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Steve Farrell  says:

Riders commit to bus lane 'code of practice'

Motorcyclists are committing to a 'code of practice' to help ensure we get use of bus lanes permanently.The code aims to ensure cyclists' gloomy predictions of a rise in accidents after London’s lanes are opened to motorcyclists on January 5 are proved wrong. The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) says it's a crucial step toward ensuring the London trial is made permanent...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (31 December 2008 10:59)

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Nov 05

Posts: 41

cascadeair says:

Amen Brother

We will only get one chance. Either we respect the cyclists and pedestrians blow away their argument to keep us locked in traffic, or they win. Boris kept his promise, and it's up to us to prove him right. Don't screw it up. Please.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Code & thoughts

1 We share bus lanes with other vulnerable road users, take extra care around them. - Okay

2 Be aware of pedestrians walking through traffic queues and at bus stops. - Okay

3 Look out for pedal cycles and give them a wide berth, they may suddenly change direction or position. Okay, but they have a responsibility to look as per highway code before changing direction as well

4 Pass cyclists on the offside only - never undertake. - Okay

5 Always assume cyclists cannot hear or see you behind them. - Okay, but they should not 'sqeeze' past at lights either

6 Do not use excessive speed when using bus lanes or overtaking cyclists. No Probs - most are in 30 zones anyhow

7 Do not overtake each other. Normally okay

8 Watch out for other vehicles at  junctions and side roads - Doh!

9 Take extra care when riding alongside congested pavement areas - Normal practice, and remember to watch out for cyclists rejoining the road after skipping up on pavement

10 We are ambassadors for motorcycling, riding in a bus lane is a privilege that needs to be respected. As are the roads, that's why we have licenses, tax and insurance...

Hopefully will be a sucess and cyclists will remember they have a duty to others as well, and must obey the lights...


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Dec 08

Posts: 1

andrewac says:

bus lanes

All these points we follow anyway...safer biking...its the cyclists that need to start excersing caution and consideration for others...

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

Seems reasonable enough

I await the tirades from the mouth-frothers with baited anticipation.

shuggie1 tried, but there comments were just entirely too sensible.  Must try harder!

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

I wonder...

If I will actually even use a bus lane in London... Doubt it...


Now we're back on the subject... WHY do bus lanes exist again?


I'm pretty sure that if cyclists were BANNED from bus lanes they would just cycle in them anyway... Same reason that I still drive down them in the car and ride down em on the bike... I have complete and utter contempt for the whole idea of discriminating against the majority of road users infavour of the minority... Maybe I shouldn't ride a bike... Maybe I shouldn't drive a car either... Maybe I should walk... Even better maybe I should get a bicycle and break ever single law I can knowing that I will very likely NEVER be caught...  Mmm... Er, LYCRA??? Er, no...

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Oct 04

Posts: 93

Stavros7 says:

Totally agree

with your post Cascadeair.

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Jan 09

Posts: 4

Yellowninja in lycra!!

:lol: I'm sure that if you can wear leathers that you can wear lycra LOL!!!  Just wiggle your bum when trying to get into that cycling outfit!!   x

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Oct 06

Posts: 24

mickipaq says:

bus lanes

cyclists are parasites

until they pay tax,mot,insurance extortionate test fees F***k em run them off the road it's just another minority telling the rest of us what to do.I couldn't care less about them just keep these buggers from driving down the middle of the road at 2mph causing us all bloody grief.Start a new campaign TWAT A CYCLIST.

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Dec 08

Posts: 13

dahalagris says:


Well i totally agree with u mickipaq they slow everyone else on the road they also dont have road tax , insurance which cars and motorcycles have so why are they arguing about us being in their lanes we have more right to be on the road than them if they started paying for road tax and insurance like we do along with cars fair enough they have just the right to voice their opinion

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Jan 09

Posts: 1

samdowne says:

Bicycles and Bus Lanes

Oh my god.

Its comments like these that are giving motorcyclists a bad name.

I live in Central London, and the use of bus lanes is very important to me, as I commute out to Hampshire every working day. The traffic in London, as you know, can get quite congested at rush hour, and this would make filtering a lot easier.

Yellowninja600 - just to remind you; Bus lanes are there for buses - to improve the flow of public transport in London. I can only assume you don't live in London, as I frequently use buses, and there are rather a lot of them, so get A LOT of use. (Maybe you are thinking of the M4 bus lane? I've never seen a bus in there) This is about allowing users who do not restrict the flow of buses and taxis to use bus lanes to improve the flow of traffic overall, and make commuting better for everyone - including car drivers who i'm sure get frustrated by some motorcyclists squeezing past them when they are stationary.

dahalagris and mickipaq - are you serious when you say they have no right to be on the road because of not paying tax, mot etc.? Do you think we should also pay tax to use pavements when we are walking? Bicycles are by far the most environmentally friendly form of transport, as the only fuel they use is consumed by the rider. I sold my car to get a motorbike, as use of a car in London is too frustrating for me, so now it is my only form of private transport (and a bicycle) and currently travel 12,000 miles a year on my motorbike.

I think the code of conduct is a good idea, but to be honest, there is not one point on there that I don't already adhere to. I'm far from perfect - but it just all seems too much like common sense to me. I'd rather cyclists were on the road than on  pavements when I'm walking down them, as they are much faster than the traffic in general anyway...

Boris Johnson nearly made a u-turn on his pledge to let us use bus lanes due to the lobby for cyclists -PLEASE don't prove them right by acting like this! Maybe the new campaign should be "SAY HI TO A CYCLIST" instead?

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