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Steve Farrell  says:

‘Motorcycle detection system’ on roads by Easter

A new surveillance system designed to track movements of motorcyclists on the roads will be operational by Easter, MCN can reveal. The technology can tell motorcycles apart from other vehicles, measure their speeds and will be able to read number plates under plans. Data such as the routes taken by individual motorcyclists along with time and date will be collected...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (17 February 2009 13:53)

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Detection system

Let's face it the people of the UK are pussy cats when it comes to anything related to the authorities, be it bikes cars cameras you name it complete pussy cats and that is why we are controlled so much here.


Protests most people can't even get out of bed to think about protesting they are so knocked out from working all the time.

It's no suprise that we have become a survalance country, yes we will moan and groan but it will go in and the bikes will still go to the area and many will lose their licenses and there will be more moaning and groaning.

The key to any success with regard to complaints is a simple one, money hit them in their pocket and a solution will be found to apease the riders and the shops.

snarl up their roads but spend no money in the county make sure your tank is full before you go to the county and make sure you spend no money, block their roads with your bikes and cars and trucks give them smog and lots of it but spend no money.

send them a petetion outlining that the names listed will not spend any money in their county until a rethink is undertaken on the policies they have implemented and slowly watch the area fall by the way side.

a simple solution would be to open the roads up like the isle of man every so often and make it an event for all to enjoy.


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Jun 06

Posts: 4

tallgit says:

Detection System

Doesn't anyone realise that all this is for our own good ?These people are obviously terribly worried that we might hurt ourselves

Seriously,with what we know about ACPO and the behind the scenes moneymaking ,I wonder who is bunging who with these contracts.

I cant understand why there is so much money available to protect us from ourselves,and so little to protect anyone from criminals(It's pretty rare for motorcyclists to hurt other people).

I suppose we will all have to go and ride at excess speed through housing estates where it will be safe.


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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Why slow speed sections with cameras? Other reason(s)??

Went to check on some of these routes and realised may be difficult on some with tightest sections to exceed average 60 mph ?  Like Via Gellia has some straights and quick corners but some slow, narrow and blind. Then when checked out A6 Matlock Bath Artists` Corner to High Peak Junction realised that with varying speed limits, 30, 40 mph,  existing speed cameras, plus a town centre full of wandering tourists, slowing up cars and bikers, turning into cafes, waving at females etc. it would be very difficult if not impossible to work out an illegal average and if they did it would be difficult to reach.  As busy traffic lights on the videoed and timed section it would take more than a quick bike at over a 100 mph to make up for a minimum one minute and at busy times two or more minute stop at lights.  At weekends it is all tourist traffic. 

So why the cameras and checks? -  Can still get pics of illegal number plates, visors, cans etc to catch people later plus get pics of distinctive helmets, jackets, bike colours, stickers etc..  Then can check out if the quickest bikers speed in home town but best of all once set up a computer comparison data base they can pop in a pic of a biker over limit at a Truvelo and out pops the photo of same biker when only cruised through this section previous Summer !     A moped could be quickest through section at a slack time, compared to a bike on a weekend, but even he would have to stop for lights.  Oh no  - a fit cycllist would be fastest `cos the cyclist would feel "the right" to go straight through even red at the lights or run round the pavement, also illegal !!    If you think I have a paranoic imagination IS there any other explanation from somebody ? I can think of general "public interest and protection" / surveillance reasons in checking out "evil bikers"  and in case enemies of state start to use bikes !     NEDD


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Jul 04

Posts: 4

martin955 says:

cat and fiddle cameas

Been thinking about this. For the camera partnerships to install all this technology must be a significant investment, hopefully with a large return as any buisiness would expect. If they are spending all this money here then they are not spending it anywhere else. We need to make sure it is not cost effective to invest in this equipment so we go somewhere else so the cameras make no money. I used to go to the cat and fiddle regually but I found just wondering around UK roads can be just as much fun so really there is no need to go to these 'hot spots'. Unfortunatley it will be the retailers and tourist trade that suffer, but so be it. I'm sure the trade will be welcome elsewhere.

Martin D

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Richard T


Aug 07

Posts: 33

Richard T says:

Total bollocks, big brother!

I predict a booming trade in false number plates (allegedly).

The killed & injured statistics in the lealet are bollocks too. Apparently it's customary after any accident for a biker to be invited to go in the ambulance to hospital to be checked over (but not for car drivers) As soon as you set foot in the ambulance you're classified as 'seriously injured' regardless of any injury you may or may not have.

It's all lies, damn lies, I tell you!

Just get some decent advanced rider training then ride as taught.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4679

philehidiot says:


Nineteen Eighty Four. Nuff said.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1

everyone should avoid these roads like the plague so they don;t have any data to collect ...would be as funny as to make this all just one expensive white elephant...we have the data on their movement so we should use it accordingly and avoid for the next year or 2 ....sounds like a plan


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