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Nov 02

Posts: 1626

dodgerzx9 says:


On GMTV this morning they were on about them getting or not a test for the road. The nob castle says he rides on the pavement and its safer for him to flout the law!! then some dick who actually was a cycle safety wanker said its not dangerous for them to jump red lights and its ok what sort of advertisment is that for law abiding! if i said i jump red lights on my motorbike i would be hammered but itv were making it sound ok on a push bike wankers:doubt::doubt:

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  • Posted 6 years ago (16 January 2009 09:25)

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Jan 09

Posts: 228

papasmurf78 says:

thats the problem

because any twat can get on a bike they dont regulate it so they ride how they like if i had my way we would all be able to carry tazers to get the f*ckers

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Nov 05

Posts: 431

kestrel69 says:

Didn't see it

Sounds like the normal low double standard of a lot of cyclists though. :unsure:

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ghengis khan


Aug 03

Posts: 28

ghengis khan says:

next to volvo drivers

and white-van-man bloody cyclists are the biggest pain in the arse on the road [or off it] :mad::mad::mad:

What really gets up my hooter with the feckers is when theres a bunch [gaggle/flock?] of the w@nkers out for a Sunday ride they always seem to bunch up soon as they hear you coming, ride two and sometimes three abreast almost as if they want to hold you up. I'll always slow down for horse riders and give em plenty of room but when I see them lycra clad 2 wheel eejits out on the road I'm afraid my bad side comes out to play. :lol::lol::lol:

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field archer


Apr 08

Posts: 69

field archer says:

cyclists LCC

What do you expect from people who ride one handed in fancy dress, yet say motor bikes are dangerous in bus lanes??, If you see a cyclist riding dangerously go to the Lcc web site and report it on their bus lane watch page, If we all did this the thousands of reports a day would soon screw there site up and just prove what a load of two faced freeloaders they are.

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Jul 08

Posts: 930

Rugbyman says:

Not to mention

cyclist riding a night with no lights on. Nearly took three of them out last night in the dark. Black clothing no reflective strips no lights and as it was me pulling out of a side road who would have been blamed. :mad:

Thinking about it now, if I had have been in the car I don't know that I would have seen them. On the bike I just got a sense that they were there.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1535

Blader2005 says:


Why does every other road user have to take a test? pay tax and insurance... or face points/fine/jail for failing to comply?  is it not about time the pedal pushers had to abide by the same rules.... after all, they are using the same roads!!!    Again.. it seems one rule for them.............   :mad:

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Oct 06

Posts: 1484

BaldE35 says:


We have no system in this country for training kids properly. When my kids undertook the cycling prof' course the instructor made them get off the bike at mini round about. Apparently going around a roundabout is not part of the cycling proficiency course! He expected them to get off the bike and walk across the junction. So if we don't teach kids how to ride in all necessary circumstances what chance have we got. My two deliver newspapers each morning and safety first has always been drummed into them. A hazard perception test is needed for all kids who are able to ride bikes. Without suitable training the problem will never be sorted because once the've got to adult age it is too late.


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Jul 08

Posts: 129

Badgerboy says:

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Sep 08

Posts: 65

green_meenie says:

Cyclists are dangerous

Perfect example

Last year when that w**ker killed a 17yr old girl while he was riding on the pavement, he was heard shouting "move because I'm not stopping"

okay so he got a £2k fine but he wasn't banned from riding!

Cyclists should be forced to take a test, pay insurance and obey the highway code!

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Feb 08

Posts: 1539

FERGY.1 says:


also report the cycle twats have it in for motorbikes in bus lanes. I have to say though i am as guilty for not always sticking to the law.

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