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Steve Farrell  says:

‘Motorcycle detection system’ on roads by Easter

A new surveillance system designed to track movements of motorcyclists on the roads will be operational by Easter, MCN can reveal. The technology can tell motorcycles apart from other vehicles, measure their speeds and will be able to read number plates under plans. Data such as the routes taken by individual motorcyclists along with time and date will be collected...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (17 February 2009 13:53)

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Nov 05

Posts: 41

cascadeair says:


This is way worse than I first thought. Has this government no respect for the privacy of an individual on his travels about Britain? Why should the road camera partnership be allowed to invade the prvacy of motorcylists on the basis that some motorbike riders flaunt the law in a few places? Hey, I have an idea! Why not put some police officers out in patrol cars (even unmarked ones) and actually provide real-time safety and enforcement measures to catch those individuals who choose to ride faster than current limtits? Then the rest of us who ride those roads at normal speeds will not have our privacy invaded and perhaps actual safety might be achieved. No-one in Britain seems to have enough power or common sense to stop this terrible Orwellian invasion oof the privacy of an individual minority group in Britain. We are held captive by ministers who take our tax money and ruin our economy. Absolutely disgusting!

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Feb 09

Posts: 2

Its happening again!

Ok wheres the passport im moving.

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Sep 05

Posts: 58

polhouse says:

Our only option is to avoid these roads and show them what a waste of time and money this project is.  We are living in enough of a police state as it is, and this is just another example of how the Government want to regulate everthing we do.  Just another example of what Stella Rimmington has been talking about today.

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Mar 03

Posts: 1

hangman67 says:

well thats 8 roads i wont be riding agin.

feel sorry for all those pubs and cafe's and petrol stations along the routes that wont see my money.

all those bikes bring a lot of cash to the country side and in this day and age they will miss our cash.  Plenty of other roads to ride.   shame i think bikes were being accepted as part of the fabric of the country now its like the old days when bikers were looked on as out laws.   i think there will be a bak lash one day

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Aug 02

Posts: 18

Tozzer says:

motorcycle detection cameras

Someone pass me the big helmet wiyh the rats in.  WTF is going on I cant smoke where I want,  I cant ride where I want, & as for shagging sheep ! !

Seriously life without risk is not living, as is life without freedom, thats why I started to ride bikes 30+ years ago.  when did I become a criminal on the way.

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Aug 05

Posts: 39

Tvr65 says:

total and utter bollocks

I like to buy mcn to keep in touch with the motorcycle comunity but sometimes i do dispair at  the dramatic and gloomy storys they make up. if  i listened to mcn id give up and have sold my bike years ago ,, motorcycle  tagging  ,, number plates on motor cross and track racing bikes ,, now a big brother  spy unit specially for motorbikes, if the government cant do one to to catch proper criminals i doubt they are going to do one for motorbikes. mcn if your going to make storys up make up cheery ones or dont bother at all .

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Dec 08

Posts: 5

Nothing a .50 cal wont fix

Just shoot the damn things. A .50 cal would completely and utterly disintegrate those fucking things and they're relatively inexpensive these days. Oh that's right, your government fucked you there too. sorry....


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Apr 08

Posts: 79

iMarcus says:

Scare mongering

"Under-road sensors already in place will distinguish motorcycles from other vehicles by their weight and width. "

hahahaha - yeah right - ok if there are a high number of incidents along these routes in this one county something needs to be done, but if it was really that simple wouldn't every authority be doing this and saving us all from ourselves? Do a quick Google, and whilst there are weight in motion sensors - saw nothing about vehicle width sensors - would love to know how that works.

Easiest way to achieve what they are talking about is to adopt average speed cameras, its the only thing I've seen work on the roads.

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Jan 09

Posts: 278

tsgv says:

If im not mistaken

Im guessing they will be using a similar method to radar, in that what signals are absorbed/ reflected they can make a rough guess on what the thing is, tie that in with weight pad under the tarmac and its pretty easy.

But then again why do they need to monitor this, im confused by what they will actually achieve rather that what they say they will achieve.

If those roads are continuosly abused by speed etc and the locals are compalining and riders are being fished out of hedges and scraped off roads then increase police presence there, not cop cars but police bikes, get them mingling with the riders passing out tips etc.

It just seems that this goverment and county councils are reactive not pro-active on reducing road accidents etc. Recording everything wont stop it from happening but traffic coppers (not stupid bobbys in their panda cars)  out there will reduce it with a high visability.


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Sep 07

Posts: 1100

iancol says:

M/C detection system

I wasn't going to bother commenting on the usual huffing and puffing provoked by "Red Top" style MCN reporting, but felt I had to when I read "life without risk is not living" .  Fine, but do it where you'll only risk yours.

One of the roads mentioned is the Snake Pass, which I ride frequently.  The reason it's got a 50 mph speed limit must be partly due to the mixed, often poor, road surfaces, gravel and mud washed onto the roads after rain, blind bends and slow-moving traffic.  The other day I rounded one (damp) bend to find a 4x4 on my side of the double white line as it passed a cyclist. Try dealing with that at excessive speed.

As far as I'm concerned, high speed riding/driving without recognising that others may be at risk is as antisocial as littering, driving whilst on the mobile, etc and should be punished.  In recent days a dozen motorists have lost their lives due to head on crashes.  Would they even have crashed, let alone walked away from them, if they'd been observing the local speed limits?

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