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Aug 02

Posts: 2491

sprag says:

A close one yesterday lunchtime

I was following a Britsh Gasboard van along a road waiting for the chance to get past as he was only doing about 30. He slowed down then indicated left which to me meant he was going to turn into the road just ahead.... being the sort of person who doesn't take much for granted I held back until we reached the left turn and he was starting to turn left.... ok so far? as this van was turning left and had slowed to a crawl I felt it safe to open the throttle and get on my way but just as I was passing the bastard, out the corner of my eye I noticed his right hand indicator begin to flash and his front wheel turn sharp right. Now had I been on a slower bike than my Bandit 12 like as not he would have hit me but as it was, my speed carried me out of reach of his front end and glansing in my mirrors I saw him do a 'U' turn in the road and head in the opposite direction.

Now many would say I should have gone after him and knocked his mirror off or even dragged him out of his van and put him in intensive care and trust me the thought crossed my mind but as I was on my way to a bike shop I really couldn't be arsed with all the busllshit/fall-out such an assault would have caused..... plod are so negative about such things :winkie:

I just hope that git, when he got to wherever it was he was going had a really bad time of it, got a customer who gave him shit big time.... British Gas man..... you are a w@nker. :mad:

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  • Posted 6 years ago (08 March 2009 09:54)

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Sep 03

Posts: 112

weewes says:

signal left then turn right


I had a similar experince many years ago.  I was following a long artic and had been for a couple of miles on a country road which was quite narrow. I knew the road and there was a long lay-by up ahead. It was where a bad bend had been straightened. The truck indicated left and I thought he is going to let me past, As he turned right I and the bike slid between his horse and trailer on our collective arse. The only good thing was no injuries and an admission of guilt.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1092


least you got out of it ,the gas vans are a blind spot heaven he probably didnt see you but if plod had got involved you would have got a bollocking everyone knows how stupid and careless we bikers are so its going to be your fault ,blind bastards just too lazy to have a proper look before the turn

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nev & leanne


Jun 07

Posts: 1945

nev & leanne says:

For safety

TRUST NO-ONE ..................EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 08

Posts: 1092


yep think every single vehicle is trying to kill you its the only way to stay safe piss poor but thats how its got to be ive been pretty much accident free since i took that way of thinking on board

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Jan 08

Posts: 745

stirfry says:

Lucky escape

I was hit by a van performing this stunt many years back. I pulled over to exchange details when around 4 of the van drivers mates piled out if the shop and started harrasing me. One of them actually pushed me, however a bloke passing stood in between us and told them he saw everything and would beat the crap out of the next bloke who touched me.

I'd never met this guy before and was really grateful he came to my aid. I later found out he was a karate champion.

The case went to court where I was awarded £1000 in damages. Never saw a penny though. Apparently the baliffs were unable to establish if he had any property

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May 06

Posts: 788


Probably useless advice, but I was taught (many years ago) that the only thing you could assume whem someone indicated, was that their indicator worked!

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Jul 08

Posts: 223

Adam33 says:

A close one

On Friday I had just picked up my R6 from the bike shop as it had just had it's first M.O.T plus I payed for a service while it was in. I was following a car doing 30mph, the car indicated to go left. Then this DHL van came straight out in front of me as the car turned into the road. He looked and saw I was behind the car then just pulled straight out with a smile on his face , I knew he was going to do it so was already on the brakes but not happy ! :mad::mad:

Another fucking van driving goon ! :blink::blink::blink:

I looked saw it was clear over took him giving him the wanker sign and calling him a cock, why are these people on the road?

Do people agree with me when i say the stardard of driving in this country has got shit and people have no idea what lane discipline is anymore.As a HGV driver I see this every day and now drive and ride expecting it to happen. I think people should be made more aware of bikes on their driving lessons, maybe if do a morning in a car park like a little CBT on a bike as an option?

Be save out there !

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May 06

Posts: 788


Bigger boots, are the answer! Amazing how a dent in the drivers door can bring about a bit more respect next time!

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Feb 09

Posts: 600

nik77 says:


Last year while i was pillion on a friends bike on our way to collect my new bike from the shop.we was cut up by a mate flashed and used the horn and the prick in the car just give us the finger out he's window..mate did no more pulled up the side of him at the next set of lights and punched him through he's open drivers window.the twat just sat there looking like he was gonna cry and blubbered i'm sorry to me mate..

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Jan 09

Posts: 73

wilksy288 says:


i agree with the being made aware of bike part but i reckon the only way people will understand is by making the bike test compulsory before you can get a car licence. That way people would definatley be more aware of things happening around them.

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