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Mar 03

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sancov says:


after using the same garage since 1979  i was asked to remove my helmet according to new texaco rules obviuosley i am upset about this because if i was a moslem lady? would i be asked to remove my veil/yashmak

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  • Posted 6 years ago (22 February 2009 22:08)

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Jul 05

Posts: 3814

EasyNinja says:


we got bloody cso's lurking in our garages .. cctv and big warning signs dont stop the drive off's .. wonder y?? lol ...anyway..

i filled up 1 day and walked in.. the cso says.. can u take ur helmet off .. i says " i got a £7,000 bike outside... im wearing about a £500 worth of kit... ive got £10 in my hand to pay for me fuel.. wot would i possibly want to pinch from this shitehole ..?? "

he just put his head down and walked away !!

I did chuckle :lol::lol::lol:

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Use someone else...

To take my helmet off I have to take both gloves and my glasses off and its just too much effort (particularly as I fill up once a day). If a petrol station forced me to do that I wouldn't use them again.

When possible I always use TESCO and pay at the pump.

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Ian Version 2.0™


Aug 08

Posts: 100

Is it really that much hassle?

Personally mate I think it's pretty reasonable for them to ask you to take your helmet off before you enter their store. Dunno what gear you're using but it takes me 10 seconds to get my helmet and gloves off and even with the most fiddly fasteners ever you should be able to do it in less than a minute.

I know that when I'm in my full bike gear I can look a fairly intimidating character with my armoured jacket, carbon knuckled gloves and aggressive looking black helmet and I can fully understand why walking into a store with all that lot on might make the cashier a little nervous!

Like andy said, if you really want to streamline your petrol stops then head for somewhere that has Pay@pump, much easier.

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Jan 09

Posts: 59

jonboymp says:


sancov,  I've never seen a Muslim lady riding a motorcycle, not here, Afghan or Iraq.  I also think its  reasonable for the staff to ask you to take your helmet off, !!!  With todays society being the way it is I would assume that they are prehaps more than a bit nervous at the best of times, with the risk of some shi*head sticking a gun in your face for a free meal.  I allways take my helmet off, firstly cause its refreshing, and secondly courteous.  

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Feb 08

Posts: 319


armed robberies are usually carried out by people not concealing their faces at all or wearing a stocking or a balaclava, not an helmet LOL
I don't agree that we have to take the helmet off.  I personally have not been asked to so far, but if I was asked I would do so and then tell them it is the last time they'll see me in their shop and go somewhere else.
I am SURE that if I went with a hat and big dark sunglasses and a scarf they would not tell me anything and yet they would not be able to see my face if I was to do an arm robbery, so what's the difference I ask myself?:huh:

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Feb 09

Posts: 3

bostonbiceps says:

lids and fuel stops

i never take my lid off when i fuel up because underneath i wear a fully enclosed balaclava,which i'm sure is more intimidating than a skid lid:biggrin:

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Nov 05

Posts: 431

kestrel69 says:

Not again ffs

How many times has this got to come up on these forums? :ph43r:


Would you walk into a bank, building society or post office wearing a helmet? Not if you wanted to get served!


Common courtesy & good manners, you're going indoors so take your bloody hat off :ph43r::ph43r:

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:


Fine, do as they ask, and then take your time replacing all your gear, right at the desk. Don't move over 'till you're fully dressed. Then make a mental note to not go back, it's not a BIG deal. Falling off your bike IS ... dropping your bike IS, but taking your lid off...  If that is what you moan about your life must be so full of stress how do you get up in the morning. Just move on and worry about the important issues in life.

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Jan 09

Posts: 36

scutter21 says:

whats the prob

i haven't been asked to remove my lid yet but ,but we have to have some respect for there wishes and guidelines ,come on we get enough of a bad press as it is !!!!! use pay at the pump:ph43r:

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Feb 09

Posts: 19

Nigel42 says:


I was asked once, so I took my trade to the garage across the road. I know that BP have backed down from this. If you have no choice, annoy them as much as possible. Carrying a sorn off would have the desired effect.
    MZ.250. Nice. I had an old Trophy back in about 1972. Would keep up with my mates YDS7 Yam, up to 70. Gear box was a bit iffy though. Thought it was equal to the rest of the bike. Can't think why?
   Any one got a Trophy they would like to sell?

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