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Steve Farrell  says:

50mph limit for rural roads

The speed limit on single carriageway rural roads is to be cut from 60mph to 50mph under government plans announced yesterday. The lower limit is to be enforced by a new generation of average-speed cameras capable of catching motorcycles. It could be imposed by next year. Roads minister Jim Fitzpatrick said the move was needed to cut the death rate...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (09 March 2009 17:27)

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Apr 07

Posts: 13

chimera12 says:

nothing to do with speed

I agree it is just a revenue thing. Speed is rarely a contributory factor in accidents - its bad driving. The majority of drivers and riders take their test and then no other training. Recently the 'think bike' road safety advert has been on the TV - If the Government were to spend a little bit of my money (income tax, VAT, road tax, petrol duty) on public information messages similar to this one, not on costly speed cameras, god knows how many new signs and of course the admin costs the roads would be safer.  

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Slow in - Fast out


Jan 08

Posts: 5

Spread the word!

The petition is a good idea - Labour probably won't take notice of course unless it gets big. We must aim to get thousands to sign and then maybe the TV will take it up, and then there'll be millions. Can those nice people at MCN get the petition info to all trade and public motoring mags, bikes, cars, trucks, coaches, etc. The rest of us can put it out to friends and work colleagues.

As we all know, this is just a cynical attempt to get more money for government to waste; the fact that it will not reduce accidents but will wreck peoples lives does not concern them.

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Nov 08

Posts: 5

Call me cynical, but...

I don't think it has anything to do with casualty reduction. I think it is another revenue generating exercise.

The 50mph proposal brings the national speed for everything other than HGVs into line, allowing a SPECs type camera system to target the maximum number of vehicles possible. Obviously more vehicles targeted will result in more convictions and more money for Gordon to p*ss up the wall bailing out banks etc.

It wouldn't be (quite) so bad if any of the money generated by speed cameras was actually spent on the roads, but it very clearly isn't.

Several 'A' roads near where I live have been recently downgraded to 50 mph and it is suprising how many more drivers i've noticed braking late for sharp bends. It seems that they drive to the posted limit and "switch off" rather than using the same amount of vigilance that they'd use had the road been posted as national speed limit.

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Mar 09

Posts: 19

Watchman says:

Instantly you become a C R I M I N A L

Because you can drive and ride safely at 60mph+ on rural roads. I have ridden above and beyond and I'm sure you have too. I drove my car today and didn't die. I rode my bike last weekend and didn't die. It's NOT coincidence it's traits like skill, judgement, common sense, awarness and dare I say I find it easy. I've rode my bike with one hand and I've held the mobile phone while the car was moving along the road and amazingly I still didn't die. There have been times I've seen other cars come towards me on a rural road and through the screams and terrified children the car passed easily - none of us in either vehicle actually died. Am I the lucky one? Are you?

Road Safety? Ask yourself if you really agree with this madman and e-mail Mr Fitzpatrick your opinion. I have and I'm sure he'll love my use of the word that rhymes best with S T U N T............................hunt of course. What did you have in mind?

We need to unite and fight decisions like these or next it could be something even worse.

If people like Jim Fitzpatrick were to die in their sleep tonight the whole world would wake upon a better place to live at dawn.  

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Mar 09

Posts: 739

bikerbit says:

ditch teh reg and tell them to go fuck there self

fuckin reduce speed limits more cameras its fuckin shit its going to get to a point where people will just remove there reg plates cause its is getting crap now fuckin begining to think we would have been better off letting hitler take over probley have move freadoms by now.  They want to stop casualties fix the fuckin roads got pot holes you can lose a bike down  so fuck them they put the national speed limit down and start with all this camera shit all over then will just ditch my reg plate fuck them

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Mar 09

Posts: 122

mikejj says:

50 mph on rural roads

Perhaps someone knows the exact figure but I believe that the greatest cause of greenhouse gases causing global warming is........ COWS...... Cows fart more Methane into the atmosphere each day than all the cars on the road.

Thats the answer BAN ALL THE COWS I say. Or alternatively buy up a cork factory and go round plugging up their arses. Haven't worked out what to do when the pressure builds up but then most legislation doesn't plan beyound today anyway.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


A large proportion of rural road crashes are head on's, this may well be because a Saxo full of teenagers can't over take a truck very quickly or handle too well or because people have lost the ability to overtake properly because they're so petrified of exceeding the speed limit and immediately crashing because speed is soooo dangerous....

If both vehicles in a head on are doing 50 mph the impact speed is 100 mph so it's fairly unlikely that anyone involved will walk away...

The Goverments policy that speed kills is fundamentally  flawed, people will continue to get killed and seriously injured until road safety policy is changed to actually reflect the real problems on the roads. Mainly poor driving and ignorant road users. People still get killed in 20 mph zones not because of speed but because someone isn't paying attention or makes a bad decision.

The long term view just isn't being considered, exceeding the speed limit is a factor in about 13% of fatal crashes, so speed limit compliance can only possibly reduce road death by 13%, which still leaves something like 2700 people getting killed every year on the roads, so what next?

It's time money was actually spent making sure people can drive properly, that they can see properly and that there's traffic cops on the roads dealing with the numptys who tailgate in fog etc. If road safety policy is about making the roads safer rather than generating revenue why aren't speeding fines directly used to provide free pass plus or ERS places for people? Making life more difficult for motorists isn't going to solve the growing transport problems and it's about time the Government realised this. Making everyone drive slower and slower will eventually just ruin the economy even more as it will take a week to transport goods from London to Manchester by stage coach...

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Aug 02

Posts: 125

shazhome says:

Go sign the petition NOW !!!

I agree with most of the below comments and am angered by this revenue collecting rubbish, fact is we live in a dictatorship that will only get worse with time if we dont fight back.

Forget we are motorcyclists for a second and lets get all motorists involved what ever they drive, car drivers will be just as pissed off as we are about this suggested trash and there is far more of them.

Go to the link below and sign the petiotion against this, then paste the link into your email browser and send it to as many people you can urging them to do the same.

Numbers matter to Government, tas ultimately these amount to votes!

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Feb 09

Posts: 297

bryfor59 says:

This is just fucking ridiculous!! another attempt to extract cash and cause worry for Joe public, this Cuntry is a total fuckin joke!!!! this idea will be right up the Nanny State arseholes fuckin road as well, and yes I can spell country.

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Mar 09

Posts: 22

RM66 says:

Just because roads minister Jim Fitzpatrick said that seven out of 10 car crash fatalities occurred on rural roads in 2007 does not justify reducing the speed limit. Does that mean there were 10 fatal accidents of which seven happened on rural road, or that there were 1,000,000 of which 700,000 were on rural roads. Statistical, meaningless crap. What percentage of all accidents result in fatalities? How many vehicles use the roads each day without being involved in an accident at all? It's about necessity and proportionality. They used to say 8 out of 10 cats preferred Whiskers, but I don't remember any legislation to address that. We live in a society obsessed with statistics. Roads are not dangerous and nor is speed but using either inappropriately is. Inept driving by one of those involved is the common denominator.

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