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Aug 02

Posts: 2541

MrHarlequin says:

True Biker Babe

We're neck and neck with the leader - so KEEP VOTING!!! 


Some of you may remember Barbie, who was a regular on the forum.  In the light of the posts about the MCN Babes not being remotely interested in bikes or biking, I thought I'd post asking for support for one of our own who IS a biker, full licence and history of bike ownership to prove it.

If you've attended any race meetings, you may have seen her on the grid as a Brolly girl and she's now trying to get a place as a Bike Devilette and needs all the support she can get.


You can vote for her on the Bike Devil site and although you have to register, it takes a couple of seconds to do and they will send you an activation code.


So come on all of you who resent the bimbos who cynically come on here asking for help and then disappear, never to be seen again unless clad in Lycra and wondering what one of these 'motorbike' thingies is anyway.  This is your chance to vote for someone who IS a biker.


You can vote by following this link, registering, then voting at


So, come on. Put your mouseclick where your mouth is.  This is your chance to vote for someone who is both stunning AND rides a bike. 





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  • Posted 6 years ago (11 January 2009 13:38)

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May 05

Posts: 3042


Great news hun, no one deserves it more than you, all the hard work and pro-active efforts paid off then. :smile

Of course it helps being fit as f*** as well :tongue:

Congrats on the HM Plant work hun :sunglasses:

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Mar 09

Posts: 43

Pit Babes etc

Hiya... Just thought I'd wish you good luck with the competition etc .. My other half used to work for Tatiana Petitz (one of the original supermodels along with Crawford,Brinkley,Campbell etc etc) and most of them were a right load of self-obsessed drug fuelled idiots with a load of hangers on...... You would be amazed how many of the present grid girls like talking to me when they find out what car I drive! -( have a look in my photos )- but I would rather vote for a genuine and if you don't mind me saying pretty girl - rather than a cheap gold-digger!

But whatever - good luck - Regards Roger x:smile

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Mar 09

Posts: 271

MissVanda says:


I entered this too and I'm really sorry to hear that it hasn't been run as a fair competition in it's true sense. I think it's great that you've used your initiative and found your own way through and wish you all the very best with it and will look out for you as I follow the season through. Ride safe my dear. Miss V xxx

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Apr 09

Posts: 5

Ludo1 says:

Good for Laura

That's good news for Laura.
It's a shame she wasn't picked out of the Bike Devil bunch I agree with the comment about some of those picked for Round 1, but maybe next year or the following when the financial situations have calmed down the teams will revert back to picking girls and paying them whether through self-employed girls or agnecy girls. Think Laura has done it the best way albeit hard work!! :smile
Laura if you have any tips you can share? Haha...

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May 09

Posts: 1

TelegramSam says:

True Biker Babe

OK Time for some 'facts' about this:

Bike Devil entrants with good voting get asked to attend a round of BSB

Bike Devil also uses an Agency (Fave Value - at the moment) to provide 2 girls

They do this because they have had entrants of the compeition just not turn up so therre needs to be an insurance policy

Some of the girls on the comp are working promo girls. That is up to them to enter

So far from the competition Holly, Kiri, Gemma did Brands. At Oulton we had Gemma Bott. They are all marked on the Gallery with a star. That denotes that they have been a Devilette this year already.

Once they get there there voting is reduced again. Its only fair

ike Devil can track multiple voting and if spotted, they reduce the vote again

Its only fair. Its a fair and true competition. They offer girls the chance to work with them Its important to them as the girls go out and about and get neww members.

The competition is still very much open ad Donington is only round the corner

The competition is very much to give people like you Mr H a chance. You will have that chance, I know them and ill vote for you too

Safe Riding, safe competing. Telegram Sam


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Jan 09

Posts: 5


Competition Fix, I Don't THINK SO!

Hi Barbie,

Just wanted to say Good Luck with your career and future competitions!  What are the topless photo's all about though?  You do not need to do these!

The MCN Babe contest was won fair and square by a true biker like yourself though.  I should know it was my daughter. 

GOOD LUCK with any competitions that you enter but remember just because you don't win does not mean that it is fixed, it might be that you are not what they are looking for.  You seem to be very quick to judge others.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2541

MrHarlequin says:

Ok - some responses

Throbbing Donkey - "You would be amazed how many of the present grid girls like talking to me when they find out what car I drive!" - err..... it's a Lamborghini.






I wouldn't. :biggrin:


Next: For the record TelegramSam, I have never wanted to be a 'Babe' of any kind - well, not since I gained control of my digestive system, so thank you Sam, but I won't ask you to vote for me.


But thank you anyway. :biggrin:


The competition may have been 'fair', but since Laura had more votes than others who got contacted, that seems a little contentious.  If they stated that they would be selecting on the basis of winning votes and 'other factors', then it would at least have been honest. 


But then, the main aim is to attract sign-ups and internet traffic, so perhaps it's only to be expected?


Baileyman - I don't know which year your daughter won the MCN competition and I'm happy for her - hope it leads on to bigger and better things. :smile  However, we can only comment on the year we knew about, which was blatantly fixed and many of the girls who get selected have not even entered the competition.  As a working (well, sometimes) journalist, I've been at the show many times when people have been selected and frankly, have spoken to girls who wouldn't know which way to sit on a bike, let alone ride one.   In fact, a couple of years ago a question asked on the stage was "Car or Bike" and more than one said "Car".


I'm not denigrating your daughter's achievement and it's nice to hear about one of our own winning - which is EXACTLY the point about Laura and Miss V.  Both are bikers in the truest sense and both are considerably more attractive than some of the silicon-enhanced faked-tanned brainless pouting bimbos who enter.



(And for the record, it's the 'brainless' I object to most)


Barbie, I expect entry to the pits, an HM Plant Baseball cap, a signed program and a big hug :biggrin:


(and yes, I will forgo one of those, but not saying which):winkie: 

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Aug 02

Posts: 2541

MrHarlequin says:

Oh, and

I've just checked and noted that your Daughter won this year.  Good for her.


I've also noted that your post during the competition, you posted:


Just met Nikki!  She is beautiful!  Very friendly, and knows all about bikes.  Yes, she really does ride a bike.  She was hoping to ride some at the show!  Vote Nikki!!!!!!"







(Hope she enjoys her year)

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