclists, they don’t seem too bothered about theirs or anyone else’s safety when they run red lights.

If a youngster buys a scooter that can do 30 mph he or she has to pay road tax and have insurance.

I’m not saying that cyclists should pay road tax, but they should defiantly be made to have insurance and a registration number so they can be held accountable when breaking traffic laws.

As you may guess I don’t like cyclists, I got hit by one while walking on the pavement at night.
He had no lights on and there weren’t any street lights so it was pitch black, he couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him.
I weigh 20 stone so it takes a lot to move me! The bike hit me and the rider came straight off. He fell to his right into the grass verge, had he fallen to the left he would have been in the road which could have been nasty had a car been coming.

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Apr 08

Posts: 414


Pay road tax, insure yourselves, STOP AT RED LIGHTS AND OBEY TRAFFIC SIGNS! When you do then you can argue the toss with motorbikes all you want!!:mad::mad:

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Nov 08

Posts: 5

500Twin says:

Is'nt it amaizing how hypocritical people become when things dont suit them. The fact is that, by and large, todays cyclists break most laws of the road in city's, causing more danger to themselves and pedestrians than any well trained Motorcyclist.

Instead of a silly code of practice put forth be T for L tosspots, Cyclists should cough up £30 for a Theory test, £80 for a practical test and then face the wrath of the law for any misdemaenours,,,,,,just like the rest of the road users out there.

Failing that, make it compulsory for ALL pushbikes to be fitted with satalite trackers/number plates so  that FPN's for ANY deviation from the highway code can be issued to the pompous pillocks who ride them in such a way...... Well they do this to ALL other road users dont they!!!    Even playing fields please and lets have more of Borris and less of Dorris!!!!

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Apr 06

Posts: 2672

parapanfan says:

I agree 500twin

In this day and age with its economic and litigious climate ALL road users should be compelled to carry third party insurance and be held to account for  dangerous actions.


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Nov 08

Posts: 4

Backitin says:

tell you what LCC...

..I'll be extra careful of your members in bus lanes if you'd be extra careful of my wife and baby son when hammering through red lights at pedestrian crossings at 15mph and mounting the pavement. Deal?

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Mar 09

Posts: 13

polainm says:

Tarring with same brush

For crying out loud, will those banging on about insurance and road tax that cyclists don't pay go and learn something. I'm not going to go into detail informing you here, just go and learn more about it, as it makes you look really stupid, and I don't want to be associated with stupid bikers.

Many MCN comments and letters totally fail to acknowledge the vast numbers of cyclists who are very experienced road users, have no problem with motorcyclists who are considerate, and share the same problems of killer pillars, very inexperienced drivers, bullying bus drivers, and all other forms of death passed down through traffic and road layout.

The CTC and other cycling campaign groups are right to be concerned about 200kg of motorbike using the bus lane. The real issue here is not the bicycle user, bus or motorbike, but the road layout.

In many places across Europe, traffic has its place on the highway, some places like Assen, Offenburg or Copenhagen, have very high levels of decent cycle infrastructure and bus services. This is well thought out, clear, and works well. Conflicts as we are debating here is rare. Italy and Paris being an exception!

The real villains are the DfT and TfL.

These rants against cyclists need to stop. Motorcyclists ranting about the minority of idiots on bicycles is as bad as drivers ranting about tw*ts on motor bikes. This bigotry is socially corrosive and will get us nowhere. If you really need to point the finger, point it at the Department of Transport. An out of touch collection of bumbling meddlers who have failed the UK for the last 40 years.

If only two-wheeler pressure groups could unite, then the idiot leading DfT might take some notice.


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