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Chris Newbigging  says:

122mph biker jailed for six months

A biker has been sentenced to six months in prison for riding at 122mph with his 14 year-old son pillion. Robert Bennett was sentenced earlier today (Monday 2 March) to six months in prison as well as an 18-month driving ban for speeding on his Suzuki Hayabusa on the A361 in North Devon in April 2008. He had picked his 14 year-old...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (02 March 2009 13:50)

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Feb 09

Posts: 11

FOGs says:


Check out the link I posted earlier.....Ive watched it again and yes PPE is a MUST on bikes, but there's NO WAY he was topping 122, look at the speed the oncoming traffic passes him if he was doing 122 they were doing 100....miscarrage of...Cough!!! sorry can't say it!!

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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:

Caught in possession of a motorcycle?

I think this might just be the end of a longer video clip with the bike having been recorded at a maximum of 122mph moments earlier. Presumably the court saw the whole thing. Doesn't mean it's dangerous, I'm just saying let's not get over-wrought about the video clip released to the media.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Banned For Life From Vehicles

Is the only justice he should recieve.

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Oct 08

Posts: 26


I currently live in Australia (from UK originally) and as I was reading this story on the MCN website, the channel 10 news covered the story here!! WTF??!! Does the UK media/government now have an agreement to show, what I consider to be a minor matter, (compared to shark attacks, bush fires etc), on Australian national TV?? They even commented on the fact he wasn't wearing gloves. Well when I came over here I was shocked at how little protection bikers wear. In the year that I have been here I have seen two, yes TWO, people wearing full leathers. I even saw a guy on a Duke 996 wearing flip flops. They just don't seem to give a toss yet their news program likes to show a British rider in such bad light. I just don't get it. I came here to get away from what seems-to-be the ever increasing bullshit epidemic that seems to be choking the UK. I just hope it doesn't find it's way over here. Will I ever come back home? No thanks, not at the moment. What do I think of the biker in the story? He was a tool for riding like that with someone on the back, but no way deserves a custodial. A ban would have been enough.

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Mar 09

Posts: 131

bailbath says:

Hey James600zx check the article above to answer your question - Quote - 

A police camera van had heard Bennett accelerating towards a corner, and activated his camera to record evidence.

I think we all should be concerned about this becuase all I'm hearing now on talk shows etc is how terrible bikers are.If we or one of us can be convicted on that evidence it's the beggining of the end for motorcycles!

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Sep 06

Posts: 297

gixercarl says:


is he an axe murder or something ????

this country ? what is happening ? rob a house, nick an old grannys handbag and get community service

ride a 200 mph motorcycle which is cruising at that kind of speed and you are an axe murderer

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Sep 06

Posts: 4

estrydom says:

South Africa - Land of the free..

Come to South Africa, here go get away with murder. Two weeks ago a taxi driver knocked a 16 year old girl of her scooter then drove over her killing her instantly. She was travelling to slow for him so he hooted at her first but then after she had nowhere to go he just drove over her. He was released after paying R1000 bail (more or less 75 pounds) and he is back on the streets today driving his taxi!!!

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Nov 08

Posts: 56

stupid Lawyer

Did the guy have his cousin Vinny defending him or something????

He's either very thick to not put up a defence with that film footage or the film on the bbc is not the film shown in court.

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Feb 08

Posts: 319

I am going to be unpopular

But if he really rode at above 100mph with his son on the back who was not wearing full protective gear, he deserves what he got and he should never be allowed to drive/ride again in his life.

Ok, we all brake rules somewhere, sometime in our lives, he is old enough to know that was one rule which should not be broken, it's just too much, the road was not even empty so he has put not just his son but other people in danger too.  There is a limit and I think he's gone far beyond that!

A stupid action by what is supposed to be a grown up man.

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Mar 08

Posts: 72

sallison30 says:

Ah! now I remember why I left the police state you call britain. free country my arse! Bailbath, you need to accept that the knives are out for bikers. They don't conform to the "don't think for yourself" , obey laws without question, robots that the government like. They are looking for any reason to demonise bikers. You can ride as sensibly as you like, they will still find a reason to portray bikers in a negative light.

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