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Aug 05

Posts: 338

pch1 says:

Why do sales people make it so difficult to buy a new bike?

I'm in the market to get a new bike in March.

After a phonecall yesterday to a dealer in St Helens, and at their request I stopped in at their bike shop after work today to have a look at a deal on a Kawasaki ZX10R and at the same time get a valuation for my 06 plate CBR 600 F.

Generally I am soft spoken and mild mannered but I think the salesman mistook this as me not knowing a thing about bikes.

I've never been spoken to in such a condescending manner (As if I had just started biking), and all I can think of is that my brand new Frank Thomas jacket must make me look like a scooter riding chav with 2 days riding experience. I suppose me wearing Draggin jeans didn't help either?

I was quite specific about the type of bike I was interested in after the salesman insinuated the ZX10R may be too powerful for me...he took me downstairs to view their collection of second hand bikes so I put my foot down and again said I was interested in getting a new bike and wanted to work a deal on the ZX10R.


Eventually it must have dawned on him I was serious about the ZX10R and he put a price together (The price he gave me was £7500 excluding any optional extras), practically twisting my arm in the process to have tracker or alarm fitted as a £400 option. When I asked about the Acrapovic exhaust pipe that came with their website offer I was refused and told it would be an extra £700 but they could do it for £500.

When I asked about a test ride (I had to push for it as it wasn't offered), I was given the usual test ride blurb but I couldn't help but notice a lot of emphasis was put on having had a full UK licence for 12 months (Even though I had told him My CBR was my second big bike and I had owned the CBR for 3 years).

I was quite pissed off when I left the bike shop, dreams of owning a litre sportsbike vapourised.

Anyone know of a friendly bike dealer near Warrington looking to sell me a litre bike, and possibly offer me a test ride to make up my mind?

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  • Posted 6 years ago (19 February 2009 21:40)

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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

When I was looking

after passing DAS I got the same shit. The dealer at Orrell mentioned were one of the most condescending. I noticed that every dealer you went in you were ignored while the staff sat around not doing much. It begs the question " do they actually want to sell anything"?

Since having to deal with A&D Motorcycles at Denbigh as my nearest Aprilia dealer I have found them to be very good. Its family run. the technicians are ood, and they do not overprice. May seem like a long run from Warrington, but if you leave the A55 for Mold and go via the A541 its a nice run down to Denbigh.

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Apr 08

Posts: 1047


Thats salesmen/women for you...they endeavour to work out what your money limit is and then try to maximise their mark-up. There is nothing wrong with's just that some do it better than others!!.

As regards the ZX10R......they are meant to be a bit lairy, and not recommended for your first litre sportsbike!. Try not to be too offended....he/she made a judgement about your experience (obviously wrong) and tried to steer you away from the 'beast'....considerate!?.

Anyhow...I can recommend a Honda dealer (near Sheffield) where you can purchase a new bike over the phone and they will deliver it to you!!. However, you can expect to pay more because the 08 Fireblades are still ~£9300 whilst similar ZX10Rs are about £7000...there are good reasons for that!.

Anyhow, give Dave Munt a call or fill in the contact stuff on their website, and they will call you. I am not related to these guys but I have bought two blades there, and they service my bike etc...they are good!!

Good luck!

Des_Fireblade :smile

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Jul 08

Posts: 2723

lucas_yamaha says:


never knew of that bm place.

SMC are same franchise as CMC and i can say first hand that ghey do chrage more. When i was looking at 125 in SMC they said 2999 then first registration, on road preices etc and it was goign to cost£3300 all in themn went to J&S at Doncaster and got it for £2999 with a discount off clothing etc

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Jul 08

Posts: 70

Quariosv650 says:


i live in the se. all the dealers round here treat me like nothin. but there is a dealer near me called bowens, does kawa, suzuki and apprillia. the guy in there, kev is great. hes the type of guy you can just talk to and will help with anything you might need.

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Oct 08

Posts: 310

natnat says:

Why do sales people make it so difficult to buy a new bike?

You should see it from a girls perspective.

Condensending or what, you get that ah bless her look, followed by are you looking for a scooter luv :mad:

When I was looking for my first bike I tried a shop near me who told me that I could not get anything for under £1500 worth buying I had to spend at least 2 1/2 to 3 grand to get anything half descent.

Funny cos I bought my GS500 from them a month later for £895 and they told me it was a great little bike, really reliable and all that. lol

They obviously didn't remember me.:wink:

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Apr 08

Posts: 1047


the only down-side about B&M Honda is the trip out....go via the M1 and come-off at jnc 30, or go by A61...into lots of 30s & 40s!!. It's a shame the place isn't on Snake or near the Cat'n'Fiddle!! :smile. I agree about SMC/CMC....they don't believe in low prices!!!




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Jul 05

Posts: 7189

skycat says:

Buying new

I have to say my first experiance buying new from C.J Ball was very good, i had bought my first bike (second hand), from their sister branch.

Anyway not only did i get a test ride on the GSXR600 and 750 back to back and i was offered to test ride the 1000!

I found the sale guys very helpful, and at no time did they treat me any differently to a bloke.  Only down side i had to choose between a black or blue and white 750 :lol:

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Aug 05

Posts: 1694


is that guy still at Victor Devines in Glasgow still working there, he must have been one of the biggest pillocks ever to sell a bike, think Kam refered to him as a sales prevention officer. Thought the biggest downside to guying your Gixxer was not being able to fit on a Daytona 675 :tongue:

These kind of people seem to thrive at Trumpet dealers, with guys at Ongar Triumph in Great Dunmow and Bulldog in Twyford being especially good at making you take your money elsewhere. On the plus side both OnYerTriumph and Hughenden M40 are both quite good.

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nev & leanne


Jun 07

Posts: 1945

nev & leanne says:


I've had the same chelp from some bike shop staff this morning. I just told them to shut the f up, coz I had forgotton more about bikes than they will ever know.

Seemed to work.

As for dealers, ifr you fancy a ride down the M62. Robspeeds at Grimsby will let you take out a ZX10 for 2 to 3 hours and give you a very good deal. My missus was offerd a ZX6R otr for £5,700 that was including 0% finance and a trade in deal.

Might be worth a ride out, but you surely will find someone nearer

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Jul 08

Posts: 4400

ninjachica says:


"Ooooh, that'll be too powerful for you duck"  "What do you mean, you've got a ZX9 now?!!"  Thinks - bet she came on the back really...

Lucas - my brother used to work at J&S Doncaster!  Can you remember the name of the guy you saw?  Was it John?

Spire - Carnells didn't go bust, they were simply taken over - several times!  Initially by a car firm; not a clever move!

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