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Spindly Killerfish


Jun 08

Posts: 239

Top Tips For New Bikers

I was just thinking after I posted the stupid reply about sticker removal (sorry) that there is a myriad of experience on this forum as well as the 'new to biking' fellows (and fellowesses).

Has anyone got any top tips (real ones this time) in relation to biking, skills maintenance etc that has been passed on or learned over years of experience that newbies could benefit from, things like taking out a coaster to put your sidestand on in hot weather so it doesn't sink through the tarmac.

Just thought as old farts could impart a bit of brain.

Sorry if this is a repost. SK.

P.S. whilst writing this I am wearing my wife's panties.

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  • Posted 6 years ago (01 March 2009 13:13)

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

if riding in the uk

in the south lakes near dalton avoid the escaped rhinos and other large animals

what can i say the zoo in dalton doesnt have the best record for keeping its large animals actuly in enclosures and im prety sure hitting a rhino will hurt more than a deer

on a serius not thou always make sure your lights are working before seting off you dont want to be out with mates at a cafe and as your seting off home in the dark realise your bulbs have gone and you havent got a spare

and if your wondering iff the story about the rhino getting out is true it is

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Apr 11

Posts: 70

SparkyGirl says:

Highly useful tips

guys, thanks. Some so obvious they're not obvious!


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Oct 10

Posts: 567

stingy1 says:


Get a bike that looks COOL Fools!


You cant cut yer gibber jabber on a slow 4 stroke that looks like yer gran knitted its colours!


it aint speed, its looks! bigger the rear tyre, the slimmer the girls/ blokes hips riding it.


Those who chase just speed , are going to feel.................................................................................................................................







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Apr 11

Posts: 1

Top Tips For New Bikers

pouring sugar into the oil filler, doesnt make the engine sound sweeter

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Apr 11

Posts: 2

AbleSmith says:

Tips for new bikers

Kindly keep choke in off status after bike has warmed up, if your tank is full of fuel then don't keep tap on reserve. ride the bike in your comfort level.
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Mar 09

Posts: 40

dsaleh says:


I want to see his wifes panties on the rhino:biggrin:

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May 11

Posts: 3

longeatonlad says:

brilliant read

ive sat here the majority of the evening taking in some great advice, whilst also taking in a few cheeky vodkas..:winkie:


some very invaluble info within the many pages, some of which i learnt in my younger days on a moped, (trust noone on the roads) especially when your hit by a car on a roundabout when its clearly your right of way...


some i'll add will be as follows...

hgv blind spot- be very aware of this, dordling along the side of a truck will more than likeley end in tears!

if your beloved bike breaks down- dont just stand there and watch the recovery guy load it! help out! if needed discuss where your happy for it to be strapped down, hold the bike just incase whilst its being secured, and same goes when releasing the straps!

im a recovery driver, im yet to load a bike without a cold sweat, (i want even less than the owner to drop it, as it'll be my pride and my pocket thats hurt ;) )

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Jan 08

Posts: 675

stirfry says:

When riding in a

group the nearer the back you are the faster you go to keep up with the rest.

Also while group riding with sensible bikesr is a great way to learn and develop skills never be tempted to ride beyond your ability.

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May 11

Posts: 2

Top Tips For New Bikers

Seeing AT Kid join as a youngster just getting in to "big" bikes, and my lad coming up for 16 next year and wanting a bike, got me to thinking about what advice you would pass on to someone just starting out.
So what are those golden "must have" nuggets of information?

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Jan 11

Posts: 8257

aehewitt says:

my top tip

:smiley:Trust your instincts you ll be surprised just how quickly you develop them.Use all your senses, don't let your self get too cold and when its very hot drink loads of fluids not beer,Oh yes some one else mentioned pheasants they are the most stupid creature they will run at you,

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