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Matthew Birt  says:

Croft future in doubt after appeal blow

The Croft circuit has suffered a massive blow today after losing an appeal related to noise pollution at the historic racing venue. The future of the Darlington circuit is now uncertain after the Court of Appeal rejected Croft’s appeal against a decision to award nearly £150,000 in damages to local residents living nearby the track. Get all the latest British Superbike news Derek...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (26 January 2009 17:55)

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Jan 09

Posts: 34

doctorwatson says:


f,,,,king gobsmacked,,,outstandingly bad descision judges!!!

watch the floodgates open now

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Dec 08

Posts: 60

assen03 says:


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Dec 08

Posts: 60

assen03 says:

What can we do to stop this?

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bodger racing


Jul 07

Posts: 105

Pissed off with that!!!

why do these sad twats live near the tracks then, just fckin move... the tracks have been there longer and have alot of history, we shud all make a group to save croft, donate like a tener each or sumthing, cos we need our tracks, there sum of the best in the world, and i for 1 am not gona let these c##ts take them away from us..........

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Jan 04

Posts: 9

skodapop says:


I think these people require a few letters sent to them by motorsport fans to let them know what we think of their claim. Check out this article for their address

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Jul 03

Posts: 15


These people are selvish b#$tards, because of their actions potentially thousands of people could now not be able to watch racing at Croft, not to mention the loss of income to the local economy.

I wonder if they are going to take out cases against the nearby airport to stop the noisy planes flying over and the rail companies to make the high speed trains that pass nearby quieter.

Why don't they just f#ck off and live somewhere else, Croft has been there a long time, and hope it remains so.


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Jul 08

Posts: 46

stormrider66 says:

Race track was there well before they where,they knew it was there so why move near it, this will now spread to all other race tracks around the country. So does this now mean that people living next to air ports can now sue for noice pollution ???


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May 08

Posts: 11

muxy says:

Sunday Morning Rides

Now we know the address i am sure it is on a public road or close to one we should make use of the fact that we are tax paying members of the puplic and ride our taxed bikes along said road on a daily basis.  I am not suggesting that we break the law as that would be wrong of me, all I am suggesting is that as the weather gets better and the sun starts the shine we should make that section of road a part of our sunday morning ride outs and our saturday rides oh and of course as the nights get light the rides that we all have after work .  I myself will making a point of riding said section of road as and when I can, I might add that my bike is considerably louder than standard as it is fitted with CE marked after market exhausts which sound fantastic when the revs are around the 13000 RPM mark. 

I am sure if I moved next to a motorway or railway network I could not  take them to court to stop them using them.  Yes I know when they moved in it probably was not as busy but they still purchased the house knowing bthey were next to race track.  If you don't like it move, so lets all us two wheels fanatics pray for a long long warm and dry spring, summer and fall.  I myself will making good use of our public roads in the croft area on my fully taxed, road legal and insured motorbike.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2

tonymalony says:


Before you all get your knickers in a twist I reckon you should follow "skodapop's" link and read the judgement! There's one heck of a lot of it but it's basically as follows: 1. The claimants bought their houses when the circuit was little used... 2. The defendants (the circuit owners/operators),  heavily increased the usage of the circuit by taking full advantage of some particularly lax planning constraints...3. The claimants were well miffed at the increase in noise... 4. The parties have, or had, both business and personal connections...5. The damages represent the fall in value of the houses as well as the noise... 6. The defendants (Croft) have actually been supported by case law because an injunction ( to cease all activities) was deemed not applicable!  ................... Don't take my word for it. You read it yourselves. If it wasn't for the personal/business connections this could easily be spun as "big business attempts to ride roughshod over home owner"! To me, whichever side you're on, it smacks of money, greed and a complete lack of respect!

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Nov 04

Posts: 36

mick2 says:

Right, I have just read the case notes! Has anyone done the same?


It stinks of a family quarrel to me, I cannot be 100% sure..............but.........

What a coincidence the daughter's married name is the same as the guy who owns Croft!

Dad lent him money and wants it back and has not got it!

Correct me if I am wrong someone, please.

I would certainly fight this if I was the owner, ask for suggestions on how they would like the noise reduced.

Put up sound barriers, trees etc. it's just Bullshit.........I would seek to find funds and buy the properties.

They could rent them out then as guest houses for race goers.


Just another case of TOSSERS spoiling everyones enjoyment, sad Bastards as they are.

If we needed to open that up as a wartime airfield again would they object? Probably not!

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