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Spindly Killerfish


Jun 08

Posts: 239

Top Tips For New Bikers

I was just thinking after I posted the stupid reply about sticker removal (sorry) that there is a myriad of experience on this forum as well as the 'new to biking' fellows (and fellowesses).

Has anyone got any top tips (real ones this time) in relation to biking, skills maintenance etc that has been passed on or learned over years of experience that newbies could benefit from, things like taking out a coaster to put your sidestand on in hot weather so it doesn't sink through the tarmac.

Just thought as old farts could impart a bit of brain.

Sorry if this is a repost. SK.

P.S. whilst writing this I am wearing my wife's panties.

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  • Posted 6 years ago (01 March 2009 13:13)

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Nov 12

Posts: 7

bikemoversuk says:

bike transportation

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Dec 12

Posts: 8

properbuyer says:

Top Tips For New Bikers

think Your head:wink:

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Jan 13

Posts: 3

check both sides even it's green lights

always some idiot riders try to rush and come pass the intersection even the lights turned from green to red.

It's more than twice in my personal experiences saw drivers risk himself and others life come pass the red lights.

You can be responsible motorbikes rider but you can never guarantee other drivers are.

So, it would be good check both sides when you are passing a roundabout or intersection.


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May 12

Posts: 41

DOLOMITE73 says:

disk lock/kill switch

top tip, I like it!

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Apr 13

Posts: 16

turkeylegs says:

Tips for new bikers

If in doubt slow or stop.

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May 13

Posts: 25

richw1982 says:


i worked in a hospital and have seen full grown men who think they are hard screaming with pain while gravel is removed from variouse parts of there body riding with out protection is insaine it only takes one idiot to ruin your day

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Apr 08

Posts: 1068

geoffart says:

My tip

Hi, my top tip is an odd one, but I feel its very relevant:

If, for any reason you find yourself stationary in traffic (and you will)... you could be stationary on a road waiting to turn right, you could be in a junction waiting to pull out... anything, then you really want to be sounding your horn if, (and as soon as) a person flashes their headlights or makes any kind of give-way gesture within your vicinity. Some people might disagree with me, but I believe this is a good safety action to take. Why?... because whenever a driver flashes their lights all the surrounding cars will see it as the driver wanting to give away their right of way to someone else. There could be more than one driver who might interpret that give way signal as being for them. It may not be obviously clear who will react to that signal........ and here's the biggy: when someone does react to a give way gesture like that they might not bother to do their own checks to make sure it is clear to complete the maneuver the same way they would have if they had been moving off normally. As a motorcyclist you are (we are) very vulnerable to impact from cars at any speed, and if a driver fails to do his checks following a give way gesture, and moves off he or she could drive their car right through you as if you weren't even there, even though you're right in front of them! So, the idea is if they flash, you beep... and all the drivers in the vicinity who might have made that mistake suddenly are aware of you. I learnt this on the 2/5/13 when I was waiting to turn right in the road and a driver coming the opposite way stopped and flashed, and another driver blindly pulled out of the junction and crushed my right ankle. Had they been looking right in front of their car they would have seen a large sports bike (broadside to their car!!) and a rider wearing hi-viz, but for some unknown reason their eyes were somewhere else on that day... so I will be sounding my horn a lot more now! 

The major example of this type of behavior is when driving instructors say never ever flash pedestrians across a road, because they might just run across without checking, since they've instinctively acted as if you're telling them the whole road is clear and safe to cross, whereas in fact you're just simply saying "I'm stopping my vehicle for you, so that if its safe you can then cross.  You're not flashing to say "I've checked the whole road out for you, looked both ways at the traffic, checked for cyclists and its all A-ok, so you can go for it."

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Mar 11

Posts: 9

philwill65 says:

what I do

is watch regular video's on youtube of bike crashes and fails etc. It keeps me aware of what stupid drivers can do unexpectedly, what dumb riders can get up to and keeps me on alert regularly. Not to mention seeing some of the twats trying to do wheelies and stunts on main roads and such is very entertaining when they fail!!:biggrin:

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Jan 08

Posts: 7711

kcmc says:

For all you guys Sweating in your heat

Give this a go,you can make one out of an old leaf blower(should find one for buttons in a car boot sale etc coz nobody wants them.)you can put coat,pants or full leathers on it and it dries them out a treat :biggrin: the one in the picture is an industrial blower but a leaf blower does the same job.Works if your stuffs wet from rain as well,but you need to be in a warm dry place so as the air passing through is warm(if yea get me meaning)takes longer

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May 05

Posts: 25

wee tip

look after you , your equipment , they will look after you , Expect the worst hope for the best , if u cant see round a bend slow the fcuk down cow shit is all it takes or a bee stroke tree haha chill no rush

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